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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Using Technology and creating Book Trailers

This past Christmas my awesome boyfriend bought me photo and video editing software. I've been tinkering with the photo software for months but didn't mess with the video software until last night.

To test and figure it out I created a video book trailer for Eye of the Storm. I have to say for my first time using the software I think it turned out well. Have a look for yourself. 

I used Corel Pro Video Studio X6. But if you have a Microsoft operated computer movie maker probably comes with it. I've used that program before and wasn't thrilled. Corel is more user friendly. I have also used Animoto. It's real easy but if you do the free version you're very limited.

Once software is chosen its time to choose pictures and music. Can't have an attention catching video without them. I used Pixabay.com for the pictures. Their pictures are free to use. However if you would like to donate they have a button for that. For music I used purpleplanet.com. Again they are free and simply ask you place their address in your video credits. I believe Pixabay asks for acknowledgements too. Youtube also has free music to choose from and I have used their music before. 

I'm sure their are other places to download music and pictures free or for a small fee.

Once music and pictures are chosen it's time to put it together along with words. As an author making a video trailer I want words on the screen to catch the viewers attention and give them an idea what the story is about. 

Once the video is made it's time to upload to Youtube. Make sure you have converted it to a movie file such as an MPEG. Would love your feedback on my trailer.

After you watch the video jump over to smashwords and take a look at the book. Through July 31 it's on sale for half price! Use coupon code SSW50. 

Let your creative juices run wild and good luck with your videos. If you have a book trailer feel free to share it in the comments below.

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