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Friday, December 5, 2014

A fight for survival and answers

Cleo's story is a fight for survival and the answers that have plagued her life from the beginning.

Her existence has been one of mystery. As an adult now she seeks the answers. Her entire existence is wrapped around the why and the who.

From a 12 year old child alone and struggling to survive in Baby Girl Book 1 to a teen living the high life in Book 2 swaddled in the warmth of Didier and Sam's protection. Now in Book 3 the answers are clicking and her focus waivers only slightly as she begins to put the puzzle pieces in place. The pieces take her on another adventure Book 4- coming in January. Will the puzzle be complete?

Catch up now and be ready to read Baby Girl Book 4 Bite the Big Apple in January.

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Baby Girl 1 Amazon.co.uk

Baby Girl 2 Amazon.co.uk- Free!

Baby Girl 3 Amazon.co.uk

Today is the final day Baby Girl 2 is free!

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