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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Love Aches by J.S. Luxor Book Review

Love Aches is the second box set in the series. It's a parody and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. A definite read!

My review:

Love Aches is a hilarious parody, maybe my favorite in the series yet. Joanna and Tristan’s love is put through a battery of tests with naughty implicating pictures of each flying around, Joanna is kidnapped, and their hot air balloon after a romantic day flying high above the Earth settles in a tree in the mountains. Joanna’s camping skills come in handy to avoid the bears and survive until they are rescued.

Tristan is an insecure, controlling mess and Joanna it seems spends more time consoling him and proving her love for him than anything. She has a series of flirtatious events at work that send Tristan into a frenzy. She wasn’t flirting but someone else has a huge crush on her. Tristan has a blast from the past, a hidden past, that take both him and Joanna on a wild ride. This book is full of adventure and strange twists that kept me laughing. Through all this Luxor builds their characters and we really see who Tristan and Joanna are as individuals and as a couple.

An absolute charm!

Buy it

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