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Friday, March 14, 2014

John Reinhard Dizon- A Phenomenal Author and Person

A couple months ago I published an interview and book review of Wolfman and Tiara authored by John Reinhard Dizon. He is not only a remarkable story teller but has been a great support to me as a newbie author. I have now read The Bat, Nightcrawler, and King of the Hoboes,
absolutely loved them all. Today I'm sharing some of my reviews and I heavily encourage all thetroubledoyster's viewers to take a peak at the review and check out the books; Amazon links available. Thank you John for all your support and assistance :-)

The Bat

The Bat (An Existential Fable) at Amazon, click
Murder, mayhem, and villains wreak havoc in New York, ripping it apart at the seams in this wild existential fable The Bat by John R. Dizon giving it a dystopian feel. The city is under extreme duress as gangs, drugs and vigilantes roam the streets rotting the core of the city. Law makers fight to reclaim order in New York all the while mass chaos overwhelms it with detonating force.

This novel has a Batman or Iron Man feel to it as an evil mastermind seeks to control and take over the city experimenting with a mind altering drug that had been created to assist vets until the military saw how it could make a super soldier. He uses everyone as his pawn constructing a complex turn of events. The more vile characters through their own vanity allow corruption to spread as a disease. The Bat may be the only person who can destroy the repugnant and overly confident narcissist.

The Bat is a tightly packed must read novel with a surprise ending left open for a sequel.


[ NIGHTCRAWLER (FIRST PRINTING) ] By Dizon, John Reinhard ( Author) 2014 [ Paperback ] At Amazon, click here

Nightcrawler by John R. Dizon is an exciting novel filled to the brim with action and intense fight scenes.Unlikely heroine Sabrina Brooks, alter ego the Nightcrawler, complete with ninja outfit and balaclava, takes to ridding the streets of evil using gas that stops the bad guys in their tracks without killing them. 

     Sabrina Brooks is the attractive, young heiress of Brooks Chemical Company. She first began college seeking a chemistry degree in order to follow in her father's footsteps but changed schools and directions when he mother passed, seeking a career in law enforcement that went awry when skipping classes and partying became more important than her studies. Finally, getting her head straight she decides to run the company. A terrorist organization calling themselves The Octagon, it's leader the Reaper, attempts to poison The Big Apple time and time again with dangerous chemicals only to be continually foiled or not by the Nightcrawler. 

     This novel is a unique piece of work with a superhero woman who can't bring herself to killing.

Like John R. Dizon's other novels the plot carries many twists and turns, the characters are rich in personality, and high in quality. Having now read four of John R. Dizon's novels he uses the right amount of description vs.plot and character formation to produce a novel that is difficult for the reader to put down, every suspenseful detail leads to the climax which he presents with a bang. His knowledge of New York gives an authentic touch making the story thoroughly believable.

Definitely a must read!

King of the Hoboes

King Of The Hoboes at Amazon, click here
John Reinhard Dizon outdid himself with King of the Hoboes. This novel takes reader into the Hobo underworld; a methodical, coordinated organization controlled by an evil Hobo Lord. Undercover police officer Roni has to learn to survive homeless on the streets in order to close the case and earn herself a much sought after promotion. 

     The author does a fantastic job setting the scene to the finest detail, and giving insight and character to each individual personality in the story. Roni is a hard nosed girl who relishes her independence and seeks a promotion as detective. Her partner and boyfriend Evan lives on the upper crust side of New York. They are used to their luxuries. Adolf Hyatt is the evil King of the Hobo underworld. He is intelligent, conniving, and philosophical, easily luring innocents into his web.

     With genius and colorful words King of the Hoboes makes being homeless a reality. Roni, has to fight and think about where she is going to find food, where she can take a shower, how to clean her clothes, and where to sleep. This novel sends a powerful message to the reader.

     King of the Hoboes is a thought provoking thrill ride! 

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