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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Her Man in Havana by Fran Conner Book Review

What an enjoyable read! I loved it.

My Review:
Her Man in Havana is a fantastic read! The setting is Cuba and Harry is a resident of the UK and is there on business to make a rum and cigar deal and tour their factory. Simple right? Not so simple. He meets the gorgeous Maria, a translator and instantly falls for her. The simple deal turns into a huge ordeal as it snowballs out of control in political epic proportions.

This book is written is first person so we know his thoughts as the story moves and even when Harry is facing imminent death his thoughts kept me laughing. It’s a fast-paced action, romance, and mystery novella. The author kept the pace going at a steady speed yet still developed each scene fully with small setting details throughout so I had a nice picture of what was happening and where. I highly recommend this book. It was a riot!

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