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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Black Bart Reborn

A few weeks ago I featured an interview with Steve Bartholomew. Recently, I finished his novel Black Bart Reborn, and wow! what a fantastic novel. A tall tale of the old west. I was extremely impressed with Steve's imagination. He took a legend and made an unforgettable, fast paced story out of it. I encourage all my readers to check out my review, and his novels.

Black Bart Reborn by Steve Bartholomew is an excellently portrayed fictional tale of the old west. Black
Bart is released from prison after spending time for stagecoach robbing. He takes on a new identity that is one of an individual who had been a friend, but has since passed, not by natural means. Bart deciding to give up his life of crime is hunted by Hume; the Wells Fargo detective who helped put Bart behind bars. As the plot thickens despicable characters with little to no morals creep into the story, deepening the conspiracy which is centered around mining, and money.

Author Steve Bartholomew does a fantastic job depicting the old west with his use of character dialogue and rich descriptions. His research and knowledge of the geography, daily living, and medicine of the times makes for a very believable story. It is the mystery of the west that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of entertainment seekers overtime and this story contains all the elements to make the reader ponder, "it could have happened that way".

This novel is a fascinating, fast paced, action packed story that tantalizes the reader to continue turning the pages.

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Where to find Steve:
Steve's Website
Whitehall Publishing
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