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Monday, June 27, 2016

Literary Love by Kirsten Osborne Release Day!

Literary Love the sequel to Lazy Love is available now!

“What did I do before you came into my life?”
As much as she wanted to believe him, she couldn’t. She could, however, live in the moment as she’d promised herself she would. “I have no idea? Wept copiously into your pillow at night, dreaming of a woman who would knock you out of your bobby socks?”
“My bobby socks? Really?” He shook his head at her. “For a woman who made a name for herself writing romantic comedy, that’s pretty bad.”

Lazy Love
 On the surface, Valerie Dobson has the perfect life. She’s the star of a popular network drama. She has a loving boyfriend of eight years. Everything she touches turns to gold. But underneath her
beautiful exterior, lies a beautiful soul with secrets. 
Jesse Savoy has been in love with his lovely co-star since the day they met, and if not for her boyfriend, he’d have begged her to marry him years before. As soon as her relationship fizzles, he drags her off to Vegas for the marriage he desperately wants. Will her fears of intimacy keep her from having the marriage they want? Or will they be able to overcome them together? 

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