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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Forbidden Forestby Tenaya Jayne Audiobook Review

This was a new author and an entertaining listen.

My Review:
I really enjoyed the Forbidden Forest. I listened to this on the road and it’s been a couple weeks. Forest is the main character and she is a shifter/elf. The next vampire king is placed in her care while she transports him into the forest to see a wizard who took away his eyesight so he can restore it. As much as the story is about restoring his eyesight it’s not. It’s more a tale of love between Forest and the future vampire king.

What caught me and kept my attention was the imperfections in both. Forest as a half breed is unwelcomed or accepted by society and whoever heard of a blind vampire. No one. Their imperfections and how they handle them made it a good story. It gave them character as they journeyed into the forest and brought them together as they got to know one another.

I listened to the audio version I want to give the narrator Khristine Hvam her share in the story. She did an excellent job. In fact I think she gave the book justice. It was a great story but her narration breathed life that wasn’t there into the characters.

I love fantasy and suspense. This book had both. I absolutely recommend it for anyone who loves at least one. Fantastic story.


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