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Monday, October 26, 2015

Naughty Dancer by Candi Silk

Candi's done it again. For everyone who enjoys her brand of intimate action this is a must read!

My review
Naughty Dancer is an exciting read filled with tantalizing action! Lexi and Dan are a youngish married couple. She’s unfulfilled sexually, however, she loves her husband. He has this habit before sex of asking her dirty, explicit details of her strip tease life. She concocts an idea to go back to stripping and private parties to earn extra cash to pay down their debt with the bonus of tons of enjoyable sex. He husband agrees and they set it up. The twist is Zoey, a good friend of theirs who’s desperate and willing.

The story gets sweaty and intimate immediately. I enjoyed Lexi’s cunning nature. She’s not innocent on any level and has a dirty, dirty mind. Candi’s characters put on a sizzling performance in Naughty Dancer.


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  1. Thank you, Elle, for your thoughtful review of Naughty Dancer! It's always a pleasure appearing on The Troubled Oyster! Cheers!