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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lessons My Father Taught Me by Alan Cohen: Be prepared to smile :-)

Introducing one of the most beautiful, inspirational, and smile provoking short books I have read, Lessons My Father Taught Me by Alan Cohen. 

Book Review:

Lessons My Father Taught Me by Alan R. Cohen is a guide to living a happy, positive life through the eyes of the author taught to him through his father.  The short book is a dedication the Alan’s father while at the same time sharing a legacy in which his spirit and positive attitude can live on through Alan and all others who
practice these simple cheerful ideals.

The book is short and structured through a lesson per chapter.
There are plenty of examples within the short text to give the reader a more upbeat look at life. I would even suggest reading a lesson each day to start off the day in a positive manner. Happiness is infectious which seems to me to be the point of this book. Think good thoughts, made good choices and spread the joy. One’s life can be improved simply by improving one’s outlook on life no matter what obstacles a person is up against.

A book that will leave the reader with a smile across their face.

Meet Alan:

Elle:   Tell us a little about yourself?

Alan: I make my living as a technical writer writing about software and computer security. I also do some part time referral marketing for Melaleuca.com to enhance the lives of those I come in contact with by helping them reach their goals. Like my dad, I enjoy making people laugh and doing random acts of kindness.

Elle:   What gave you the idea to write Lessons My Father Taught me?

Alan: One reason was to honor my dad who had a great influence in my life and was my best friend. My dad taught my brother and I simple lessons that have helped us enjoy life. I thought these simple lessons could help others. 

Elle:  In three words how would you describe the book?

Alan: Enjoy life now.

Elle:  How can people work the positive ideas from lessons My Father taught Me into their daily life?

Alan: Every day when you wake up, you get to choose if you are going to see life in a positive way or a negative way. It's your choice. The key is to believe that you want to live life in a more positive manner and begin changing how you view and act toward things that occur in your life. It takes time as does any behavioral change, but the choice is always yours.

Elle:  What was your favorite chapter and why?

Alan: Give them the roses while they can smell them. It is easy to say thank you when someone does you a favor or to compliment someone when he or she deserves it. It is the easiest lesson in the book. Every one loves to be thanked or complimented.

Elle:  Do you have any writing plans for the future?

Alan: Yes. I have a few technical-related books that I want to write plus I want to continue with positive books like "Lessons My Father Taught Me."

Elle:  Do you have any past publications?

Alan: No.

Elle:  Where can people find Lessons My Father Taught me?

Where to find Alan: 

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