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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Midnight Brunch, Book 2 in the Casa Dracula Series by Marta Costa Audiobook Review

Full of laughs!

My Review:

I first read book three in the Casa Dracula series a couple years ago. I just finished Midnight Brunch the second book in the series. I know I’m going backwards but it’s a fun series and for the careful reader they don’t need to be read in order, although, I’m sure it would make the series even better.
Milagro is a writer, well she tries, and who loves gardening. At one point she is bitten by a vampire.

Since I haven’t read book one I can’t offer more on that. The vampires and other super naturals in this book are simply humans with genetic chromosomal deformalities. In her case she lived whereas most people die. That being the case she has a few side effects that make her a little more than human. Her boyfriend Oswald is a vampire and a plastic surgeon.  They live on a farm with his family.

I love this series and found myself laughing hysterically at times. The author’s creation of the world inside the story is genius and her descriptions are priceless. It’s far more than a romance, or comedy, or even paranormal. It’s a wonderful combination of everything and perfectly balanced.

I listened to book two on audio narrated by Patricia Fructuoso. She really did a fantastic job with the narration giving Milagro and the other characters more life. She consistent, clear and uses the stories clues to fluctuate her voice as needed.

Absolutely a book worth reading/listening too!


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