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Monday, October 16, 2017

Infected Freaks Volume 3 by Jason Borrego

You can't call yourself a zombie book whore until you read this series!

My Review:

I'm really enjoying this series. I listen to a ton of books and find a lot of authors in varying parts of their career and I have to say this series should be a best seller in place of half the horible books on those lists. This story has all the elements of greatness.

The author is talented. The story is captivating, full of action, suspenseful -- as full bodied as freshly brewed quality coffee. I'm attached to the characters and cringe most of the way through the book as they manage through obstacles that threaten their lives. I also am really into how the story is based loosely on an actual fungal disease that affects bugs.

Onto book 4!


Hollow's End by Marianne Morea

After the last couple books I  listened to that you find on my blog this book fit the bill! It is wonderful.

My Review:

This book was refreshing. I love a great YA story and this one was just right for my mood. Rowen is a witch from a line of witches and pretty much a normal wall flower type kid. She has her best friend and would rather a night at home than a football game. When she starts dating a popular football jock that starts to change and she finds herself having fun doing activities she never would have done.

There's layers to this story and not as simple as my previous paragraph. Rowen's been having nightmares and strange visions which grow in the presence of Hunter (hunky jock boyfriend). Once they figure it out the plot thickens. The characters are fun, believable and three dimensional. The plot grows steady with plenty of surprises and twists.

To make this story even creepier it takes place and is loosely based on Sleepy Hollow and its past. That's all explained at the end. Overall, a fabulous story that I'm positive I'll listen to again.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Forest by Ambrose Ibsen

Love this author/narrator combination

My Review:

This series grabbed my attention from the start, actuallt the narrator/author combination grabbed my attention from the start. In this series there's this rather pathetic college adjunct professor who's unfullfilled in life until he gets involved with a paranormal group on campus. His life changes drastically.

Some new characters are added and a secret about an original character is revealed. It's a good one too and has me edging for the next book. He's seeking and exploring this strange being encountered in the first book and more is revealed along with its possible motive and the crazy doctors motive. The characters are full and interesting. The story is intense and suspenseful. The plot continues to thicken and draw me in.



Deadman on Campus by E.M. Kaplan

As soon as I started listening I recognized the unforgettable character.

My Review:

I recognized the character as soon as I started listening but not the authors name. Years ago I read one of her Josie Tucker mysteries. They're fun, light-hearted and entertaining. Josie is a blogger with a food obsession and a penchant for solving mysteries. She's brought in to solve a mystery on a college campus as a student. 

Josie is a memorable character and a spit fire.Her life and mind revolve around food which oddly enough it what helps her solve the mystery. While posing as a student she meets a variety of students who add a colorful array to the cast. The story is fast paced and an easy listen that kept me laughing.


Jason Boreggo's Infected Freaks Volume 2

Absolutely enjoying this thrilling series!

My Review:
I'm absolutely enjoying this series! The main character an older man with heart problems will do anything to save his family. In this segment they're heading to Denver but run into a little problem with the low lives of humanity. 

The granddaughter learns her hearing aids give her an edge. I really like her character. She's tough yet girlie and pretty clever. She is easily my favorite. The suspense factor in this series is off the chain! The plot is unique with humans becoming infected from a fungus, one that really exits mind you, and becoming zombies hungry for a delicious human meal. The action is start to finish and keeps me on the edge of my seat.

The books are short which I love because I don't have to pit the story down for mundane activities like cooking yet when the story ends I want more!

Onto the next book.


Deadlocked 2 A.R. wise

Another zomnie series definitely worth checking out!

My Review:

I adored the first book in the series and love how the author is writing a different character each book as the story progresses but I wasn't fond of this book and truly dislike the character.

She's whiney one second than kicking butt the next. On her last leg she's fighting zombies and making some horribly stupid choices. I almost inclined to say but I won't spoil it. The action is non stop and the descriptions are vivid and not for those with a weak stomach. I'm interested in the character in book 3 because I already like him so I wil move on and listen to it.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Something Wicked Comes This Way Giveaway!

It's the season for thrillers and horror. It's also the season for my latest release, Scarlett.

You can get Part 1 of Scarlett, The Purple Mask along with many other books here for free by entering the giveaway. Click here.

Scarlett is the first book in the Evan's Girls series spawned from the Ruthless Storm Trilogy. Scarlett is an egnimatic character introduced in Volume 2 and throughout Volume 3 its hard to decipher her motives. Her story reveals all.

She leads an interesting life. Read the blurb:

I was Evan O’Conner’s first victim. Nov. 5, 1954, at 7:01 p.m. I entered the world, unwanted and uncherished. My mother was raped at 15 by Evan’s grandfather. Distraught and full of hate. A hate I now understand. She gave me up and I spent my tender years in foster care.

At age 17, I met my biological sister, Philmonia, born from the same father. Young and na├»ve I thought I’d finally found family. She was married to a wealthy man, Evan O’Conner Sr. They promised me a fairy tale life. I swooned and fell into their trap. My princess life was stopped short and became my prison.

They perpetrated unspeakable crimes against me. The worst was inseminating me with the sperm that gave life to a monster that grew inside me. I tried to abort the fetus but he clung to my uterus like a leech. The demonic seed grew and grew inside my womb for nine months. The monster’s fingers clawed against my insides. His feet kicked against my bladder and his soul ate at my heart, turning it black with hate. The little demon ball of cells clung inside me, refusing my wishes until he was ready. He was in control even then. My hate deepened each day for the devil inside me.

A child created by lust and scientific experimentation developed into a monster so cruel, so vile he’ll never be forgotten.

When my contractions started I pushed with everything I had to force him out of me. Finally I shed the little beast. My sister and her husband took the screaming, bald creature and held him with amazement while I shivered in relief. The little beast became the most renowned serial killer in history – The Hurricane Killer.

My name is Scarlett Jones and this is my story.

That's only a brief description. Scarlett is a deep person with talents and secrets she only reveals in her story.

I have to thank the fans and readers of the Ruthless Storm Trilogy for their insistance in writing these girls stories because they need to be heard.

It isn't necessary to read the trilogy first before starting the new series but you may want to.

Amazon - all three books
They can also be found at Kobo, Nook, iTunes and are available in Audio.