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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Awesome Reads!

I'm back on track this week for review Wednesday. The following reviews I wrote for BTS emag. A link is included with each so you may click over to BTS and read the complete review.

 2-in-1 Supernatural Romance Novellas by Karen Wiesner includes two masterfully written novellas The Amethyst Star and Creatures of the Night.

The Amethyst Star centers around a futuristic world where the fate of the human race dangles by a thin thread, and the complacency of a single young woman, Sher, who is able to bare children. Society is determined by science; loving family homes,and deep friendships no longer exist; replaced with cold, and lonliness. Sher, as a Queen (one who supplies eggs) is treated as royalty. She longs for companionship as she chooses to live outside the safety of the City of Hope with the Hunters, an alien race whose sole purpose is to protect the humans from the Carnivores, an unusually blood and flesh hungry race. The Patrollers are a wolflike race who as their name suggests patrol, bringing word to the scientists. Unlike the Hunters they are a race of worker bees who work together as a colony.  Sher, intrigued by the Hunters, Randolf in particular is drawn to their way of life; family and friendships are much a part of their success. The feelings between them swell with their forbidden love. The fable like quality of this tale suggests society can be ignorant and life can't flourish without love.BTS Emag May/June Issue pg. 131

Order of the Seers by Cerece Rennie Murphy is in one word, outstanding.  This novel deserves a stellar five star rating. Preteen Lillie and her older brother Liam are forced to run when they come home to a child’s worst nightmare, from that point on their lives are never the same. The Guild is a vile group that seeks out seers in order to exploit their powers; the ability to see into the future.  The Guild will stop at nothing whether murder, kidnapping, or drugging to attain every seer on the planet. Lillie is a seer and Liam will do anything to protect her.

This novel is as simple as it is complex. It is a genetic marker that allows the Guild to find each seer exposing them to nothing short of slavery. BTS Emag May/June pg.157

Order of The Seers The Red Order by Cerece Rennie Murphy is every bit if not better than the first book in the series, if that's possible. Action and suspense seep through every crack in this clever well written sequel. The renegade group of seers/non-seers that disbanded in Order of the Seers are back fighting the good fight, literally, as a dark threatening entity stalks them. The introduction of this evil brings another dimension to the series. It is the aftermath of the first book that truly lays groundwork for this heart thumping "I'm super glued to the book" sequel.

Edge of the seat wielding suspense and action pack this novel from cover to cover. When one battle has been fought the heroes and heroines are onto another. The Guild is still present and meaner than ever with their desire to seek out the seers for their own benefits, lying and manipulation is part of their game. BTS Emag May/June pg. 160

Happy Reads!

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