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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The White Aura by Felicia Tatum Audiobook Review

Original and Intriguing

My Review:
The White Aura is a young adult fantasy that's appropriate for teens. All the elements to make it an entertaining read were present. The main character is kinda a normal teen excepr she has dreams, vivid dreams about a really hot guy. The hot dream guy is real but can't let her know he exists until she reaches a certain age. He's a sorcerer. In the story various sorcerers are known to each other by their aura.

The story is fast paced and easy to listen to. The characters were believable and there was an element of suspense. The only thing that made me smash my eyebrows was the Crimson Calamari. The CC is an evil sorcerer whose super strong. I didn't get the name. The red squid? I chuckle at the name rather than accept him as a bad guy. I think his nickname could be stronger but it was a really fun story anyways. 

Evienne Zander's performance and pace was good. The story ends but leaves the door wide open for a sequel so I'll be watching for it.


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