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Saturday, November 28, 2015

T.C. Newman Follow the Light Book Review

At the Reader's Favorite Awards I was lucky enough to meet a few awesome authors and get a couple autographed books. T.C. Newman is one of those authors, and what an amazing person she is. Her book Follow the Light is unique and catching. I couldn't put it down, even for a short break.

My review:

I enjoyed Follow the Light, in fact I read it straight through. It’s the author and her daughter’s journey of discovery written in narrative format. The Shroud of Turin is a mystery, even with today’s technology there is still so much we don’t know. This book uncovers some of those secrets. T.C. Newman and her daughter caught a documentary about the shroud. Her daughter was convinced the image on the shroud was a photograph. Newman set up a simple experiment to see if it was possible. She is an artist and went about it with an artist eye as well as using a scientific process.

This experiment encompassed over three decades. Each chapter is a new discovery in their experiment which makes the book fascinating as well as easily replicated, for an artist with skills in sculpting. I don’t have the talent and would likely give up after a few hours. But I do love science and love the scientific value in the book.

The Shroud is often related to Jesus. This book doesn’t take that approach, and the author doesn’t skew the experiment to her beliefs. She simply follows a scientific/artistic method that leads to a series of discoveries. After reading I see why this book received a five star Reader’s Favorite review and an award.

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Goodies from the Reader's Favorite Awards. I'm hoping to read all these award winners within the next year.

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