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Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Writing Journey P.O.V.

Point of view is a common discussion I find among authors. Each author has their preference, some won't deviate from it. I'm a first person type of writer but have found myself working with third person on my latest work in progress Calm before the Storm the sequel to Eye of the Storm.

I like first person because it places the reader directly into the mind of the main character. It's personal. In the case of Eye of the Storm Eilida's Tragedy- Volume 1 Ruthless Storm Trilogy I used alternating first person P.O.V.s and that worked well. In the book are cues as to which person has taken over the story, either Eilida or Sunshine. 

In writing Volume 2 Ruthless Storm Trilogy I started with alternating first person P.O.V.s but quickly discovered the limits within the structure of the story. First person was too limiting and too personal. The main character Evan is not one I cared to get into his mind although I certainly got to know him.

I switched to third person P.O.V. Alternating between two main characters with a host of side characters. 

Blips of a few scenes made possible with third person P.O.V.

A single thought raced through her mind I want to go home. She fumbled through the thick vomit until she found the keys in her purse. Tears rolled down her cheeks as the entire scene played over and over in her mind. Slowly using every bit of her strength she lifted her body upwards and fell back against the seat. He’s gone. I’m alive.

With each deep breath her mind swam back into focus. Her eyes scanned the empty parking lot surveying the darkness surrounding her. With a burst of energy she locked her doors. Every move she made the pain from her head shot downward throughout her body rendering her immobile. He might come back. She knew she needed to find the strength to leave before he did or next time he’d kill her for sure.

The family plus Evan ate dinner by candlelight. The flames caused shadows to bounce on the walls. Eilida snuggled Sandy close and tried not to look towards the stranger but she couldn’t ignore the creeping, disfigured shadow on the wall behind him. Its arms tendrils of black unfurled to reveal a shiny object dripping in red. Eilida watched in horror as the shadow moved towards her mother seated beside her. She twisted in her high chair, eye wide as flying saucers. She wanted to scream, tried to scream but her vocal chords buckled and no sound escaped her lips. 

Inside the room the nurse used the flashlight to seek out medical supplies. The baby continued to wail as his mother attempted to breast feed him for the second time. She played the nurses words through her head cradle the baby across your chest, make sure he opens wide and takes in a mouthful so he can latch. She swaddled the baby across her chest and teased his tiny mouth with her nipple until he grabbed hold. The father sat beside his wife watching his family and coaxing her through. Even in the midst of a formidable hurricane there was peace and his beautiful son.

Calm Before the Storm has been a challenge since third person is not my cup of tea. I'm enjoying the challenge and discovering less restricting borders within the context of the book. As a writer I'm stretching my abilities and improving my skill set. In short the best P.O.V. depends on the story, one is not right for all.

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