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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Kim Cormack Wild Thing Review

Within the last several months I introduced you to Kim Cormack's Children of the Ankh series with my reviews of Sweet Sleep and Enlightenment. Today I bring you another story in the series, Wild Thing.

My Review: 
Wild Thing by Kim Cormack is an exciting adventure into the author’s creative mind. As a young girl Lexy is subject to the worst forms of punishment and life one can imagine. The people on the dark farm keep he caged in a stall, feed her water of the dead and throw her into a pit of death. She watches a young girl whom she’d grown fond of die in her arms. Her life is the worst imaginable hell. But that life is what makes her a fierce. Dragon. She lacks emotion, and doesn’t care. She kills those who persecute or hunt her. Once she meets the Ankh, her life changes forever.

This book is gory, gritty, and suspenseful. Cormack weaves a violent web that had me cheering for Lexy and hating those who tormented her. Wild Thing is a spin-off of her Children of the Ankh series, where the reader is first introduced to Lexy. Wild Thing is Lexy’s story. The plot is similar as the reader follows Lexy’s life, her introduction to the Ankh, immortal life, and Enlightenment but it’s uniquely different as Kayn’s story was mild in comparison. The author’s take on immortal beings is distinctive. They aren’t necessarily glorious creatures or vampires. They are kids, each with their own story.

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