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Friday, July 24, 2015

Claiming the She Wolf by Louisa Bacio

I signed up to read this book through Ashley's addictive Book Promotions. It's a short read which I loved. When I get time to relax I enjoy reads I can finish in a couple hours rather than a few chapters over several days. So the length was perfect!

My review:
Claiming the She Wolf by Louisa Bacio is a very enjoyable paranormal romance. Yas comes to Los Lobos to learn more about his past. Instead he meets Tala a young lady who is attempting to open a bed and breakfast. She needs a handy man and Yas fits the bill. Both Yas and Tala are werewolves and the story doesn’t say but implied that Los Lobos is full of werewolves.

The author pulled me in with her ability to build the characters. She truly has a knack for adding special touches bringing Yas and Tala to life. They have a magnetic attraction to one another and a steamy relationship starts to build. Her vivid descriptions of Los Lobos placed my mind in the town as an observer watching the story play out.

My only complaint was the weakness in the plot. Yas comes to town seemingly searching for answers and never finds them. In fact he’s so side-tracked with Tala they are nearly forgotten. I think the story could be stronger if the author pulled in more details about his Yas family and Los Lobos. 

Either way I loved the book and highly recommend it for lovers of paranormal romance.

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