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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jeniann Bowers Expressions and Letters: A Collection of Heartfelt Poetry

I have raved more than once about Jeniann's poetry. She is both an amazing person and an extraordinary author. Below is my review of Expressions and Letters.

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Expressions and Letters by Jeniann Bowers is a heartfelt collection of poetry. Her poems are impressions from pieces of her life from being an innocent child to the heartbreak she felt over losing loved ones. Each poem is a tiny story that elicits a variety of human emotions the reader can identify with. Jeniann has a special ability to capture snapshots of the soul and bring them to life in full color.

Having now read three of Jeniann’s poetry books her words flow with ease off the tongue and mind. Through her poems she expresses so eloquently and honestly the love and compassion she has for life and all things in it as well as the cruelty she see’s in a sometimes dark world. Her inner strength shines through as each poem unfolds as well as her desires and weaknesses. There is also a playfulness in her words heard through the love she feels for her children.

Expressions and Letters along with Jeniann’s other poetry are a collection of remarkable poetry that is in a single word honest.

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