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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Haunted Delphi by Lori Beasley Bradley

HAUNTED DELPHI by Lori Beasley-Bradley

Delphi Rubidoux was out of the country when her coven was tried and found guilty of breaking High Council Law. They were disavowed and their powers stripped from them. If Delphi is found on the island by the Council they will take her power. She's been hiding in fear of them for over a year. When she came home, she found it stripped by locals of almost everything that made it livable. She was alone with no furniture, no electricity, and no refrigeration. She hides in fear of the Council until local fisherman ventures out to the island and rescues her from loneliness and despair. But, Delphi's not alone. The ghost of Clovis Rubidoux who built the mansion on the island has been watching her. He's been waiting for
the spirit of his beloved Collette to return and has decided she hides in Delphi. When Branson arrives and gets Delphi's attention, the jealous wraith strikes. He's determined to reunite with Collette and believes he must sap Delphi's life force to release it. Branson has been told all his life to fear the evil witches out on Rubidoux island. He certainly doesn't expect to fall in love with one. Branson must unite with the other witch coven of the bayou to fight Clovis and save Delphi.


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