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Monday, March 31, 2014

My Thoughts On Book Blog Tours

Recently, I just finished a blog or virtul tour for the release of Baby Girl Book 2 Moonlighting in Paris.

I had participated in a couple tours, even using thetroubledoysteras to participate. I think any exposure to an authors book is good and a blog tour does that. Each site that hosts the author's tour has its own set of viewers and followers so the book is seen by a large viewing audience.

I also ran a Facebook event at the same time, playing games and getting to know my fans. I loved it and can't speak enough about how great the experience was.I would definitely consider having a Facebook or Google+ event. You and your fans get to know each other and the author can run more giveaways. I used trivia having to do with elements of the book and gave a few more books away.

At the same time I had a giveaway going on which also turned out successful, only I wished I'ld of had a few more entrants but either way my books went out to new people who were just hearing about me for the first time.

What I recomend to any authors contemplating whether they want to complete a blog tour or not, go for it! Here is some advice:

1. Study blogs-find blogs that interest you and contact the bloggers. Have material ready for the bloggers but make it something that caters to their sight, talk with them. I ran a short blog tour of only 5 days and talked with friends of mine who have blogs or people I have blogged for; reciprocity is a great quality. Consider this when contacting the blogger, give them a reason to feature you such as freebies, bragging on the excellent job they did, or bringing in a lot of views. Many people make money on their blogs so more viewers means the possibility of more money. Don't be pushy though and remember thetroubledoyster is willing to host you.

2. I ran my tour for 5 days, and that just isn't enough time. Try 10-15 days with or without weekends, maximum exposure. You may also have a greater turnout in a giveaway.

3. Have a giveaway. Goodreads is a great place to run a giveaway, you can even pick the countries. When I ran mine in February I gave away 5 autographed books worldwide. Here is the catch you are responsible for mailing the books. I spent quite a bit of money on postage but it was well worth it. For my blog tour I tried rafflecopter. This was my first experience with running a giveaway through them and I chose them because the Baby Girl books are only available in Kindle (Goodreads you have to give away paper or hard copies). I would suggest at least one giveaway, maybe run a rafflecopter and Goodreads.

4. I kept up with the tour here and posted daily the events. I would say daily was too much. Twice a week would be better for a longer tour.

Blog tours are a great tool! I gave away a lot of books but even without the giveaways I sold more books and I got more reviews for both the Baby Girl books. I have a few more fans as well and a few people have already told me they can't wait for book 3!

Will I do another one? Definitely, I plan on one for As Snow Falls one year anniversary coming up in August. I am seriously considering releasing her name as well.

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