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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn Audiobook Review

If you enjoy a great young adult tale that is completely original you need to check this one out!

My Review:

Open Minds is an excellent read! The storyline is original and nicely written. In this society most people are Readers, meaning they read minds and talk through common consciousness. Those that can’t read are labeled Zero’s. Kira is a zero or at least she thinks so until she’s introduced to mind-jacking then a whole new world is opened up for her.

Along with reading and min-jacking Kira is also a regular teenage girl who has a massive crush on her best friend Raf. He’s a reader and since she’s a zero thinks he’s not interested in her other than friendship. When she meets Simon she falls hook, line and sinker but, even that gets complicated.

Something that really got me is how the author adds tastes and scents to people’s minds, very creative. I enjoyed Kelli Shane’s performance as much as I loved the story. I thought she was a perfect match. Great story all around!

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