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Monday, October 26, 2015

Journey by Regina Garson Book Review

Another one of the fabulous reads from my 2015 reading list!

My Review:

Journey is a short fiction that left my brain spinning. The tale is of a wife, Sydney, whose husband is in an asylum. She is the dutiful wife who visits daily. In fact, her life is nothing but routines. At night, in her dreams Ouida and Ariel visit. They understand her at least she thinks they do. In my opinion Sydney is one step away from joining her husband and the reason for his insanity.

I love how she fashioned Sydney and developed her character throughout the story. It’s amazing what Garson did with so few pages. I adore short fiction because with my busy life I can read an entire story in a day. But I also believe short fiction brings out an author’s true talents. It’s difficult to write so much in so few words. This story had suspense, mystery and really made me think.

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  1. Thank you so much, I just came across your wonderful review. I am so honored. Thank you.