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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Deadlight by Michael Smart

My review for Deadlight, Michael Smart's new release, is here! Buckle up and get ready to cruise the Caribbean. 

My review:

Deadlight by Michael Smart is the third book in a mystery series taking place in Bequia of the Grenadine Islands. The protagonist, Mike, or called more commonly in the book, “Commishhunah” is soon to be out of employment as elections are around the corner. He contemplates his life in Bequia and where he will go next while fighting crime and cartels.

In many ways Deadlight reminded me of the Jessie Stone series with an older still attractive Tom Selleck type fighting small town crime that isn’t so “small town”. He has no problems finding an attractive woman, Melanie, only problems in settling down. The life style of Bequia seems to move on its own time at its own pace. Mike does his best to stay one step ahead while manning the police force and the community together. He is well liked, respected, and appreciated.

I loved the way Smart was able to manipulate the language and make their accents true to life; I could hear the characters speaking in my head. His words as well painted a perfect picture of the Caribbean islands down to the tiniest detail and captured my attention immediately. Hands down I praise Smart for his ability to write a series in which a reader doesn’t have to start with book 1 first, although now my curiosity is piqued.

A heck of a crime book!

Where to buy: 
Amazon U.S.-Deadlight (The Bequia Mysteries Book 3)

Where to find Michael:

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