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Friday, October 9, 2015

Chris Birdy The Girl in Black Pajamas Review

Several months ago I started this series with Book 1 The Girl in White Pajamas. I enjoyed it so much that I just read the next book The Girl in Black Pajamas. I enjoyed this one even more.

My review of The Girl in White Pajamas

My Review:

The Girl in the Black Pajamas is the second book in the series. Bogie and Bailey are married, living in South Florida when Bogie’s partner in Boston is shot. He goes to Boston to investigate and brings precocious Isabella with him. Bailey, at home, holds down the fort with baby Hankster and Amanda. The drama goes back and forth keeping the reader on cue.

I enjoyed the first book enough to read the second which I enjoyed even more. Bailey seems to have matured. In the first bookshe was whiny and annoying in this book she’s a two time mommy and down to earth and take charge. I loved that side of her. Isabella is just as much a handful and I won’t lie at times a little scary. She’s far too smart for her age and very manipulative. At the same time she’s a four year old girl. Bogie is Bogie.

Birdy’s writing in this book seemed more plot focused and was easy to follow along. The story has a good flow and the suspense factor kept me turning pages. This is a really great off-beat murder mystery. 

I highly recommend it!

There is one more book in the series The Girl in Red Pajamas and yes I'll be reading it!

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