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Monday, October 27, 2014

Kat Green Strings

It wasn't long ago I assisted in Kat's blog tour. I have been itching to read her book since. Saturday I opened up the book and finished the next day. Yup, it was that good!

My Review:

Ever wonder what the life of a rock star might be like? Kat Green nails it in Strings! From the young kids writing and creating their own music; begging for gigs to the record deal and making it big. Strings isn’t just about the band, the Black Eagles, it’s a romance about Luke and Melissa as well as a suspense. Luke is the front man and writes the songs for the Black Eagles. He and Melissa meet at a gig before they make it big. The two are instantly attracted to one another and fall deeply in love. It is Melissa who notices a flyer that is the beginning of the Black Eagles rise to fame. They are not the only love fated couple in this book and bonds form while new friendships are made. Lurking on the outside is Amber who feels stabbed in the heart by Luke and Melissa.

The novel opens with Melissa lying in a hospital bed and Luke has disappeared. Slowly the threads reveal themselves and the suspense deepens. A hooded stalker with a knife, sleazy pictures of Luke with another woman, Melissa stuck in the middle of her own “affair”. What is real and who are their true friends? Emotionally Strings is a roller coaster ride as the couples relationship evolves throughout these events. I didn’t put the book down except to read for two days!

A captivating, suspenseful journey!

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