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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Project You- Live a Fulfilling Life

How often are people not content with their lives whether it be work, home, or health problems? Everyone wants a satisfying life but we don't always know how to do it. Project You Living A Determined Life is a motivating yet amusing book discussing a concept of healthy living for the whole person. Whether you feel content in your life or not, take a few moments to read my review on Project You, and learn more about the concept through an interview with Steven Howard, co-founder of Phronesis LLP and co-editor of Project You: Living A Determined Life.

Project You: Living A Determined Life

Project You Living A Determined Life is a motivational book about building a better you, and reaching your personal potential. The outline of the book has a structured flow, keeping the reader on cue. Each chapter gives examples, and quotes that make the mind ponder, "Am I living a determined life? How can I make my life more fulfilling?" The answers are in the text, one just needs to read to learn how to apply the information to their life journey. The simplicity of the concept drew me in as a reader. Human nature seems to force us to strive for more, especially after we age a little and our lives slow to a steady, comfortable rhythm, although this book is for adults of any age. I wished I had read it at 18. I may have put more forethought into my actions, nevertheless I am enjoying my journey.

The editors did a wonderful job creating a motivational book that is also an entertaining read. There are many anecdotes that no doubt will give readers a laugh. The text is also down to Earth and relatable to every human being, as we all seek happiness and fulfillment in our lives. The eloquence of the words had me reflecting on my own life, and how can I improve the various aspects outlined in the book. Project You isn't simply a book or fad, it's a way of life, improving upon what you already have. Whether someone feels satisfied in their life or not Project You is a life changer.

The chapter that spoke the most to me was Chapter Twelve Your Family Life- Making Committed Intimate Relationships Work. I have spent time in an unhealthy relationship, and understand on a personal level how a negative one can counteract everything else going on in your life. When our lives are unbalanced, it forces most aspects to be out of proportion thus staggering our life journeys. I chose to reflect and learn from the decisions I made, now in a healthy relationship. Project You cemented in writing what I had known in my mind. It was rewarding to me to see thoughts similar to mine in print, meaning others have traveled this path as well.

Project You is a must read!

Snapshot about the Project You concept.

Interview with Steven Howard

Elle: What can you tell us about Project You?

Steven: Project You is more than just a single book. In fact, Project You will encompass a family of closely related and integrated books and products to help individuals create their own paths and personal journeys on the road to creating and Living A Determined Life.
With Project You we aim to take a holistic approach to personal development covering all aspects of life. This is a unique concept that combines motivational messages and quotes with practical tips, techniques and tools.

Elle: How did Project You develop?

Steven: A friend in Singapore, Alex Chan, approached me two years ago with a book idea he had called Fitness Words of Wisdom. The concept and format was based on a couple of books I had created when I lived in Asia called Asian Words of Wisdom and Asian Words of Knowledge. These were both collections of quotes from Asia's leading thinkers over the years, mixed within short chapters on various aspects of professional and personal leadership.
Simultaneously, I had been working on a concept I called Project You about personal and professional development, but I didn't have the resources or time to move this project off the back burner. Upon reading Alex's initial draft, I saw how the Project You concept could be extended into a pair of different, but complementary book series.
So we are now creating one series of in-depth books along the lines of Project You: Living A Determined Life that will focus on seven key aspects of life.
The second series, which we call the Words of Wisdom collection, will have shorter chapters and a larger collection of motivational quotes related to each topic. The first two books in this series, Project You Fitness Words of Wisdom and Project You Words of Wisdom will both be released in late March or early April.

Elle: What is the vision behind Project You?

Steven: Alex, my partner in Singapore, has a sign behind his desk that reads: What Am I Doing to Change the World? My own personal philosophy is that each of us has the responsibility to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren.
Project You is a combination of these two philosophies, with the vision that the hope for a better world, and a richer human experience for more of humanity, lies in the personal development and growth of each individual.
To develop this vision further, we have created Phronesis LLP. Phronesis essentially means "wisdom in determining desirable ends and the means of attaining them."  Alex and I believe in "The Art of Possible" and our company aims to help people develop the wisdom they need to determine desirable outcomes for themselves, our planet, and our interconnected spirits, as well as the means of attaining these.

Elle: Where can someone find more information about Project You?

Steven: We have a growing website at www.ProjectYouLife.com. Plus your readers can subscribe to the Project You Life blog at http://projectyoulifeblog.blogspot.com, which features regular posts on the philosophies, tools, tips, and techniques found in the Project You: Living A Determined Life book.
Based on requests we've received from readers and others, I think the Project You Life website will quickly develop into a community website where those interested can share their own motivational tips and experiences in developing fulfilling and fully satisfied lives.

Elle: If someone has a story to share with Project You, where can they submit it?

Steven: We are starting to feature a wide range of Determined Life Stories on the Project You Life website.  Those who would like to help us build this collection of Determined Life stories can send their suggestions or stories via email to editors@ProjectYouLife.com.

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