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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter Thrillz by TL Katt Book Blitz!

Winter Thrillz
T.L. Katt
Publication date: December 2nd 2016
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Two short paranormal romances: Tigress and Talons. Explore debut author T.L. Katt’s world of paranormal romance.

Jestin, in need of a vacation, takes a break to the mountains where strange events send him exploring the woods. What he finds changes his life forever.

It’s an ordinary day when Meg gets scooped up by a creature. She awakes in her own bed believing it was only a dream, until she finds puncture marks under her arms. In fear that she’s been injected with a virus, she flees to solve the mystery — finding much more.

This book is meant for mature audiences 18 and above.
“Oh, Miss Meg, you don’t look good. Your cheeks are flushed red like a tomato.” Elsa placed the coffee on the nightstand beside the bed and brought her hand to Meg’s forehead. Worry wrinkles creased her chocolate hairline and brow. “You’re burning up, and what are all those splotches on your legs and arms? We need to cool you down!” Elsa ran out of the room, leaving Meg to stare at her body covered in splashes of red inflamed skin. A fever and illness would explain the hallucinations she dreamt the night before.
Within minutes, Elsa returned with a cold cloth that she placed on Meg’s forehead. “This will cool you off while I draw your bath.” Like a small black whirlwind, Elsa had the bath water running and
was slipping off Meg’s gown and lowering her into the tub of chilly oatmeal water. Meg knew better than to resist Elsa’s efforts and complied.
Shivering beneath the cold water brought her back to her dream and the frozen air. She could almost feel the large talons beneath her armpits and the acute pain the creature’s claw had caused. She brought her left hand instinctively to beneath her under arm and felt a hole the size of her pinky. She removed her hand and drew her arm up over her head. “Elsa, do you see anything?”
Elsa’s eyes grew twice their average size. “What happened?” she asked, bringing her fat fingers to the hole and rubbing gently across it. “Does it hurt?”
“No, it’s just a big hole. It feels like someone stuck me with a centimeter-sized needle.”
Elsa reached over and grabbed a vanity mirror off the counter and positioned it where Meg could see the hole. She stared at it, her mouth gaping with fear as she realized last night had not been a dream. She had been abducted by something that stuck her and most likely drugged her. She couldn’t go to the hospital with this, not after the disappearance of her husband and the mystery that surrounded the strange death of the man thought to have been guilty of murdering several people. No, she was a doctor and would take and analyze her own tox screen.
“Elsa, help me out of the tub, I have work to do!” Sensing the urgency of her tone, Elsa did as asked, against her own judgement. Meg was her friend but also her employer. Meg threw her bathrobe on and rushed through the house with lightning speed, not stopping as she yelled, “Tell Amy I had to leave town for a few days.” Her voice trailed off, leaving Elsa seated on the lip of the tub in a quandary.
As Meg sped through the house, she could feel the sun’s heat nipping at her skin even though a thin layer of snow covered the ground. She had no time to close the drapes to the many floor to ceiling windows that enclosed her home. She had fallen in love with the large amounts of sunlight that streamed in, giving the house a warm, cozy feel — but not now. Today, she hated the light and the tendrils of heat that ebbed across her exposed skin. With a speed far beyond her ability, she was but a mere flash streaking through the home.
In the basement, she tore through boxes of lab equipment; setting aside test tubes, needles, flasks, a hot plate, and microscope. She had used the equipment to analyze the sample her colleague and college dorm mate — now FBI lab rat — had collected from the sociopath’s blood. The sample had been small but enough to tell
her the toxin he was injected with was unknown and deadly to him. When it interacted with his blood, within seconds the agent destroyed every blood cell in his body. It acted as a virus exploding each red blood cell from the inside out like over inflated balloons. Yet when she mixed the toxin with her own blood it mingled, restructuring the hemoglobin protein in a way that allowed it to carry more oxygen throughout the body.
Meg found the large bulging vein in her arm. Without hesitation, she withdrew a vial of blood.

Tigress Excerpt:
He scrambled off his porch and through the woods, nearly tripping in the snow. Once he reached the tree line, he slowed and moved through the woods. Steam rising from the earth caught his attention and a woman, almost white as the snow and buck naked, stood before him. She was tiny, with breasts no larger than biscuits, and an oval face. Her blonde hair hung in curls around her shoulders and her eyes were a deep violet. The steam wasn't rising from the snow, but from her.
He took a step towards the woman. "Are you real?" he asked, more to himself.
She answered, "I am. Come." Her voice pulled him further towards
her. He felt caught in the middle of reality and a dream.
"Pinch me," he demanded.
She moved toward him, her heat making him sweat inside his coat and he felt his cock rise inside his pants. Gently, she touched his arm and pinched a small piece of his cheek between her fingers.
The warmth of her hands tingled against his flesh, sending waves of desire through his body and a feeling of his face on fire when she let go.
"Ouch," he said.
She giggled. "You aren't dreaming."
A gun shot rang through the air and Jestin turned to see Hank standing a few feet away. "What are you doing out here?" he asked.

Jestin turned back towards the woman and she was gone. Vanished. "I was... I thought I saw something here in the woods."
Author Bio:
T.L. Katt lives in the south eastern U.S. with her two fur-children Crescent and Gibbous. She dabbles in graphic design, creating all her own covers, and writes stories that are more truth than fiction. Her favorite genres and writing preferences are paranormal and fantasy.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Incandescent Embers by Hargrove Perth Book Blast

A perpetual night-owl and lover of all things paranormal related, Hargrove spends a great deal of time researching the larger than life characters of history to formulate characters unforgettable and strangely adored. She writes horror, dark romance, fantasy, and paranormal in the Adult, New Adult, and YA categories. When asked why paranormal, she said, "I'm the girl who cries at the end when Frankenstein is misunderstood, who wants Dracula to keep Mina in his arms forever... I see the humanity in them that others cannot." 2014 Author of the Year by Double Decker Books in Historical/Horror Dark Days Remy Broulette. DDBA 2015 Author of the Year YA Fantasy Miss Crabtree's School for Unnaturals, DDBA 2015 Nominee YA Fantasy Chronicle:Dark Sea Triad, and DDBA 2015 Author of the Year Horror (comedic) Coven Wives.
Author Link's

While Europe is enduring the Nazi invasion, and England exists on the verge of falling, Miss Crabtree and her students must face the greatest danger of their lives as they stand against those who wish to destroy their beloved homeland and use the Unnaturals for their own devices. With the Everlast close behind their every move, Fleur, Lucy, and the Loams set out toward Germany to destroy the Ahnenerbe before they can capture their friends and to stop the atrocities happening before their eyes. Will Fleur and Lucy survive and find their way home to Rivenwood or will the Ahnenerbe prevail? The fate of the world rests in the hands of a young group of brave misfits known as the Unnaturals...

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Odds and Endings by Joe DeRouen Audiobook Review

Very Entertaining!

My Review:

I'm a huge short story lover and this book has several. Each is a suspenseful tale with a few twists and turns. I love shorts because I can listen or read them during breaks but it takes a talented author to bring a story down to the most important information without jumping too quickly or giving anything away too soon. I think Joe DeRouen has the ability to do this.

I'm not sold on the narrator. He wasn't great but not horrible. What I did really dislike about the book was each story flowed with little separation between them. I think there should be larger pauses between them and a little more intro so the reader knows the story is switching. Otherwise it's an entertaining collection of shorts.


White is the Coldest Colour Audiobook Review

An interesting psychological thriller.

My Review:

So I already left a review but it's not here. So weird. Overall an interesting concept but to be honest I was hoping for more suspence which this book lacked in spades.

I give the author credit in attempting to broach difficult subject latter with taste but their isn't any so might as well be forward and gruesome or at least build the suspense. The narrator didn't help as his tone was even and he lacked any tactics to characterize or even lead on that I should be chewing my nails, instead I went to sleep after every couple chapters.

So that all sounds pretty negative but overall with a more exciting narrator and more action I think it has potential. I also recognize that most people don't digest fictional gruesome as well as I do so I think many people would enjoy this book even though I found it a literal sleeper. 

Honestly, if you can't stomach gory yet want a good toe curler that won't gross you out this may be a book for you.


Keep the Creativity Going!

Authors when working heavily on a story, what do you do when you need a break to keep the creative juices flowing?

Daily I do a little listening or reading of someone elses' work. It gives me a break from the confines of my own imagination. But when taking a break after working several straight hours on one of my masterpieces I watch TV or movies, depends on what I'm writing. My Father' a Serial Killer was my show of choice while writing The Calm Before the Storm. I also spent as much time as possible watching the most gruesome movies I could find and doses of Criminal Minds.

I also enjoy Vampire Diaries, episodes of True Blood, Dexter, Ghost Whisperer and Wicked City. I'm crossing my fingers Wicked City will come back for a second season.

Those are all fantastic shows but I prefer movies. I've seen every Purge, Insidious, Paranormal Activity and anything and everything that makes a person's skin crawl as they cringe and hide under the covers and I usually do this late at night. Judge Judy and Hot Bench are also great inspiration.

I find these aren't just great for breaks, watching movies puts me in the mood for writing when my schedule's been crazy and haven't had the time.

Below are trailers for the movies I've watched this week. So what do you do on a writing break?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

NanoWrimo 2016

For three years straight I participated in Nwnowrimo but this year I've chosen not to.

I love Nsno and regardlesss of not joining I'm 20,000 words into my next release. The second Bloobseeker book, The Monster Upstairs. It's coming along nicely and I encourage all Nanomers to continue.

My first Nano book was Eye of the Storm, since two books have followed, completing the trilogy. Write, write and write. Book 3 published and a spinoff series on its way after I complete The Monster Upstairs and Prison of the Past Baby Girl 7 and the final book in the series. The spinoff series is YA horror, titled Evan's Girls. The first book starts with the most unlikely victim of the serial killer.

Keep writing and let your imagination go wild. Enjoy Nano and support all those working on their masterpiece :-)

Love you all, keep writing!

Among Monsters by Jamie McGuire Audiobook Review

This was a really enjoyable zombie story!

My Review:
Among Monsters is an apocalyptic story involving a family, 2 daughters and a father, trying to get to Red Hill where the girls think their mother is. The oldest daughter Jenna and her mother spent free time watching zombie flicks and have an elaborate plan for the apocalypse. The girls father picks them up from school at the beginning of when people are only starting to get sick, things progress quickly, cell phones go out and they have no way of contacting their mother or for her to contact them so they stick to the plan, meet at Red Hill.

I really didn't like either girl nor the mother. The oldest Jenna is a brat and the youngest is whiny. I felt bad for the father but all that brought realism and character to them and they humbled over time. In the story they face several tough situations and meet several people who help them during their travels. The plot was pretty tight and focused and I felt the story wasn't too gory for young adults, in fact there wasn't much blood and guts for a zombie story.

I enjoyed the narrator, Patricia Santomasso's performance and was able t to see the story play out in my head.