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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Last chance before retirement

My good friend and talented author Jeniann Bowers is putting some of her books in retirement. Before they are gone for good she is doing a Kindle blowout. Now is the time to grab them up, and with summer around the corner they will make great reading for travel or lounging by the pool.

Collection of 25 days of Christmas Poetry will be free all week! Click the link now to download.

My review
Collection of 25 days of Christmas Poetry by Jeniann Bowers is a wonderful book of warm holiday cheer. Many of the poems summon Christmas memories of childhood with her use of language. Jeniann is able to use a few simple words to bring forth a sight, sound or smell of holiday memories. In several poems she praises the real reason we have Christmas, love, and how the holiday is not simply about receiving but giving and not only to our loved ones but others as well, especially those in need.

Her words flow easily off the tongue in a rhythmic, playful pattern as one reads each poem. Collection of 25 days of Christmas poetry is the second book of poetry by Jeniann I have read and equally impressive. She has a true talent and gift giving her work a unique spin and quickly making her one of my favorite poets.

I highly recommend this book as its fun, warm, reminiscent and full of holiday joy.

Phraseology and Letters is on Kindle Countdown 

My Review
Phraseology and Letters by Jeniann Bowers is written in a form of poetry called phraseology. A poem is much like a glimpse of a story in this book the story is love. It is amazing how in just a few words she can evoke an image within the mind provoking memories, images and emotions within the reader causing one to hang on to every written word as she bares her soul although not alone as we have all felt the overwhelming emotion of love. The theme is not only of love but not giving up hope. Love takes on many forms whether it be a best and most gracious friend, a family member or a lover.

Jenniann's Poems catch and embrace the essence of love, how it weighs on our hearts. She leaves no elements out, whether it be a fresh new, exciting love where the butterflies well up inside and the loves image renders itself inside our minds and hearts all day or the devastating sadness one feels when a love is lost and how human nature wills us to hold on when we need to let go or looking for love in all the wrong places.

Phraseology and Letters is a must read beautiful collection of poems that not only make oneself reflect on the past but give joy to the future.

Jeniann is offering to giveaway!
Whoever leaves a comment will be entered to win a either a week of Twitter shoutouts or a week of Google + shoutouts, your choice.

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