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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Whispered Pain by Ashley Fontainne Audiobook Review

Not my favorite but OK. I was a little disappointed as I love psychological thrillers and this one didn't deliver. Normally I wouldn't even post this here but I listened to another of the author's stories and loved it so I'm giving her a little credit.

My Review:

I bought Whispered Pain because I’d read another of Ashley Fontainne’s stories. I was disappointed. It’s a decent short story that was entertaining during a long car ride but didn’t grab me. The story is kind of original but lacking and plot holes. The main character is pregnant. She’s goes into labor during a wicked snow storm and her hubbie packs her up and heads to the hospital but the roads are bad and they’re arguing over the phone and end up wrecking.

She wakes up from her coma in the hospital and everything starts to fall into place as she hatches a plan. In my opinion it’s the characters drop into permanent madness. I saw her as a creep and felt far more sorry for her husband. There’s a nice little twist at the end that salvaged the story a little.

The narrator, Andrea Emmes, did a decent job and gave the story a little extra umph that it was lacking.

Available through Whispersync. Buy the Kindle and upgrade for 1.99.

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