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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jason Boreggo's Infected Freaks Volume 2

Absolutely enjoying this thrilling series!

My Review:
I'm absolutely enjoying this series! The main character an older man with heart problems will do anything to save his family. In this segment they're heading to Denver but run into a little problem with the low lives of humanity. 

The granddaughter learns her hearing aids give her an edge. I really like her character. She's tough yet girlie and pretty clever. She is easily my favorite. The suspense factor in this series is off the chain! The plot is unique with humans becoming infected from a fungus, one that really exits mind you, and becoming zombies hungry for a delicious human meal. The action is start to finish and keeps me on the edge of my seat.

The books are short which I love because I don't have to pit the story down for mundane activities like cooking yet when the story ends I want more!

Onto the next book.


Deadlocked 2 A.R. wise

Another zomnie series definitely worth checking out!

My Review:

I adored the first book in the series and love how the author is writing a different character each book as the story progresses but I wasn't fond of this book and truly dislike the character.

She's whiney one second than kicking butt the next. On her last leg she's fighting zombies and making some horribly stupid choices. I almost inclined to say but I won't spoil it. The action is non stop and the descriptions are vivid and not for those with a weak stomach. I'm interested in the character in book 3 because I already like him so I wil move on and listen to it.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Something Wicked Comes This Way Giveaway!

It's the season for thrillers and horror. It's also the season for my latest release, Scarlett.

You can get Part 1 of Scarlett, The Purple Mask along with many other books here for free by entering the giveaway. Click here.

Scarlett is the first book in the Evan's Girls series spawned from the Ruthless Storm Trilogy. Scarlett is an egnimatic character introduced in Volume 2 and throughout Volume 3 its hard to decipher her motives. Her story reveals all.

She leads an interesting life. Read the blurb:

I was Evan O’Conner’s first victim. Nov. 5, 1954, at 7:01 p.m. I entered the world, unwanted and uncherished. My mother was raped at 15 by Evan’s grandfather. Distraught and full of hate. A hate I now understand. She gave me up and I spent my tender years in foster care.

At age 17, I met my biological sister, Philmonia, born from the same father. Young and na├»ve I thought I’d finally found family. She was married to a wealthy man, Evan O’Conner Sr. They promised me a fairy tale life. I swooned and fell into their trap. My princess life was stopped short and became my prison.

They perpetrated unspeakable crimes against me. The worst was inseminating me with the sperm that gave life to a monster that grew inside me. I tried to abort the fetus but he clung to my uterus like a leech. The demonic seed grew and grew inside my womb for nine months. The monster’s fingers clawed against my insides. His feet kicked against my bladder and his soul ate at my heart, turning it black with hate. The little demon ball of cells clung inside me, refusing my wishes until he was ready. He was in control even then. My hate deepened each day for the devil inside me.

A child created by lust and scientific experimentation developed into a monster so cruel, so vile he’ll never be forgotten.

When my contractions started I pushed with everything I had to force him out of me. Finally I shed the little beast. My sister and her husband took the screaming, bald creature and held him with amazement while I shivered in relief. The little beast became the most renowned serial killer in history – The Hurricane Killer.

My name is Scarlett Jones and this is my story.

That's only a brief description. Scarlett is a deep person with talents and secrets she only reveals in her story.

I have to thank the fans and readers of the Ruthless Storm Trilogy for their insistance in writing these girls stories because they need to be heard.

It isn't necessary to read the trilogy first before starting the new series but you may want to.

Amazon - all three books
They can also be found at Kobo, Nook, iTunes and are available in Audio.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kick the Candle: Knight Games Book 2 by Genevieve Jack

Love, love, love this series!

My Review:

I listened to book 1 a few weeks ago and came back for book 2. I'll be onto book 3 soon. Grateful is learning more about her powers and building a data bank she can carry with her on her phone for all the spells. I think that modern day touch is cute.

As she's settling into being a witch she finds she's being evicted from the house. The one she abhorred at first but now loves. It's the place she has to be to send souls away. The story quickly builds and the plot thickens. She and Rick have problems, leaving her alone.She adores him, is connected to him on a level that exceeds the physical realm but she can't commit.

This series is quick paced and witty. I adore Grateful. I'm not so crazy about Rick. I liked her ghost beau better but now in a human body her feelings for him have settled and they're good friends. She finds many reasons to call him, some that simply cracked me up.

A fun series!


Z-Day: Day of the Zombies by Mark Cusco Ailes

Beware of zombies, they're everywhere.

My Review:

The zombie apocalypse is here and this town and running wild as the occupants work to get out of town without being eaten. There's always a zombie around the corner, behind the door and their backs. And not only human zombies but animals. 

The town harbors a zombie park. When they get out, everything goes wild. The action alone kept me on the edge. The story includes several characters and jumped quite a bit from one group to the next. At first that was a bit confusing and I didn't feel as much connection with the characters as I like but there;s enough gore and action I enjoyed it.

I loved the opening with  all the zombie growling but wasn't so much fond of all the voices. The female's didn't sound female and there were so many characters it was hard to tell them apart by voice alone.

It's a solid story, gory, and suspenseful! 

Sweet Nightmares: The Damned Series Book 1 by Zizi Cole

Cool concept, fun book!

My Review:
Lexi moves back home after a bad relationship. Her parents die soon after and she blames herself nut not in the way most people do. She saw herself do it and can remember details of doing it. She reunited with a cousin who lives in town Mia and her high school sweetheart Jake. What she see's isn't really her killing her parents but a dream of it and she see's other dreams, horrible dreams and there's a man who visits her dreams.

The story is fast-paced, plot directed and includes strong characters. It's an easy book to sink into and listen in one shot. Mia and Lexi soon learn they aren't everyday people but have special and unique abilities passed on from their parents and heritage. Mia knew but Lexi didn't. After all the dreams and other wild things that start happening she soon learns.

A paranormal romance with crazy plot twists and excitement!


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Relief Efforts for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

As many of you know I live in north Florida. When Hurricane Irma blew through Florida I was relatively safely tucked away in the western panhandle in Destin Fl.

I didn't see much of the storm there except tropical storm force winds and rain Monday Sept. 11. On our drive to Destin we passed rest stops filled with evacuees and soon the hotel we were in filled with more evacuees from the eastern and western coastal regions and Tampa.

Finding gas was a challenge since so many stations were out but the gas buddy app was a huge help and I was sure at each we stopped at to update whether gas was available or not. Some of my family evacuated and only recently gained electricity again. Other members of my family and friends stayed put and waited it out.

When we returned home Tuesday it was like a ghost town. Gas stations had no power. Saran wrap was around the pumps, few restaurants were open. Those open had lines wrapping the building and into the street. 

In twenty years of living in the Jacksonville area of Florida this is the worst I've seen. The flooding was extensive and helicopters were out in search of survivors, many roads were impassable and so many lost their homes or can't live in them until they're repaired. Houston is just as bad after Hurricane Harvey and their suffering continues.

My heart breaks for these people and I already donated half my earning made in Destin Fl but it's simply not enough so I'm donating all the royalties until 10/14 from the sales of my St. Augustine Novellas, the Bloodseeker series.

I chose this series because it takes place in north Florida. St. Augustine wasn't only affected by Hurricane Irma but also Hurricane Matthew last year. The series cover designer has also decided to donate royalties from her book Winter Thrillz. Together we hope to donate a nice chunk of money to Red Cross for disaster relief.  

The series on Amazon 
The Vampires Next Door Book 1
The Monster Upstairs Book 2

Winter Thrillz (includes page reads as part of KU)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Serenity by Craig A Hart

A bit cliche but still entertaining!

My Review: 
Shelby is a retired divorced gentleman involved with a much younger woman. I really disliked his daughter. She was far too whiny but I liked Shelby OK. He finds himself involved in a mystery.

There is a good bit of suspense in the story, enough to keep me entertained. The author builds character and the relationships of those characters. The pace is steady, building as the plot comes to finality.

One of my favorite characters is Shelby's girlfriend. Loved her! I could see this being a very successful series based on the characters alone!


A Field of Red by Greg Enslen

The jury's still out on this one.

My Review:
This book had a slower pace. Frank is an ex-cop who specialized in missing children yet he refuses tvbvo assist in a local case when girl's start disappearing. He's an alcoholic who'd rather have his lips to a bottle than help.

I didn't like Frank much. He seemed pretty worthless to me, eventually he helps. I hope that's not a spoiler but I think any reader who starts the story will figure that out on their own.
The mystery in the story was solid and kept me listening. There's sufficient suspense most of the way through.

The plot stalls at times but is easy to follow. It's a decent book and those who love cozy mystery will most likely enjoy the story.


Death by Honeymoon by Jaden Skye

Started slow but got better!

My Review:
The first chapters dragged on and on. They weren't too exciting but there was enough mystery I didn't quit. Glad I didn't the story gets very intriguing.

Cindy marries Clint, the man of her dreams and they honeymoon in Barbados. He turns up dead. For weeks she's depressed and falls in on herself. Her sister comes to visit ad takes care of her until she's injured when the brakes in Cindy's car fail.

After that is where it gets good. Clint's family is horrible and treat Cindy as though she's guilty of something. But more people associated with Clint and his company begin dying which sends Cindy packing and back to Barbados.

Once there the plot thickens and she's in peril yet doesn't back down and the story takes on a faster pace.

All and all an entertaining mystery!


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Prison of the Past is out!

Released Tuesday I'm a bit late in announcing this. My apologies. 

The final book is complete with all the suspense and excitement of the other books. Cleo wraps up loose ends and discovers more about herself in the process and finds a couple accomplices that join her in the final journey.

All the other books in the series are .99 right now!
The entire series on Amazon!

All the books are available at iTunes, Kobo and Nook.

Friday, September 1, 2017

How do you buy your books?

Serious question, how do you buy books?

As of the past couple years I've gone almost exclusively to audiobooks. My writing time as an author eats up any time I might have used for paperbacks and ebooks. This year I've currently released 4 books with another, a Gothic horror, to be released in November and hopefully the final book in the Zombie Girl trilogy. All that doesn't equal much time to read, so I listen to audios while I'm driving and at night, instead of TV.

Taking all that into consideration and the fact that audible has increased audio upgrade (whispersync) prices I've gone to downloading free books and upgrading to audio.

First, I don't agree with the sudden increase in audio upgrades. They were $1.99 and $2.99 now they are $7.49. This effects me as a reader and an author. As a reader I download the free kindle. If the audio upgrade is still priced at $1.99 I upgrade. If it's at $7.49 I wait. It's discouraging. In the past, I'd pay for a kindle now I go with only free. As an author I hate it even more.

So I should love it, more money per book but that's not the case and I've voiced my opinion to audible. I'd much prefer at the very least that a customer could download the audio upgrade for the first book in the series for $1.99 or $2.99. My request wasn't ignored but I was told we have no control and will pass this along. For future audiobooks I'm considering other options and probably won't use ACX again. It's not just their unreasonable pricing terms but the lack of revenue when my audiobooks sell. Believe it or not I get roughly 20% from the entire sale.

Readers don't necessarily know that but what you pay for doesn't all go to the author and narrator. Everyone else gets paid first then the author and narrator so they bank very little. I've had statements selling hundreds of dollars in audio and received so little of it that I couldn't even buy a tank of gasoline.

I'm looking at my options as an author. As a reader I refuse to subscribe and pay monthly fees anywhere. It goes against my grain for someone to take money from my account. I prefer having full control over my bank accounts. That has a lot to do with my sordid past. I pay, no credit. That's me.

What I do now is grab free kindle books that have the audio upgrade. Audible can price what they want when they want. I get the freebie and upgrade when I'm ready to read it. I'm subscribed to several ebook newsletters. I truly hate this because I want my money to pay the author and narrator not all the middle men (there's quite a few). 

What to do? As an author I'm done with ACX and looking at my options. As a reader I wish more books were available on MP3. This all needs to change. If you're an audio reader don't hesitate to contact Audible/ACX if that's who you use and voice your opinion. It will take thousands if not millions for them to make any changes. In the mean time authors are hurt, their minute sales after all the middlemen drop even more  and you're paying more money.

So how do you buy your books?

My Amazon page

Deadlocked by A.R. Wise

The cover may not look like much but looks can be deceiving. Great story!

My Review:

Another action packed, suspense laden listen. David's an average guy at work when he see's a gruesome sight on the news. Children on a school bus eating other children. Horrified he and his co-workers check out early.There's more backstory given about the break out and illness infecting everyone.

All he wants to do is get home to his wife and girls but the odds are against him. One terrifying moment after the next it seems he will perish. Luck isn't with him and fights tooth and nail. Hes an office guy gone zombie vigilante to get home to his family. As unrealistic as that seems I think under the circumstances most people would find the strength to accomplish heroic acts.

The plot is simple, the story progresses quickly and as a bonus the first couple chapters of the second book are available at the end. Even I cringed throughout this story and I really enjoyed the little things the author thought of and put into this.

Infected Freaks by Jason Borrego

Plenty of science and horror!

My Review:

All kinds of good stuff here! Red Dead plummeted to Earth sending it into chaos and a new civil war has sprouted. Abraham feels somewhat safe isolated with most of his family in the mountains of Colorado. Two of his grown children left and he makes a weekly radio call at a local abandoned place in hopes they'll hear and find him. It's one of those missions that sparks the story.

This author uses a real illness caused by a fungus that infects insects to make zombies out of. Who knows it could happen. I loved the science. The zombies are ruthless and come out at night. The red sky caused by Red Dead feeds them energy in the late hours when they come out of their hiding places.

This is a clever story chalk full of action and suspense. Not a single dull moment as Abraham and company fight off the evil, disgusting zombies as they try and make it back to the mountain home.


Rest Haven by Erik Therme

Spooky young adult thriller!

My Review:

Great story that kept me hooked from start to finish! Kaylee's mom forces her to hang out with a group of other kids. She's more of a homebody and prefers safe activities but that's not on the order for this night. She's invited to a scavenger hunt in a closed retirement home while there she faces all types of horrors.

One of the girls is a real piece of work and they get into an argument the next thing the mean girl is gone and all the others including Kaylee are locked into the retirement. All the doors are boarded and there's no way out. They get separated at various points, chased by a stray dog, a creepy old man and Kaylee finds a boy she tricks into coming with her. It's important to her that she get him out.

Banter between the kids is realistic and so are their ideas and actions making them dimensional. There's enough creepy stuff to make this story a real nail-biter. The story moves quickly. I loved that, one moment to the next the story kept moving and intensifying. I was a little disappointed when it ended.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Wendigo Fever by Kevin Hardman

Not what I expected and pleasantly so. 

My Review:

This is a fantasy/horror in my opinion and a short listen. The main character Errol is brother of the Warden and the man who keeps the land safe from horrible creatures. When his brother disappears and the people have problems that need assistance he rises to the occasion. He helps those in peril and also seeks his brother.

What he finds is gruesome, more gruesome than the zombie and revanant, a wendigo. He has to find a way to destroy it even though they can't be killed. By his side is a young lady who insisted on joining him. Together they make a cute team.

There are equal helpings of horror, gore and mystery. The characters are lively and the world building is amazing! I'm definitely checking out the next book in the series.


Asylum by Ambrose Ibsen

Great! What might happen in a closed down asylum that has past reports of experiments on patients? Many writer's have tried this and not as successfully. 

My Review:

I really enjoy this author"s work. His stories are one of a kind and have the perfect mix of scary, creepy, mystery and suspense. 

In this story we meet an adjunct professor who isn't pleased with his life and dismayed by the low pay of his job, teaching only one class. A student makes a proposal to him. She wants him to be the supporting teacher behind a ghost hunting club. He agrees because a nice bonus comes with it.

It doesn't take long and they're knee deep in a mystery surrounding an asylum. With the owner's permission they set out and explore the empty building. I won't give away anymore but let your imagination go wild.

The characters are as intense as the situations. The plot is deep and the overall story is compelling.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Scraps of Paper by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Cute story!

Cozy mystery isn't my normal genre but this book was a nice break. Abigail moves to a small town and into a house where the previous residents disappeared. She finds notes from the daughter tucked into the strangest places. I liked the uniqueness and idea of finding those and thought about what I would do in that situation.Abigail sets out to solving the mystery of what happened to the former residents of the home. I probably would have done the same thing out of curiosity.

As she sets about solving this mystery she runs into some very interesting characters. They are full and vibrant. I especially liked Myrtle and eccentric older woman filled with surprises.There's some suspense but it's really mellow. I was waiting for something a bit more extreme and it never happened. The flow of the story is easy to follow and lighthearted.

For anyone who really enjoys the "Murder She Wrote" type of fiction this book falls right into that category.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Apocalypse Underwater City by Chrissy Peebles

It has a lot of potential.

My Review:
This is a new author to me and I have very mixed feeling if I'll check out anymore of her books. I enjoyed the author's style and the story. I'm the reader that enjoys YA because of the angsty teenage moments because they make a YA book realistic. Said honestly that's from my many years teaching secondary students. This story nails teenage drama.

The world is thrust into disorder and death when a huge asteroid strikes the surface. Fortunately for Sky her grandparents were on top of that and with investors built an underwater city for the survivors to live in until the surface recovered. Sky is a very  normal teenage girl. She bucks rules and authority and does what she wants. Her best friend isn't so rebellious and more of a follower.

I purchased this book without checking to see who the narrator was. Huge mistake. Elizabeth Meadows is my least favorite of any narrator I've heard. That's my fault for not checking. I did learn she sounds better when I increase the speed. 

A huge issue I had with the story is that it just abruptly stops. No cliffhanger, nothing solved. It simply stops after a major event. Nothing is solved in the book only introduced. It's like the first 8 chapters of a larger text that was cut. The characters and situation are introduced and that's it. There's no real purpose. If it wasn't for that its a fun story but that ruined it for me.


One Wish Away by Ingrid Seymour

I'm hoping my luck doesn't run out. The the third awesome book in a row I've listened to!

My Review:
If you had three wishes what would you do? Lots of possibilities there but don't forget the rules. Muriel is raised by her grandfather after her mother passes and father turns to alcohol. Grand dad owns a nursery and has spent her life time telling her stories about the djinn. She thinks its all a load of bull until grand dad passes then it all becomes very real.

I loved the authors voice. The story had a nice flow. A few parts weren't as easy to follow as others but the plot was unique and the characters vivid. It was a refreshing read like an ice cold drink on a hot summer day.

Lisa Angelini was really impressive. Her voice not only fit the character but made the story come alive.

This is a fast paced, character driven paranormal that is truly enjoyable.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Ghost and the Graveyard by Genevieve Jack

Loved it! I was laughing from page one.

My Review:
This is the first time I've read or listened to any of this authors stories and will not be the last. This book had me rolling in laughter. Grateful is a young woman with bad taste and luck with men. The last boyfriend somehow drove her into deep debt so she moves into an old house of her dad's, something he inherited. The rent is free but with that is a catch.The back yard is a graveyard!

Almost immediately she meets Rick the caretaker who is hunky and lives next door.She also meets a couple of ghosts living in her house. Logan, one of the ghosts is hot and a great cook who makes her morning coffee. There's also a locked room in the house. Grateful grows more curious about the room and the tidbits she'd getting from Rick and the ghosts who coincidentally don't necessarily like each other so she pursues the mystery which leads to secrets about herself.

I absolutely loved the author's voice. She adds little antidotes that made the story memorable. I'm not a fan at all of romance but the humor, coupled with the mystery and paranormal had me glued. I started it in the car on my way to work and was so involved I continued listening while I worked. I couldn't put it down. The narrator was perfect for the character. Her voice was also clear and she used excellent pacing and inflection. 

Through and through a wonderful, hilarious story!


Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Secret of Mirror House by Jennifer Blake

I absolutely enjoyed this one! It's going in my memory as a favorite read.

My Review:
Amelia has just received notice of her father's death and an invite to stay in his creepy house. She doesn't know it's creepy until she gets there and it so much the house as the residents, her cousins, that are strange and eccentric. She discovers secrets about her father's past and is pushed by her cousins to marry one of them. That was a bit strange but the book is set in horse and buggy days so maybe not so much then.

There's plenty of suspense to keep me listening intently. I listened to most of it in one setting. The author drew me in with her descriptions of the old house and pacing. She never gave away too much at a time and she painted vibrant characters through dialogue and actions. The only think I really didn't like was her use of the most obscure adverbs, sometimes a couple per sentence. 

The narrator was awesome! I loved her voice and how she varied her inflection. She was also great with voices!

A fun listen!


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

It Began by Max Lockwood

A post apocalyptic novel. 

My Review:
It Began is a cautionary tale. Clara is a teacher. A career that leaves her unfulfilled but it pays the bills and supports her family. At home she provides for her grandmother whose mind is slipping and her sister Tessa. Her sister has visions or a heavy sixth sense that predicts the future. Clara and everyone mostly consider her insane. When an EMP strikes and takes out electricity it changes their lives. All the conveniences used in the characters daily lives is gone and food is in high need.

The story wasn't as suspenseful as I was hoping but was an interesting story. The pace is very slow. There wasn't much solved in this segment except the showing of how Clara and the town she lives in deals with everything. There is a bit of mystery surrounding Tessa and a few spots where delinquent behavior is displayed. I tend to think people would act far more rashly than the book paints but these people are pretty mild. There was a couple other things that didn't add up either but I don't give away any spoilers.

It's a decent listen.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sisters Arcana by Ken Janssens

Great audiobook for the family!

My Review:
This story is perfect for a family vacation travelling by car. The plot and characters are entertaining. I wasn't fond of the narrator as many times she sounded mechanical but did get better with the progression of the story.

Nova is a young lady with a wild imagination and when Sammy goes missing she takes on the act of figuring out what happened and is encountered by a plethora of problems that prevent her from solving the mystery, including her sister Rowan. Rowan is a typical teen whose main concern in life is Mitchell the boy she has a massive crush on. When he goes missing to she jumps into action becoming her sister's accomplice. 

There's plenty of action and suspense along with aliens and other strange characters to keep the story moving along.


Anthem by Ayn Rand

As I attempt to broaden my literary horizons I find myself listening to more classics.

My Review:
I wasn't fond of the story. It was written in more of a prose than story, repeating the same phrases so many times it drove me nuts. On the other hand this book was written decades ago and literature and what defines a good book has changed. Keeping that in mind the book wasn't horrible, it just didn't keep me at the edge of my seat.

There really wasn't a central character, more a narrator describing the world's various groups, named by number  Each group has various characteristics that make them stand out and they're all evil. Not really, but the story repeated how they were considered evil. One group in particular stands out as larger, smarter and more adaptable than the rest.

It's a very surreal story and I begged for a character to root for but there wasn't. If you enjoy classic fiction or just want to widen your literary horizons than it's worth listening.

I lost my desire to interpret literature after college so I'm not the one to tell you the deep meaning behind this story, although, I'm positive there is one.