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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FREEBIES for you :-)

Free days have ended for now but I want to thank everyone for their support, hundreds of books were downloaded internationally! I even got another 5 star review, shown below. If you missed out they are available regular price for .99.

My goal of course is to get 1000's of download from around the globe, tons of reviews, and introduce the world to Baby Girl. Whether any of that happens the books are free and I want all my viewers to be aware so you can download the books and share with your friends. Don't forget they can be gifted as well.

I love free downloads. In fact I have so many on my tablet I'm not sure when I'll get them all read, but so far they have all been great books. 

Here is the schedule: Click the links go directly to Amazon.

Baby Girl Book 1: In the Beginning - Saturday April 26 & Sunday April 27

Brand new review:
This is a great short story that leaves the reader wanting more. When the young girl in the story's mother leaves her abandoned she has to try and make it out on the streets. She finds friends to help and who name her Cleo, a tragedy forces Cleo to move on and become Justine. So as not to spoil the story I won't disclose what happened. but it is a great story and I eagerly anticipate more!
Read it on Amazon

Baby Girl Book 2: Moonlighting in Paris - Sunday April 27 & Monday April 28

Your reviews are welcome. I love to hear honest opinions of what readers think. Have a great weekend!

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