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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blog Stop Two: The Party Continues!

My thank you today goes to an author and friend I met only a few short months ago. If my memory serves correct it was a Facebook event we were both participating in. Anyways, she is one of the most talented, considerate, and caring persons I have ever met. She has also been a great supporter of my literary career, Jeniann Bowers.

Jeniann's writing can be found here and follow the links to the right.

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 To visit Jeniann's blog and read anecdotes about me and chapter 2 of Baby Girl Moonlighting in Paris click here.

The party doesn't end there. Visit the Baby Girl event page for fun and games. Last night was literary and wine trivia (Cleo becomes quite a wine coniseur while in Paris), spooky Parisian stories and a guest author. Tonight Jeniann will be another guest author, Jeniann, along with more games, and Parisian delicacies.

Enter here for the book giveaway!

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If you missed day one and want to catch up, click here.

Thank you all. I love to see how all the visiters here from around the world. It makes me realize even though we may he seperated by oceans or mountains we can all come together on the internet.

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