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Saturday, December 30, 2017

And the price goes up!

You heard it the price is going up but not until January 1st. What price you ask? the price on Scarlett ebook.

I released it at a lesser price to give everyone a chance, especially at the holidays while we're running around spending money on Christmas gifts. I can't keep it at such a low price. With any story there's a lot of work that goes into it. 

I want to give you a day or two notice so you can snag a copy before it goes up.

The price will go up to 4.99 where it will stay. 

His legs long, he coasted beside me soon and I bumped against him. He caught my arm and pulled me backwards, gaining the lead. I purposely led him away from the staircase and reached the first step when he realized I tricked him.
“I’m soo going to get you. You sneaky, manipulative girl,” he said with a smile as he rushed towards me. I wasted no time in scurrying up the steps. My heart pounding from the excitement. A giant dollhouse similar to the house sat in the opposite side of the rectangle room. Shelves of dolls lined the walls and a small wooden rocking chair made for a child took residence in the middle of the room, facing a window. The bench beneath the window was covered with fluffy padding, bleached by the sun.
“This is a little girl’s heaven,” Raury said as he stopped beside me, his eyes as wide as mine.
Was this all Shari’s? Drawn to the dollhouse, I peeked through the windows. All the furnishings were mirrored to those in the house. Chills traced my spine even after all the weirdness I knew existed.
“Look at this,” he said with the lid top of the bench open.
“What?” I padded towards him. Inside the chest was a box and more dolls, some made of cornhusks and handkerchiefs. Inside the box were paper dolls. The ones I always saw Shari playing with. We dug further into the chest and endless assortment of toys; a cup and ball, a bag of marbles and wooden building blocks. The further I dug the more creeped out I felt. It was a feeling of dread like none other I’d felt.
I backed away, noting that no dust covered anything in the room, as if it was cleaned daily. The dolls and toys were neat, unlike what a child’s room would really look like. The magic of the house was stuck in a time warp in the room. I continued backing away until I reached the steps. “We shouldn’t be here.” I darted down the steps without looking back until I reached the first floor grand living room. The familiar peace I always felt settled on me and I relaxed. My quickened pulse returned to normal.
A hand touched my shoulder and I jumped.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” asked Raury, sincerity and concern flashing in his brown eyes.
“I think we should leave. We weren’t meant to be there.” His punched lips and scrunched brows displayed his confusion. No doubt he didn’t have a sixth sense like I did, but other things about the room had to ring bells in his head. “Look at the dust and cobwebs around you. That room was clean, sparkling clean as if...” my words hung in the air.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Vanishing Twins

It's almost always necessary to research something when writing a book. Scarlett took me into some very interesting research and I delved a little beyond it into the unknown. Scarlett has heterochromia or different colored eyes. One is amber the other green. Hetero meaning different and chrom meaning color.

This is a real condition and can happen for a variety of reasons which are generally genetic. In Scarlett's case its caused by having a vanishing twin. So what is a vanishing twin?

A vanishing twin is a twin that dies in the womb because of a miscarriage and the other twin absorbs the fetal tissue. This was first discovered sometime in the mid twentieth century. Scarlett's story begins in 1961 when she's five. There wasn't much known about it at the time. Recent research and studies disclose much more than would have been known then.

When the surviving twin absorbs the other gets a mix of DNA which can cause heterochromia. In Scarlett's case having a vanishing twins is genetic. Now if its truly genetic I'm not positive. I didn't find anything to back that up but I think its completely plausible; having twins can be genetic and discrepancies in reading DNA, producing proteins and much more can all be passed from parent to offspring. If research in the area continues we may find that in some cases vanishing twins is genetic.

In most cases a twin miscarries in the womb because of a defect and the mother rarely notices until she goes back to the doctor and suddenly has one baby instead of two.

I added a mystical paranormal twist to vanishing twin syndrome in which Scarlett's twin whom she absorbed is still hanging around in ghost form. He ages with her and if she becomes pregnant his spirit can enter the baby.

Scarlett aware of her twin, visits a metaphysical store and purchases a book and other materials to keep ghosts away. The book also contains other information about vanishing twins in the spiritual realm. Of course this stuff is completely fictional.

If you'd like to read about vanishing twin ghost experiences click the link:

Mid-way through the story Scarlett is nick-named Chimera and aptly so. She has different colored eyes and two sets of DNA -- her vanished twins and her own.

More research:

Those are most of the websites I used to dig up research. What is most interesting to me is that I did the research after I wrote the pages in the book. That's not unusual for me though. All the astrology in the Ruthless Storm Trilogy was done at the end of each book not before. It gives me chills and I firmly believe the characters created have energy.

Scarlett releases 11/12 and will be .99 until 11/19.

Mother May I: Knight Games Book 4 by Genevieve Jack

It's hard to finish such a great, addicting series. No doubt I'll listen to it again. The final book kept me stuck like superglue!

My Review:
This series became an addiction from page one of the first book. In the last segment Grateful Knight faces a new threat, one that may see the end to her and with Rick void of his memories and magic things can't get much worse. But they do when the goblins nearly kill her. The threat on her life takes her and gang on an epic journey and battle.

Of course I can't say what happens but it's possibly the best story in the series. The suspense mounts and the odds don't look favorable as Grateful fights for love. I adore this authors style. She adds the right amount of comedy, suspense and mystery. She breaths life into the characters and twists into the plot. 

The narrator is also amazing. She gives the right amount of everything to the story. I'm sad the story its over but positive I'll listen to again. 


The Red Tower Part Two: Infected Freaks by Jason Boreggo

I've enjoyed this series from the start. It's a fantastic zombie series!

My Review:

I have read this entire series and loved it. The suspense and gore kept me pushing for more. The final book ends Abraham's journey to find his family. He is a man with a will to live and drive to find his family. He faces one horror after the next. It feels his battle is fruitless. There is no shining light in his future as he meets one obstruction after the next. I can't say he finds the silver lining or give away any details of this final segmant.

From the beginning I loved how this fictional story is based on an actual disease that affects bugs. It isn't a far cry for a fungus or any organism to evolve. The possibility is a suspense builder alone than add this authors writing and it had me intrigued and trapped. I had to keep reading.

The red tower is far more terrifying than Abraham could have expected and the authors hand, words and imagination bring this story to life.


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Stop Cancelling My Shows!

Over the month I've been binge watching Netflix. 

My obsession began with The 100. I felt empty after watching the last episode of season 4 and hungered for more. After a quick google search I realized it'll be back in 2018 for a fifth season. I let out a huge sigh. The anticipation is eating away at me but I get to watch it because there will be another season.

Bored one day I found another series, Dark Matter. I didn't really know what to expect so watched out of curiosity. I quickly became addicted. The thrird season ends with a huge cliffhanger. My google results slapped me in the face when I read the show has been cancelled and for no apparant reason by SyFy. It has a dedicated fan base and great ratings. 

I was crushed, completely. Smashed like a tin can. I even signed the petition and have done some tweeting. This is a great series! I signed the petition. This is a show I'd like to see continue. If you feel the same as me click here to sign the petition.

In typing this blog post I found there is a slight possibility there may be a Dark Matter season 4. Read about it here. I feel like I'm a part of that as I signed the petition proudly and have done some tweeting. I'll be tweeting more. Check out @DarkmatterFTL

With that disappointment I again searched Netflix and found Bitten. Ok, I figured it has at least 3 seasons so I'll give it a try. I'm into season 3 now and decided to google it before it I get to the last episode. Guess what I found? You guessed it Bitten was cancelled for no aparant reason even though it had great ratings and fan base.

I found a few petitions but they were all closed. I'm extremely dissappointed. Bitten is again a great show complete with paranormal elements. It's based off Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong. Of course I can always read the books but I know books and shows are never really alike.

Interested in making waves on Twitter try hashtag #Bitten.

So why am I fighting for all this? That answer is simple I like great shows and will watch them start to finish. Here's my list of favorites. Ghost Whisperer, True Blood, Dexter, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Wicked City. I even spent the money to buy some of them on DVD so I can watch anytime I'm in the mood. It also doesn't make sense to me why they'd want to cancel shows with great ratings. It makes no sense.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Night Society by Ambrose Ibsen

This duo is phenomenal! 


It would be hard for this author/narrator combo not to be excellent because they are like peanut butter and chocolate! 

The night society is made of three guys who are losers. They work menial jobs with no ambitions to do anything more with their lives. Bored they come up with the night society where they meet in a creepy, abaondoned old house and show and tell scary stuff. One of them brings in a recording he found online that sounds like an actual murder. As the story progresses all the men start hearing and seeing things.

Yes this book is creepy and one that might make your skin crawl but that's what's so awesome about it. The author has a way with buiding suspense and writing horror scenes that are actually scary. The narrator has the perfect pacing for the story and is always a pleasure to listen to.

This is another great one!


Warlock for Hire by Sean Stone

Original and lots of fun!

Sen is a witch in a dying town founded by her ancestors because it sits atop a magic vortex. She's an out of practice witch who is annoyed by her spunky aunt. She works at the newspaper but rarely is there and is engaged to the current mayor and long time boyfriend. Her family is having a grand opening to their hotel as they're trying to bring income to the dying town. When someone dies the day of the grand opening things get a little sticky.

Her ornary aunt was really my favorite character and the only one who seemed to have a handle on things. I also enjoyed the ghost grandmother, neat twist. Overall the book is fun and light. It's something that can be listenened to with someone any age. The narrator's voice didn't quite cut it for me. She was too airy sounding. 

Overall it's a cute story. Not at all a bad choice for a family road trip.


Witch You Well by Colleen Gross

Fun, light-hearted mystery!

Sen is a witch in a dying town founded by her ancestors because it sits atop a magic vortex. She's an out of practice witch who is annoyed by her spunky aunt. She works at the newspaper but rarely is there and is engaged to the current mayor and long time boyfriend. Her family is having a grand opening to their hotel as they're trying to bring income to the dying town. When someone dies the day of the grand opening things get a little sticky.

Her ornary aunt was really my favorite character and the only one who seemed to have a handle on things. I also enjoyed the ghost grandmother, neat twist. Overall the book is fun and light. It's something that can be listenened to with someone any age. The narrator's voice didn't quite cut it for me. She was too airy sounding. 

Overall it's a cute story. Not at all a bad choice for a family road trip.


The Hidden by Ethan Sandlow

Good story and especially loved the ending.

Amanda helps out at the local soup kitchen. She lives alone with her cat and otherwise seems to have a very boring existence until she meets a Lycan that changes everything. She's an empath and there's people after her. The Lycan takes it on himself to help her escape the madness and get away safely but around every turn is danger until the very end.

The story wasn't quite complete to me but then again it's a series. Maybe more light on why or who is chasing her. The action is great and the book is safe for any ages. The suspense factor is medium, not edge of the seat but curiosity piquing. I thought the end was cute, although, I'd expected it for quite some time. Either way it was still fun.

A good story.


Grayson Manor Haunting by Cheryl Bradshaw

Excellent audio, excellent story!

Loved it! All the important elements were present! Suspense, mystery, great characters and p!of. Addison inherits a house when her mother dies. A house she never knew existed. She hires Jake to renovate it for her. They become close are the story progresses. Addison starts seeing things like when she was a child. Visions of the past and future. She and Jake find a hidden room and dress with blood stains.

There's plenty suspense and plot twists. The story moves quickly and is exciting start to finish!


The Dwelling by Thomas S. Flowers

This book was great until it ended. The author has a talent for writing freaky scenes. Freaky enough they made my skin crawl.


I loved this authors writing. He does creepy, scary well. What I wasn't so sure about is the plot. John lost his Levin the war while he watched his best friend Ricky die before his eyes, powerless to stop him. Jake is a priest who watched a soldier die in front of him and Maggie is Ricky's widow. John and Jake see ghost soldiers. Maggie is distraught. Together they were the self proclaimed suicide squad. Then there's the house. It has a history of death through various eras. 

It wasn't explained how the characters, suicide squad and house fit together and the story ends abruptly. I love cliffhangers but this isn't a cliffhanger. It's an incomplete story. If the author had included a couple extra chapters tying everything together I'd probably be giving this book 5 stars.

My advice is to buy book 2 and read one after the next. I'm assuming/hoping how they're tied is in book 2.


Sweet Karoline by Catherine Astolfo

Creepy and clever!

The story begins and Anne confesses to herself that she killed her friend. The story is her retelling of her life after the death of Karoline. The women had been friends since they were kids. They come from affluent homes and live together in L.A. At some point they drift away before Karoline is murdered.Later revealed maybe Karoline isn't who everybody thought.

Anne is deeply depressed and doesn't know who she is or how to live without Karoline. Piece by piece what really happened is revealed through memorey fragments and vivid details. There are plenty of plot twists and crazy unexepected turns of events. Fantastic!


Dracula by Bram Stoker

Working on my collection of great classics I found this at a great bargain and since I love this kind of stuff I had to buy it.


I've seen the movies, old and new but never ever read the book. Now that I have its so much better than any movie. In this version I loved the narators. The story is creepy enough on its own but with their voices, pacing and accents they nailed it!


What the Dead Fear by Lea Ryan

I totally loved this and the idea of a story from a dead person's view point. A bit morbid maybe but excellent!


This story was really refreshing. The author has a way with words that paints a picture. The story had an easy flow and my only disapointment was that it ended.

Juniper is dead and landed in limbo where she quickly meets Cricket, a little girl. She also quickly meets the caretaker. After a trip to the living during the day which is against the rules she gets locked away. I won't give away anymore.

The story is short yet powerful and dark.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Queen of the Hill by Genevieve Jack


My Review:
Its always harder for me to continue reviews with books further in the series. This series started out as one I completely enjoyed and still do. The characters are fun, the storyline is suspenseful and the plot is growing deeper.

I hate to give away anything because you need to listen or read yourself but Grateful is given an ultimatum by a witch, her spiritual sister, that she has to give up the graveyard. She can't do that. Logan gets involved with the wrong person and puts Grateful on nonspeaking terms. To top everything off Rick leaves hr at the altar. I've said enough.

I love this series and can't wait to listen to the next book!


Fight Like a Man by L.L. Akers

Excitement, Suspense and Action

My Review:
The story starts out with Grayson being rather passive. He's home alone as his wife and her sisters took a trip to the beach and his daughter is away at college. Its just him and the dog when the electricity goes out. Now he's a bit prepared as he's spent a couple years putting away food and supllies for such an event.

The story follows Grayson, his wife and sisters and daugter as they work to reunite. Each meets aadventures and calamities of their own. Its pretty realistic and exciting all the way. When they get out of one pickle there's another to take its place. 

The characters are three dimensional and the story is nicely put together and flows smoothly.

Excitement, suspense and action filled!


Deadlocked 3 by A.R. Wise

A little bit slower pace but liked the character.

My Review:
This is an action packed zombie thriller. This segment is as angsty as volume 2. That's a good thing. This book follows Billy and introduces some new characters. He's on a search for his mother. Little more is learned about what caused the zombie apocalypse but breadcrumbs are dropped.

The excitement and action true to this series is non stop as Billy goes into the city leaving the family he recently met behind. I hate to give anything away but this is the best in the series yet.


The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

An absolutely delightful ghost story!

My Review:
A ghost story and so delightfuly unique. The Canterville Ghost has been haunting successfully for hundreds of years and is more than proud of his scares. He even relishes and shares many of them in the story as he ponders why he can't seem to scare the current family. They are completely unscarable. He doesn't give up even after they throw pillows at him and other things. He is determined.

The inability of this ghost to haunt the family is ridiculous. The situations had me rolling in laughter and in some respects feeling bad for this ghost. The story is short and flows at a quick pace.



Mistress of Death

Mistress of Death may be strong language but it's a title that describes my thriller/horror books well. Today I'm celebrating the release of Scarlett, Book 1 in the Evan's Girls series.
The writing that comes easiest to me is dark, demented and terrifying. Scarlett is a girl who under other circumstances might be quite normal. She seeks that balance anyways but life has something else in store for her. She is surrounded by death. It follows her and yes many people die.

At one point in the story she goes to Mystics and Broomsticks a metaphysical store and buys mateials to protect her from malicious spirits. I guess I forgot to mention not only do lots of people die but she see's spirits. She buys a bracelet made with a dark stone. It isn't specified in the book but my research led me to magnetite. 

This doesn't end the drama in her life because it only wards off evil spirits, not evil people and her life is filled with them. Scarlett faces more than her fair share of weirdo's , one after another, while she fights for normalcy. At some point she just accepts the strange and wicked but not after her most terrifying ordeal.

Reading the reviews I'm a proud Mama. There are two points they all agree on. 1. The book is seriously twisted. 2. There are some very high points and really low points. I encourange you to read them. Click here.

The best news is the book will remain .99 for the first few days of its release!
My Store

Monday, October 16, 2017

Infected Freaks Volume 3 by Jason Borrego

You can't call yourself a zombie book whore until you read this series!

My Review:

I'm really enjoying this series. I listen to a ton of books and find a lot of authors in varying parts of their career and I have to say this series should be a best seller in place of half the horible books on those lists. This story has all the elements of greatness.

The author is talented. The story is captivating, full of action, suspenseful -- as full bodied as freshly brewed quality coffee. I'm attached to the characters and cringe most of the way through the book as they manage through obstacles that threaten their lives. I also am really into how the story is based loosely on an actual fungal disease that affects bugs.

Onto book 4!


Hollow's End by Marianne Morea

After the last couple books I  listened to that you find on my blog this book fit the bill! It is wonderful.

My Review:

This book was refreshing. I love a great YA story and this one was just right for my mood. Rowen is a witch from a line of witches and pretty much a normal wall flower type kid. She has her best friend and would rather a night at home than a football game. When she starts dating a popular football jock that starts to change and she finds herself having fun doing activities she never would have done.

There's layers to this story and not as simple as my previous paragraph. Rowen's been having nightmares and strange visions which grow in the presence of Hunter (hunky jock boyfriend). Once they figure it out the plot thickens. The characters are fun, believable and three dimensional. The plot grows steady with plenty of surprises and twists.

To make this story even creepier it takes place and is loosely based on Sleepy Hollow and its past. That's all explained at the end. Overall, a fabulous story that I'm positive I'll listen to again.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Forest by Ambrose Ibsen

Love this author/narrator combination

My Review:

This series grabbed my attention from the start, actuallt the narrator/author combination grabbed my attention from the start. In this series there's this rather pathetic college adjunct professor who's unfullfilled in life until he gets involved with a paranormal group on campus. His life changes drastically.

Some new characters are added and a secret about an original character is revealed. It's a good one too and has me edging for the next book. He's seeking and exploring this strange being encountered in the first book and more is revealed along with its possible motive and the crazy doctors motive. The characters are full and interesting. The story is intense and suspenseful. The plot continues to thicken and draw me in.



Deadman on Campus by E.M. Kaplan

As soon as I started listening I recognized the unforgettable character.

My Review:

I recognized the character as soon as I started listening but not the authors name. Years ago I read one of her Josie Tucker mysteries. They're fun, light-hearted and entertaining. Josie is a blogger with a food obsession and a penchant for solving mysteries. She's brought in to solve a mystery on a college campus as a student. 

Josie is a memorable character and a spit fire.Her life and mind revolve around food which oddly enough it what helps her solve the mystery. While posing as a student she meets a variety of students who add a colorful array to the cast. The story is fast paced and an easy listen that kept me laughing.


Jason Boreggo's Infected Freaks Volume 2

Absolutely enjoying this thrilling series!

My Review:
I'm absolutely enjoying this series! The main character an older man with heart problems will do anything to save his family. In this segment they're heading to Denver but run into a little problem with the low lives of humanity. 

The granddaughter learns her hearing aids give her an edge. I really like her character. She's tough yet girlie and pretty clever. She is easily my favorite. The suspense factor in this series is off the chain! The plot is unique with humans becoming infected from a fungus, one that really exits mind you, and becoming zombies hungry for a delicious human meal. The action is start to finish and keeps me on the edge of my seat.

The books are short which I love because I don't have to pit the story down for mundane activities like cooking yet when the story ends I want more!

Onto the next book.


Deadlocked 2 A.R. wise

Another zomnie series definitely worth checking out!

My Review:

I adored the first book in the series and love how the author is writing a different character each book as the story progresses but I wasn't fond of this book and truly dislike the character.

She's whiney one second than kicking butt the next. On her last leg she's fighting zombies and making some horribly stupid choices. I almost inclined to say but I won't spoil it. The action is non stop and the descriptions are vivid and not for those with a weak stomach. I'm interested in the character in book 3 because I already like him so I wil move on and listen to it.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Something Wicked Comes This Way Giveaway!

It's the season for thrillers and horror. It's also the season for my latest release, Scarlett.

You can get Part 1 of Scarlett, The Purple Mask along with many other books here for free by entering the giveaway. Click here.

Scarlett is the first book in the Evan's Girls series spawned from the Ruthless Storm Trilogy. Scarlett is an egnimatic character introduced in Volume 2 and throughout Volume 3 its hard to decipher her motives. Her story reveals all.

She leads an interesting life. Read the blurb:

I was Evan O’Conner’s first victim. Nov. 5, 1954, at 7:01 p.m. I entered the world, unwanted and uncherished. My mother was raped at 15 by Evan’s grandfather. Distraught and full of hate. A hate I now understand. She gave me up and I spent my tender years in foster care.

At age 17, I met my biological sister, Philmonia, born from the same father. Young and na├»ve I thought I’d finally found family. She was married to a wealthy man, Evan O’Conner Sr. They promised me a fairy tale life. I swooned and fell into their trap. My princess life was stopped short and became my prison.

They perpetrated unspeakable crimes against me. The worst was inseminating me with the sperm that gave life to a monster that grew inside me. I tried to abort the fetus but he clung to my uterus like a leech. The demonic seed grew and grew inside my womb for nine months. The monster’s fingers clawed against my insides. His feet kicked against my bladder and his soul ate at my heart, turning it black with hate. The little demon ball of cells clung inside me, refusing my wishes until he was ready. He was in control even then. My hate deepened each day for the devil inside me.

A child created by lust and scientific experimentation developed into a monster so cruel, so vile he’ll never be forgotten.

When my contractions started I pushed with everything I had to force him out of me. Finally I shed the little beast. My sister and her husband took the screaming, bald creature and held him with amazement while I shivered in relief. The little beast became the most renowned serial killer in history – The Hurricane Killer.

My name is Scarlett Jones and this is my story.

That's only a brief description. Scarlett is a deep person with talents and secrets she only reveals in her story.

I have to thank the fans and readers of the Ruthless Storm Trilogy for their insistance in writing these girls stories because they need to be heard.

It isn't necessary to read the trilogy first before starting the new series but you may want to.

Amazon - all three books
They can also be found at Kobo, Nook, iTunes and are available in Audio.