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Monday, January 29, 2018

The Hollow by Christopher Zaleski

A new author for me and a fantastic story!

My Review:
Carol gained incrdible intelligance about the time she started highschool but she's still a teen. The story begins with her preparing for college. Thee boy next door Matthew soon becomes her boyfriend and when she leaves for college in California she leaves him behind. Her entire family picks up and moves which I found a bit odd but after listening it was necessary for the story.

Along with her intelliigence comes something she calls The Hollow. It haunts her in a sense. The storry flows and has enough intrigue to keep me listening. I couldn't wait to hear what was coming next. The plot was unique. I read a lot of supernatural/paranormal and this was refreshingly different. The author has an easy to listen to and follow along with writing stylee and the narrator is perfect for the part. 

There's quite a few twists and turns. By no means is this a typical book but far more. I haven't heard of this author before but will be watching for more of his books in the future.


Parallax Book 2 in the Starblind series by D.T. Dyllin

I read this series out of order, starting with book 3 then moing onto Book 1 and now book 2. There's a book 4 coming out sometime in the near future.

My Review:
This story belongs to Tamzae a healer on The Pittsburg. She is kind and has to help others so when the crew rescues healer twins it takes her down memory lane and straight to a man Eron. He is her lover and as a healer more. They are bound together.

The romance is sweet yet filled with controversy. The story flows easy and at times is quite suspenseful. This author has a delightful character building writing style. She put me into the characters roles. I found this one of a more serious tone then the first but its still comical in places.The world building is also amazing.

The narrators style matching well with the flow of the story. All books have the same narrator which I really enjoy in the cirumstance of this series.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Playoff Blues

Everyone knows I'm a diehard 49er fan but we didn't make the playoffs and I'm good with that. The team is retructuring and now with Garappolo we have our missing piece and will be a force to be reckoned with next season.

My team has been to the playoffs on numerous occasions and I've sat through nail-biting games against the Giants, Cowboys and Packers. I've cringed and shut my eyes because the suspense was too much. I get that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. My motto is if we aren't good enough to win the game than we don't need the playoffs or a bowl.

This playoff season I watched and cringed as Jacksonville made the grueling battle through the playoffs. I live in Jacksonville and am surrounded by fans, some true and some like me rooting for the home team because their team didn't make the playoffs. Jax is filled with transients and most of us want the Jags to win even if we have another favorite team.

Moments ago the Jags played the best game I've ever seen them play. They were rock solid and awesome! I give them that and will wear the gold and blue on my nails this week in honor of the amazing game they played. They lost but were the better team by far.

I sat in a smoky bar filled with Jags fans who got on my nerves! Yes, I really can't stand Jags fans because they're all "yeah Jags" when things are going their way and "Jags suck" when they lose. In my opinion you stand by your team win or lose and the Jags were the better team.

It was three flags in the second half that gave the Pats their first touchdown that cost the game. The calls were bogus. I'm not a Jags fan and I'm callng bogus. I'm a 49er fan and when you go to that many championship, playoff and superbowl games it happens. Sometimes games are rigged or people payed off. I hate it but know it happens and the NFL will never admit or even elude to it.

The Patriots are a sorry excuse of a team and I have 0 respect for them and will never look at them as a great team because they aren't. Any game I watch with them play is filled with cheating and bogus calls. But Jaguar fans piss me off more at the moment.

The Jags were the better team without a doubt. They didn't have to pay anyone off or cheat to get 20 points on the board. They stopped Brady in his tracks over and over but the Jags can get better.

The Jags defense may be number one but their offense sucks eggs. Its not the end. Next year is a whole new year and replace Bortles and build that offensive line which is 100% better than last year and they'll make the championship again.

So buck up Jag fans! They made the AFC Championship game! Next year they will kick ass and heck my team who the Jags quiver in the boots over whether the 49ers are having a good year or bad may just give the 49ers a run for their money!

For the first time in twenty years I'm proud to say I live in Jacksonville Florida.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Starblind Book 1 by D.T. Dyllin

This story had me in sticthes!

My Review:
I laughed so hard. Jane is a human from New Earth. At some point humans learned they weren't alone and even worse less superior to beings from other planets. Earth became New Earth and they started splicing human DNA with various DNA from other beings. I loved how the author did that, very clever. I'm a biology geek so the sciency stuff hit my chord and was fun because it was sound enough to be probable.

Jane is the captain of the Pittsburg, a space ship and she's a bounty hunter. She has a small crew, loves steampunk and is very independent. She also has a nasty attitude at times. Anyways, she on the hunt for a large bounty placed on the head of a man who is also quit a hunk and turns out something more than human.

It's a romance but also has an excellent plot and depth of characters. I loved this one even more than book 3. I blame that on the main character. She is too funny and stubborn. I can't give anything away. You have to read it!


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Big News!

Big news is an understatement. This news is gigantic! I got my first radio interview scheduled for Jan. 11!

I couldn't be more excited. The interview is about me as an author and Scarlett. I think it went very well and I can't wait to listen myself! 

All you have to do is go to www.theauthorsshow.com and click the blue highlighted link for Scarlett on Jan 11th. It will air for 24 hours so everybody around the globe has the opportunity to listen in easily.

Did I mention I read a couple pages from Scarlett!

Please share this and tell your friends.

The Bog by Michael Talbot

A science wrapped thriller!

My Review:
This story started out slow and very technical. David the main character is an archeologist who found a perfectly preserved body in a bog. The first couple chapters read almost like a textbook. For a fiction story I thought it was excessive but the story eventually gets very exciting and intense.

David moves his family to the small town where his dig sight and the bog are. They move into a cottage there not far from the bog.The residents of the town aren't welcoming of strangers and there's a atmosphere of sadness that hangs over the city. Odd and unexplainable events occur at the cottage like their dog dissapears. David's son becomes quiet and reserved. The cottage at tims smells like death and more. 

For me I think the first couple chapters were too much and might have been better spread troughout the book. I love science but it was too much even for me. I found myself skipping over it. Aside from that the story has a great plot that was unique and characterization. The author brings everything to life. The suspense piqued my curiosity.

Overall, this is a really good book.


Bestselling Vampire Series!

I woke up this morning and prepped my coffee than staggered half-awake not full of caffeine yet to my computer and got the crazy idea to check my yearly ebook sales. To see which book sold the best this year. It was a weird itch but I entertained it.

What I found was The Monster Upstairs sold more copies digitally than any other book. The week it was released almost as many copies of The Vampires Next Door sold, making this my best selling series. I can't say I was surprised. 

The release of Scarlett wasn't far behind. That impressed me since it was released at the absolute worst time for an indie author -- November.

When I released The Vampires Next Door it sold like wildfire, staying in top rankings for almost 3 months. No it didn't make any list that counts to the public but entered my bestselling hall of fame.

This information tells me I'm in good shape to release the Ghost Within. The first and second drafts of the book are finished. Right now I'm putting on finish touches before I send it to my editor. 

I'm really excited to release this book. I think its my best YA story. Parts of it give me chills and goosebumps. Unlike most people fear doesn't do that to me. It's the ah-ha moments when they realize everything is bigger than they ever imagined and sad moments. Yes, I get goosbumps during sad parts. The movie Pearl Harbor gave me chills from beginning to end.

The Bloodseekers is an epic saga and considering its sales gives me the notion that ending it with a third book won't make readers happy. From the time I wrote the first book I had an itch to write more books, individual stories about side characters and the legend. Now I'm convinced I should. There are so many layers to the story steeped in lore and magic. I could easily write another several novella's related to the series but not part of the series since it ends in March 13th.

It's really not about book sales but readers and making them happy, giving them an epic story they can sink into.

I was side-tracked for a minute. The Bloodseekers also sells best at reader cons. In fact I sold out at every book signing this year but two.

The first book in ebook can be picked up for free and The Ghost Within is on pre-order sale for .99!

The Vampires Next Door (all retailers)
The Monster Upstairs (all retailers)
The Ghost Within (all retailers)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Vote for Scarlett!

I just got the word Scarlett is in the January cover contest at All Author!

If you liked the cover of my book, Scarlett (Evan's Girls Book 1), please vote for it for the Cover of the Month contest on AllAuthor.com!

Clik to Vote!

In order to make it to round two it needs lots of votes. Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Flux:Starblind Book 3 by D.T. Dyllin

This was a fun, light-hearted character driven listen with a fantastic plot!

My Review:
I didn't realize this was a romance until I started it. The description made me think more like sci-fi action book which it is! That's what made this book great. It had all the action, suspense and plot elements I enjoy in a book. It also had the love story. I wasn't so much into that part but together it was fun.

The author did an fantastic job reeling me in. Zula is from an alien race that values and uses logic and intelligence over emotions or anything else. She's taken by a bounty hunter whose a dragon hybrid and together they set out for a wild journey. She's implanted with a device that promotes emotion and falls for the bounty hunter but what happens when the device is removed, will she still care for him? My mouth is zipped.

The conversations between the two are hilarious and so are the descriptions and Zula's thought process. This is the first book I've listened to by this author and I was impressed. I always enjoy finding new authors. 

I give extra kudos because I haven't listened to the first 2 books in the series yet I wasn't lost. Anyone who loves character driven stories with a great plot and a little fantasy/ sci-fi would enjoy this story.