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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The search continues...

I continue researching St. Augustine for my Vampire novel. I'm already half way through the story and loving the twists and surprises my characters throw at me. But the research is what gives the story authenticity.

I haven't yet found the "Vampire" article, but I found something else with far more credibility. St. Augustine is over 450 years old, and holds secrets within its bowels. Those secrets are being dug to the surface.

Geologically, Earth changes daily, overtime those changes are significant. This made me wonder, what is beneath St. Augustine? It sits approximately 2 feet above sea level according to this First Coast News Article

More interesting is what an Archaeologist at Flagler College in St. Augustine has found beneath the city. He's found subdivisions, skeletons, and clay pots, just for starters. Read more here.

The article spurred my reader's imagination and started the beginning of my story which will encompass an entire 3-6 book series. 

Vampires are ancient creatures of the dark. Everybody knows that. My Vampires originated in Spain, how they got to America is a secret, even to me. I suspect my characters won't display that until the final book. 

The main characters in my story aren't Vampires but a group who seek and kill them. And my Vampires aren't called Vampires, they have a much gorier name.

In the prologue the reader is introduced to a single event in St. Augustine that sends an entire house plummeting beneath the surface, burying hundreds of Vampires. As of recently it's been dug up, releasing these bloodsucking beasts. 

An ancient faction of Vampire killers are spurred into action. They are not the originals as they are mortal humans but decedents of the originals who have no choice but to accept their destiny. The last group wiped the surface of Earth of every bloodsucking beast.

The beasts now released are out for blood and this young generation of killers has to destroy them and find each other. They're are seven Vampire killers and together they have unstoppable  power, individually they have a gift that allows them an edge over the Vampires.

As a science nerd, there is a bit of science, involving radiation and light waves from the sun.

The combination of history and science is making this story the most enjoyable one to write yet. It won't be released until after the first of the year, most likely February or March.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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