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Friday, November 11, 2016

NanoWrimo 2016

For three years straight I participated in Nwnowrimo but this year I've chosen not to.

I love Nsno and regardlesss of not joining I'm 20,000 words into my next release. The second Bloobseeker book, The Monster Upstairs. It's coming along nicely and I encourage all Nanomers to continue.

My first Nano book was Eye of the Storm, since two books have followed, completing the trilogy. Write, write and write. Book 3 published and a spinoff series on its way after I complete The Monster Upstairs and Prison of the Past Baby Girl 7 and the final book in the series. The spinoff series is YA horror, titled Evan's Girls. The first book starts with the most unlikely victim of the serial killer.

Keep writing and let your imagination go wild. Enjoy Nano and support all those working on their masterpiece :-)

Love you all, keep writing!

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