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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Aliens in the Sky

November 7, California had an alien scare, I was oblivious to this until mentioning it to my daughter.

The evening of November 7, I was at a wedding reception sitting outside. I looked to the sky and a blue steady light streaked across the sky. I said, "Look an alien ship." 

My boyfriend replied, "Where? Hey Lisa saw an alien ship."

The object was like nothing I'd ever seen. I live in Jacksonville Florida, home of Jax naval base and Jax International Airport. We also have several hospitals who use Life Flight in extreme emergencies. And I'm only a few hours from Kennedy Space Center. Objects in the sky are the norm, only usually they are moving up or down. They leave streaks behind them, make noise, flash or loose parts (rockets and space shuttles).

This object went across the sky, at a steady pace and a steady light. I have no idea what it was but doubt it was the missile sighted in California.

I have watched all the videos and the blue streak I saw was different. It didn't flash or grow. It was steady. and it was headed across the sky. Hmm.

When I mentioned it to my daughter she said people in California claimed to see a UFO and one lady found an alien in her yard. Now, this lady lives in San Jose, that's not in the country so is most likely not the fetus of a wild animal such as a deer, since San Jose is in the Bay Area metropolis. 

What did I see? I haven't a clue. Jax naval base isn't far, was it a top secret air launch or plane? Was I seeing the missile light streak across the sky from California? 

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