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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nightcrawler III The Plague by John Reinhard Dizon

I've been reading this authors work for quite a while. I always love a good John Reinhard Dizon book. His brand includes mystery and suspense with political and/or historical connections woven into the plot. My latest review is Nightcrawler III, a series I fell in love with after reading the first book.

My Review:

I’ve been reading the Nightcrawler series since the first book. I adore Sabrina Brooks, an independent woman with a mission. She’s clever, tough, and intelligent. In the third segment of the series Sabrina is in the hospital, in a coma. The doctors can’t figure it out and a special top notch medical team hired by Brooks Chemical Company are brought in. Hoyt is distraught as he waits at her bedside daily, hoping it will be the day she wakes up. On the outside world the villains are plotting evil and the police are searching for the Nightcrawler. All the while a dead body keeps appearing foiling their plans.

Set in New York City with a Gotham City feel to it the story swirls full circle in a revealing, intense climax that begs the readers to pay attention. Every element is a clue and each page is as exciting as the next. Just when I thought I was starting to put the pieces together there was another clue that made me question my previous thoughts.

Dizon’s brand of mystery and intrigue is filled with political subplots and penetrating action. A huge reveal and surprise await the reader in the final pages of the last segment in the Nightcrawler series. My question - is this really the end?

For lovers of political thrillers, superheros and mystery! 

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