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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Author Lisa Kulow's release of Atlantis A New Beginning

Lisa Kulow has done it again!


Prince of Atlantis, Kyrian, has moved into his new kingdom in the Amazon with his soon to be queen Yew’ll. He is ready to start his new life with the love of his life and live happily ever after but other forces and evil people had other plans for Kyrian and his kingdom. There happily ever after was interrupting by unforeseen events that would leave you shook. They didn’t realize that greater trials await them and they would have to go through a lot of storms to get out of the problems that arose.
This group of four people will face great love and heart wrenching threats to their love and new home. There are many Atlanteans gifted with impressive powers of the mind with the ability to create, conjure, shape shift and heal. Yet some choose to serve the Darkness by using their gifts to increase their own power. As a result, terror and sickness return to reign over the land again. Shea, Kyrians servant and friend uses his final gift from Atlantis to try to save his love and the world as they know it. In that process he learns where the Atlanteans went and what some of them are now including himself. Can the Atlanteans come together to keep their race alive? Or will the once great empire be doomed to fall yet again?


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