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Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Fun Music Day!

I was a teenager of the 80's when long poofy hair was in for both guys and gals, and our jeans didn't come from the store ripped, we did it ourselves. Let's not forget the Aqua Net, and smoking on school grounds was not only legal but smoking zones were set up strategically on school campuses. The days of ole! Occasionally, I have moments when I crave the music of the 80's, tonight is one of those days so follow me on a journey of some of my favorite tunes.

Journey- Lights comes in number one for me. Who can forget Steve Perry's angelically hot voice!

 Next up my all time fave, Van Halen. The Roth days. Jamie's Cryin'

What about Night Ranger- Don't Tell Me You Love Me

I'm going to end today's 80's music recap with Metallica before they were mainstream. Seek and Destroy.

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