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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Malefic, House of Souls Book 2 by Ambrose Ibsen

The first book caught my attention and was really freaky. Book 2 may be even better!

The house has a history. More than the new owners are aware until everything starts to happen. Soon after moving in they notice the strange shaed shadows then various noises and the cotton man. Having read the first book in the series first I was waiting and interested to see what would happen in this house next. This book could be read alone but is better when you know what happened in the last one.

The story is spooky and goosepimple worthy. Marcel retired now has some knowledge of afterlife. He and his deceased wife write messages to one another. When his nephew comes to him with the strange occurances in their new home Marcel joins the family to check out the situation he thinks is nothing and offer a hand if something supernatural is truly happening. Soon enough he discovers the supernatural occurances and spends the rest of the story attempting to rid the house of its horrors,digging up a bit more history on the house.

I certainly won't spoil it for others but I loved the end. The story is sufficiently creepy . The characters and plot are well developed and the story is one that won't leave your subconscious any time soon. 


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New Story

In the last few days I've started a new story.

Often times people ask what my inspiration is and I'm at a loss for words. Most of my stories have no direct inspiration. They come for the dark bowels of my mind but this new one has direct inspiration.

I had a dream and all I remember is the structure of the building and layout of the floor plan along with something else that I won't give away because it would give too much.

The story centers around a young newlywed couple who have just purchased and moved into their first home. Its an older home with a history, not all of it is dark but it is mysterious.

The husband is an environmentalist and the wife is an almost agoraphobic. In their home they discover something unique and it forces them in different directions. Each spouse also has personal demons that I have yet to discover. They also have their own agenda. Characters only give me glimpses.

As the fashion with all my stories I know how pieces fit together but not the whole thing. In other words I have no idea how it will end I only keep up with writing a chapter as I see it.

As I mentioned the home has a history, lots of history actually. It was built in the 1920s in west central Florida. The selling point for the husband was the unique energy efficient features. For the wife I have yet to understand why she was drawn to it, possibly because it's secluded and she doesn't like to be around large crowds. 

He is a scientist, an explorer, someone who seeks to unravel mysteries and she would rather spend her life inside and let mysteries remain mysteries.  

This story isn't overtly scary but delves into the fear or fearlessness residing inside the characters. It also lacks much of a character cast with the exception of the newlywed couple that has to get over their growing suspicions in order to live peacefully and successfully.

Generally I have a name before a story. In this case I have the story. Character names are clear but the stories name is Work In Progress on my computer. If anyone has a suggestion from what I've described feel free to offer in the comments below.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Sapphirian Agenda by Marcha Fox

Perfect for the drive to work!

My Review:
This is a fairly short sci-fi story. It originated from one of my favorite series the Star Trails Tetralogy. In this story the listener is introduced to another side of Thyron -- a plant who thinks, speaks telepathically and is mobile. I'm a high school biology teacher with a love for anything biology related and the idea of a plant that is smarter than most humans is a riot. I adore his personality too.

He lives on a planet with Sapphirians. A civilization that is carnivorous therefore not iterested in herbs and plants. Sapphirians aren't very clever which leads to Thyron ending up on a space ship with a teenaged girl and robot. The story takes place from Thyron's point of view as a plant, adding rich humor.

Its a quick story and perfect for the ride to work or waiting in doctors office. Its extrememly entertaining and the author does a fantastic job at building the sci-fi world into something completely plausible and sticking to the rules. 

Its perfect for any age and is a nice compliment to the series which I think it can be read or listened to without reading the series first. You may want to read it after though. The narrator adds depth to the book as well with his character voices and synced timing and rcadence.

Sci-fi lovers need to check this one out!


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Ancient Enemy by Richard A. Bamberg

So much mystery and suspense!

My Review:
A psychic, a monster, and a mystery!

Gretta and Virgil move into the family house after he is injured. Most of her family lives extremely close. Since she was a kid she's always had "feelings" or an extra sense but when her family starts dying from animal attacks that she see's her ability is ramped up a level. The deaths in her family aren't random but related somehow to a family curse.

What I loved best about this book wasn't the tight writing, plot line, great character building or suspense but that the author did all that and nailed the whole small town life and close knit family thing. It added so much depth to an already amazing story. And I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know more about the family curse and whatever was picking off the family.

A lot of credit goes to the narrator as well. She pulled off accents and further added depth to the characters. This is one you won't want to put down so carve out a long day and listen!


Good Bones by L.A. Kelley

A ghostly tale!

My Review:
I enjoyed the whole concept of a psychologist using her skills to assist a ghost. Such an original idea. Katherine is a psychologist who gets entangled with a detective Jake. Jake buys an older house that needs a little work but he feels is worth it until he's haunted by a ghost. At first he's freaked out and even moves out of the house until he meets Katherine and they decide maybe the ghost isn't all bad. At the same time there's a budding romance between them. 

The author does a great job in developing the characters and furthring the plot. There were a few twists, some I expected but also a wow! No spoilers here, you have to read it! The plot itself has layers keeping my listening ears invested. The narrator has a natural flow with the story and a good cadance.

This isn't just a great ghost story but a really amazing cozy mystery!


Raven's Sight by R.L. Weeks

My very first Victorian paranormal! I'm sold.

My Review:
This was the first victorian paranormal I've ever listened to or read and I really loved the combination. I also loved Jodi Hollie-Anne's accent. It gave the story authenticity. 

The setting for this story is a small Brittish town and Raven is an orphan. She lives with her aunt who doesn't allow her to leave the house and grounds. It seems cruel but later is exposed why she isn't permitted to leave. Raven has a gift that allows her to see spirits but that's not all. 

The story has an easy, sequential flow. The author's style put me into Raven's life and mind with simple phrases and quirks unique to her writing. The story is short but was perfect for my last trip. 

Aboslutely fell in love with this story!


Deadlocked Dollhouse by Mixi J Applebottom

What can I say, really, really great! Curses, a sinister dollhouse and a questionable relative.

So I love scary, haunted stories and this one was awesome! miliar with the narrator and he always does a smash-up job with narrating haunted ghost stories but the author was new to me. I like the style of writing and the flow of the story. 

Mark works hard for his money but is still poor. When he sees a bargain at the thrift shop on a custom dollhouse he doesn't pass it up. Not often does he get an opportunity like that to buy his two girls a special gift. The house is perfect with tiny hidden rooms and extreme detail. The girls love it. Soon he learns its secret and the story gets creepier from there. 

The story is short, but a great listen for anyone who loves a good paranormal story!


Saturday, August 4, 2018

Who would have thought...

For years now I've had my books on Google Play. The sales were sporatic at best. In fact I think I went a couple years with no sales and stopped adding books. All that has changed.

I can't say for sure why its changed but I'm glad it did. I recently checked my sales and my jaw dropped when for the past few months my sales have been creeping upward. Each month better than the last. I just added five more books.

It could be Google Play did something different or it could be the number of reviews my books are getting. I tend to think the reviews have a lot to do with it since the series with reviews are getting better sales than the ones without.

All but two of my books are listed with Google Play. Click here to see them. The only reason two of them aren't there is I was testing KU through Amazon. Over the next couple months I'll continue checking my sales. If they continue to climb I may just pull my books from KU and make them visible again at all major ebook dealers, including Google Play.

Getting back to reviews. When someone reads a book and reviews it they always leave it on Amazon. That's a given, usually Goodreads too. I suggest if the book is available through Google Books leave it there as well. My sales through Google Play are better so far this month than Kindle. Yes, you heard that right. I can only hope this continues.

It takes people working together to make things happen. Google Play recently made some changes to their app and have a good audio selection which I can listen to right on my phone with an app that comes on the device. No need to download an app and take up valuable storage space. I've made the decision to become a Google Play audio listener. Their prices are good too and no need to join and pay a monthly subscription. 

It could be they're becoming a more popular alternative since any Android device comes with the app. I encourage you to take a look at their selection and read this article comparing Google Play Books with Kindle. Plenty of stuff I didn't know. You might be surprised. Android devices make up around 80% of the market. Of course that's a little different in various countries but however you slice it they dominate. As an Android user both tablet and phone I love the system and have stayed with Androids for several years now.

 Remember to leave those Google Play reviews for your favorite authors published there. You may just make their month!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Zombie Girl 3 Retribution

Retribution is finally done and set for an August 1st release!

Maddie is my kinda girl. She's tough, feminine and even when afraid does what needs to be done. It's always tough saying goodbye to characters, probably why I have such difficulty in ending a series. 

If you've been reading you know she started out as a 14 year old girl who hated science and everything related to it until one day when the unthinkable happened.

With the whole apocalypse thing and zombies trying to eat her and the group she's with they've travelled over seas and lived through some extremely treacherous times.

No matter what, the humor was always there and it gives the entire series a light heartedness that makes it memorable. It's more like Zombieland than The Walking Dead.

I had a ton of laughs writing the story and learned a lot developing a story in a genre I wasn't real familiar with. Writing horror for kids is different than for adults. I had to watch my words and their words. That's where the humor comes in. I'd also never dabbled in sci-fi or post apocalyptic fiction. It was a first and I'm proud with how it turned out.

No spoilers here! Read the series. Try the game and see which character you are, share your results on social media and feel free to comment below. Click here to play.

Book 1 Premonition is now free!

Book 2 Infection is at .99 through August 1st.

Book 3 Retribution is on pre-order for .99! That will only last through release day August 1st!

Excerpt: (one of my favorite parts. Hehe!)

Two dead zombie eyes stared at me. I knew that was more a reflex. It couldn’t see me. Its long gray hair hung limp on its shoulders as it clicked its tongue, blood dribbling from its mouth on its way towards me. Its drip drag stagger-walk was impressively quick. A flowered sundress covered in sprays of blood, chunks of human skin clung to the fabric.

On the floor behind her was a man in a black robe. His mouth was in an O as he screamed, “No!”

I swung the blade of the katana towards her dirty, slimy neck when she came within a few feet of me. It nearly connected then something I’d never seen, nor imagined, happened. The zombie blew apart from the inside out. I was glad my teeth were gritted as I’d have had a mouth full of deader if I hadn’t. Chunks and blood sprayed the walls. It was a definite ten on my disgusting scale.

Chunks of her blew into the man’s mouth. He gagged and spat to rid his body of the nasty zombie meal. His face met mine and he scooted backwards on the floor. His eyes barely visible through the zombie mess covering it. I moved closer to him. He was living. “Are you hurt?”

“You killed her!” he growled. “You are a murderer!”

What? I hadn’t expected that one and I hadn’t killed her; she blew up like one of Deavers’ grenades. “I didn’t kill her. She was infected and there’s no cure. Did she bite you?”

“You killed my wife.” He continued sliding backwards.

That’s when I noticed it. The beam from my flashlight caught the silver barrel of a gun, only a couple feet from him. I moved towards him. “Don’t think about or you’ll be dead like your wife.”

He scooted again and I moved quicker now and jabbed the end of the katana’s blade into his chest. Keeping it centered on him, I side-stepped and kicked the gun. It flew across the floor.

“Get up!” I ordered with a sneer.

He pushed his back against the wall and slid up it. His short, dark hair was coated in zombie film. I jabbed the blade lightly into his chest so he knew I meant business. When I did, it slid through a hole in the dark robe hanging around his shoulders. “Did she bite you, Professor?” I didn’t know what else to call him and it looked similar to a graduate’s robe.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. “That makes no difference. Go. Go now!”

Well, this wasn’t going well. The patter of rain stopped, meaning the worst of the storm was over. I glanced over the hallway. A collar of sorts clung to the wall in the muck. I grabbed it. “You’ve been keeping her alive, treating her like a pet?” That was sick. Really sick and morbid.

He narrowed his eyes into tiny slits. A chunk of deader flesh dropped from his forehead. “She was my wife.”

The memory of my father turning seemed like a million years ago but it was still fresh in my head. I knew he was turning and that I should kill him, but I didn’t. Instead we tied him up. This guy did the same thing. He put a collar around her neck. I brought the katana to my side. “I don’t want to kill you and I didn’t kill her. She exploded. I’ve never seen that before. When did she turn?”

“In the beginning. The very beginning.”

That begged a lot of questions like how did you get her past the military? What has she been eating? Was that why her drip-drag was so quick?

The rain stopped and I was on a mission. “We have to go.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

I rolled my eyes. I needed some answers and he would provide them. “Yes, you are. Remember I have the weapon and you don’t. I also have your wife’s collar and I bet it’s a shock collar. The kind used for training dogs.” I smirked.

“Fine,” he seethed.

I lifted the katana towards his chest again and spread the cloth of his robe. What I saw didn’t surprise me. A set of round, fresh, human-deader teeth marks. I lifted the collar towards him with my free hand. “Put this on just in case.”

Reluctantly he grabbed the collar and wrapped it around his neck. The motion caused a chunk of flesh to fall from his robe, revealing a name tag.

“You first, Mitchem.” I read the tag.

For the next hour we steadily walked towards the marina and I pried all sorts of information from him. He was a Duval County judge. That explained the black robe. He and his wife were visiting family in Gainesville when the end of the world went down. She was exposed immediately but didn’t turn until a couple days later. Dumb luck saved them from the military. They’d spent the night in their RV deep in the woods. When he woke up the next morning his wife, Gloria, was eating their Pomeranian. I imagined large puffs of fur stuck between her teeth and chuckled.

“It’s not funny!” he growled.

He was wrong. It was funny. In this new world I had to find humor where I could and that was hilarious. However, I stopped laughing out of respect and let him continue his story.

“I tied her up with bungee cords and glanced a peek out of the window. I would have waved my hands and let them take me, but they’d have killed Gloria. I couldn’t have that. A soldier approached the RV, I stood inside with my gun loaded and waited. A radio voice came through, “Need help now! Surrounded by them.” That was it. They never returned and I got us out of there.”
Copyright Elle Klass 2018 Retribution

Friday, July 6, 2018

Expiate by Virginia Johnson

Reading this book was a treat!

As I was thinking about what to write it continued to cross my mind that the story was missing some history between Ethan and Aspen along with they need to just get it on. It seemed obvious to me they are perfect for each other. Anyways, I realized this is the second book in the series, not the first. I got it backwards.

The story is gripping, gritty and gory. All three G's and I loved it! Aspen is a deranged young woman with a massive, bloody chip on her shoulder. Reading it is like envisioning a nightmare. Until I read the first book I don't know the details but enough is said that she suffered greatly at the hands of men and now she makes them suffer.

Ethan seems like the egotistical kind of guy that assumes he's right and somehow better than others. He has to out do her, prove that he's better at killing than she is or something like that, only I think he needs to prove it more to himself because it doesn't seem she cares. I didn't like him much but at the same time don't have enough on him to form anymore of an opinion.

He is her nemesis and vice versa. One is as messed up in the mind as the other. The plot gives only a few details allowing the mind to formulate the in between. Without giving away a spoiler the ending was a delight! Not saying what happens but it was genius. 

For those who love gory, suspenseful and/or scary thrillers this book is well worth the read. It doesn't disappoint. 


Vindicate by Virginia Johnson

As twisted stories go this one is a hit!

I listened to this series backwards. I first read Expiate and realized that was book 2. Now that I've read Vindicate things make more sense.

This story is more erotic and at first I can't say I like Aspen in this one. Not at first. She has this thing for Ethan -- a womanizing pig. But she is every bit as sick. Its like they get off on their little cat and mouse game. The death toll is high. I loved it!

As the story and plot develop pieces of their history are dropped into place. They are the worst and best of each other. A match made in the pit of hell. 

This is not for the weak of heart or stomach but those who enjoy dark, dirty and mysterious!


Zombie Annihilation: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival: Last Man Standing, Book 2 by Max lockwood

A good post apocalyptic story with plenty of action! This is the second book by this author I've listened to and this one was much better and faster paced!

There's plenty of action in this book with three soldiers defending themselves and other against zombies. Matt, Carl and Sergio come across many obstacles with many close calls. On the road they run across two young women and oblingly take them to their base. Its not like the others they've seen. There isn't  zombie for miles, the place has hot water, the food is a bit skimpy but the rooms are luxurious with stocked mimi bars. Something is up with the place. Before long they find out why.

The plot is standard but the writing is great. The author builds the characters and giving them spirit and identity. The story is fast paced. The narrator moves along at a good pace to the plot. Unfortunately I wasn't able to listen to this in one sitting but it was easy to pick back each day without feeling lost. I also haven't read the previous book in this series and didn't feel as though I missed a bunch of stuff. That's a huge plus for the author.

Exciting zombie story!


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Infected, The Shiners by Tara Ellis

One part apocalyptic, one part adventure and two parts suspense!

My Review:
Alex father was all about astrology. He talked about the huge meteor shower that would be happening before his untimely death. Prepared, sitting a great location Alex, her mom and little brother watch the meteors. Everything is great until the meteors get too close and the earth shakes. They flee to the car when things get bad but things only get worse from there. Her mother is infected with some type of virus that leaves her different and not in a good way. Alex father left her clues and she follows them on an adventure that reveals things aren't as they appear.

The author developed an airtight plot and the story has a smooth flow. The action and suspense builds but never stops until the end. The characters are developed well which makes the story a true investment. I got to know the characters and cringed and loved then couldn't stand some. Alex is consistent and has the best intentions as she plows forward attempting to save her brother and the world.

This is a really fun read!


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Disembodied by Anthony Hains

I have to praise any author who writes such a dark book and done really well. 

My Review:
Griffin is a teen who feels as though he's disconnected from his body. As the story progresses its revealed he was abused by his father, uncle and their creepy pervert friend. It isn't until the end the extent of abuse is revealed and a specific situation. I enjoyed the story and the abuse, although harsh, didn't deter me from reading. 

The story begins first person from the grandfather and quickly switches to third person. In the beginning I enjoyed that but towards the end it slowed the story for me. I get why the author did it but I'm not sure it was the best thing. The suspense was coming toa climax and I was hanging on the words when it stopped and went back to grand dad. Each reader should judge that part for themselves. Otherwise the book moves along smoothly and the suspense builds accordingly.

The narrator does a great job. His tone and flucuation are appropriate for the story. I didn't cringe either when he did the female voices as sometimes I do. It's a dark, dark story and written well. most definitely glad to have the opportunity to listen. Stories this twisted and unfiltered are hard to find. It was hard to press the stop button when arriving at work each day.


Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Terra Debacle: Prisoners at Area 51 by Marcha Fox

One of my favorite authors releases her first audiobook and it's amazing!

My Review:
This is a book I first read the digital version which I rarely do but I really adore the series. Listening to it in audio was possibly even better. The narrator does a fabulous job with the voices and pacing. I loved just as much in audio and laughed even more.

Thyron is a sentient plant. He thinks, speaks on a psi level and walks. He can be a bit overbearing as his intelligence supercedes most but its this super clever part of him that makes me laugh and how he views humans. Since we're omnivores he freaks out that humans may want him for a meal and even worse when he's put in a crate made of wood. The author put me in his head and there are some very plausible thoughts, if plants do think.

Ayways, Thyron is captured and taken to Area 51 in the late 70s. I don't remember much of the early 70s but very much remember the late 70s and the author nailed it with her references including TV. That also kept me in laughter. The story is well written and well orchestrated by the narrator. Its definitely one to listen to and no need to be a hard core sci-fi fan. Anything technical is kept in short and only furthers the plot.

A plus!


The House of Long Shadows by Ambrose Ibsen

It seems I can't get enough of this author/ narrator combination. The House of Long Shadows is another edge of the seat horror story.

My Review:
Kevin is a videotuber with a home improvement show. He's looking for a contract from the big guys so he comes up with a 30 day challenge. He buys an old, vacant house somewhere in Detroit for a small cost. It's located on a street filled with crumbling homes and is completely isolated. The house is in reatively good shape and in 30 days he plans to renovate it.

He begins the renovations right away and creey goes to creepier . His camera catches stuff he blows off as not possible because it doesn't make sense. His mind can't process it and comes up with far fetched logical ideas to make up for what can't be explained until he has to accept the unexplainable.

The story is fast paced, perfectly narrated and well written. It's a nail biter with a few laughs. Its also mostly a monologue as Kevin is alone in the creepy house. The simplicity of that is clever. The author put me in his head and in that house and in his position. The plot steadily moves forward and the suspense moves right along with it. I mostly listen in the car on my way to work and it was difficult to tear myself away to do my job. I wanted to keep listening! I had to know what was going to happen next.



Sunday, May 20, 2018

Soul Redemption by Miranda Shanklin

Soul Redemption is book two in the Soul Series. Its a journey into another world, one of witches with incredible power.

My Review:
Two new students come to town, making trouble from the start. It doesn't take the guardians long to figure out they are witches with bad intentions. In this second book Anisa and the others are learning more about using their powers, their special gifts and how they draw on the power of the Origin.

What I love best about this series is the author's creativity. She builds a world that is completely believable and doesn't leave anything out. All details are described as the reader moves into unknown territory. The characters even with all their power are teenagers, regular teenagers. They go through the emotions, insecurites and such as they figure everything out and solve problems. They trust and rely on their parents guidance as they meander through learning to be witches with an important job. They are extremely powerful witches who have to work together to help  and protect humanity and other witches.

It's also a romance. Anisa has Chase and Penelope and Lamdon have each other - soul mates. The author keeps it PG13 for young readers. I love young adult books but some authors have problems with the boundary between what's acceptable for young adults and what's not. Miranda Shanklin does it well. 

Kudos to Mae Ruling as well. She did well with the first book but now in the second book she nailed it. This is a fantastic series for anyone who loves paranormal and witches or who just wants a sweet romance.


The Occupant by Ambrose Ibsen

The Occupant is the third and final book in The Afterlife Investigations. I love how it all came together and how it was left open-ended.

My Review:
I totally love this series! Stephen is a less than stellar adjunct professor who gets involved with two students when they come to him with a proposal to head a paranormal club. He does it in hopes of a little more money. That's how the series starts. What he finds is far more and takes him on a three book journey as he searches for the occupant, a paranormal creature of death and destruction. 

The plot and writing kept me on my toes and groaning when I had to put the book down for any reason. The amount of darkness and gore is balanced. The descriptions and characterizations are compelling. Both the words and narration are on point. There is nothing about this book and series that I didn't enjoy. 

I highly reccomend this book for anyone who loves a spooky horror/ghost story!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the fantastic and amazing moms out there!

As a gift to you. Today you can pick up my first novel published, As Snow Falls, free!


Available in audio too!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Blood and Snow by RaShelle Workman

This one took a while as its long but is well worth it!

Book Review:

Snow, that's her name. After listening there's no doubt this is a twisted vampire version of the fairy tale Snow White. In this story Snow is a teen, she doesn't get along well with her parents and spends more time at "the boys" house across the street. The neighbors are a father and his sons. One of which she has a crush on. Of course she has a special gift of sorts. It's a typical YA but its subtle differences made it very enjoyable. 

The characters are developed well. Snow has a lot of internal thinking going on which made me laugh several times. The plot is well developed and the story has a nice flow. This is my first time reading anything by this author and this narrator. In fact I'm pretty sure I picked this up on an audio upgrade hunt. This story is a gem! 

If you're looking for several hours of teen entertainment that isn't cookie cutter this is a great one to take a chance on.


In Absentia by Ambrose Ibsen

Sooo, to be expected this was another goodie by my favorite audiobook author/narrator combination.


Excellent and delightfully spooky. This combination is peanut butter and chocolate to my ears. Absentia is a short story but enough to get to know the characters. They are a young couple, he a playwright and she a bartender until he, Julian, made it big or big enough she didn't have to work. The couple escapes the craziness of city life and heads for the country; way, way out in the country. Their closest neighbor is miles away. 

All the solitude doesn't serve the young couple well and when crazy, unexplainable events happen in the house it pushes them to the limits. It's an older home and the previous owners vanished. They don't know this going into the sale only after moving in. 

The plot thickens and the intrigue intensifies through the story built with descriptions that paint a vivid picture in the readers mind. For spook, ghost loving readers this is an excellent choice.


Monday, April 2, 2018

Free Fall by Peter Cawdron

Really short and really good!

My Review:
This story begins inncoent as an astronaut on a solo mission is orbiting the Earth. He attempts to make contact and gets no response. He ffollows all the correct protocal, following every rule and precaution until he finally makes contact with a child. No adult, no Houston but a young girl.This gets his blood boiling and he drops the rules and protocal with no other thought than getting to the girl.

For a short story the plot and characterization are well developed. There wasn't much to solve as I'd figured out te ending yet I couldn't stop listening. The authors words kep me on the edge of my seat and I cringed several times. I even listened a second time to this story with a couple days. 

ts one of those stories that made my mind think what if... the possibilities are endless. Great story!


Daddy Darkest by Ellery Kane

Sooo this book is really twisted. I loved that and how the author puts it all out there. I have done that with my thrillers and in some cases taken back lash but there are those of us who love truly dark reading. I think that's what I enjyed most about it is the darkness that isn't sugar-coated.

My Review:
I love dark, twisted, intense stories but they can be difficut to find. Many authors smooth stuff over and tame the fear. This story puts it all out there. It covers nothing up or sugar coats it but keeps the plot thickening and the suspese rising.

The story is well written and the author's style is easy to follow along with. The images are painted well and so it the fear and confusion of the character -- Sam. Kristen James did an excellent job with the narration. Her character voices and pacing were excellent.

It starts out as Sam and her friend are on a trip. Two innocent young adults ready for a good time. What happens is mind blowing and takes Sam on a wild ride.

This story isn't for those who like fluffy or have suffered violence in their past and are easily triggered but if you like a psychological thriller that will keep you turning pages this is the book.


Friday, March 16, 2018

My Woes

This is a vent post.

A few weeks ago I started looking for a home to buy but as a teacher I don't make a lot of money. That limits what I can afford so I've been looking in my price range for what offers me what I want and can afford.

This is what I found:
I made an offer on a place with everything I'm looking for and in my rice range. The problem is it is severly overpriced. I made a fair offer that the owners didn't bother to entertain. They want what they're asking and they won't get it. I've been watching the market and as much as people tink its a sellers market -- its not. The ones that sell are priced correctly. That ordeal was a wash.

Back to the drawing board I looked at a couple more places. I liked them both and made an offer on one. The places are both at the top of my price range that I'm qualified for because I'm a teacher and don't make a good living. I offered a fair price and what the place will appraise for. They haven't upgraded anything and have nothing special. Anything extra would be on me. They want more than what I'm topped out to pay and more than the place is worth.

I plead the fifth...

The place has been on the market for a month and a half which is unreal only because its over priced. I offered reality and evidently they don't agree. If they don't accept my offer the place will sit on the market another 45 days until they reduce it again. It needs carpet, paint, baseboards etc. After 90 days they may accept something and will wish they'd accepted my offer. I know I offered a fair deal.

At the end of the day I'm a teacher who isn't valued in today's society and I only make so much money. All that floors me because I teach YOUR CHILDREN. Unfortunately in the US no one has concern for teachers. And all I really want is a bedroom for my three year old grand daughter who has never in her life had her own room.

Is it too much to ask because I chose an unforgiving profession?

I don't forget I'm also an author but the meager money I make from that will do little to buy a home or even make one mortgage payment.

Frustrated! signing off...

Friday, March 9, 2018

Life Changes

I haven't posted in a long while and I feel maybe I owe my readership an expanation. This blog is a few years old and many of you read it regularly.

Just a couple weeks ago I was faced with a spur of the moment decision I had to make between my current (at the time) boyfriend and my blood -- my child and grandchild. I made the decision without a second thought to support my child and grandbaby. This decision has left me in a position where I can't blog as regularly or even write. Eventually all this will even out and the time will come to return to my nomal life.

I don't regret the decision I made and look forward to what is to come. I'm in the process of buying my own home -- something for years I've avoided with a passion. Right now though it feels the correct thing to do. There's been obstacles but at the same time move in day will be the reward along with watching my granddaughter explore her new surroundings like she did as we house shopped and had to squat on each toilet. She's three so that matters to her. I think its hilarious.

I think I've been lucky in the entire situaton and do my best not to let it stress me out. I could be a complete stress case, pulling my hair out but it wouldn't do any good. I'm ready for the next step in my life and the corner ofice with french doors that comes with it. Keep your thoughts positive because it will take more than my strength alone to make this happen. I've been blessed with a fantastic realtor and loan agent but your good wishes and thoughts willmake iy happen.

Signing off...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Generation Gap: Generation X

The past year I've become very interested in generations and their characteristics. Part of that is due to the difference I see in the classroom with Gen Z compared to Millenials. Another part of that is the global world we're in and the lack of the Baby Boomers to fully understand that and a little the backlash and complaining I hear about Millenials.

I was born smack in the middle of Gen X and am4 proud to be in that group. We are smaller in number and squished between two giants: the Baby Boomers and the Millenials. Before I go into my thoughts and opinions it's necessary for you to understand who Gen X is.

You know you are Gen X if you sang along with Michael Jackson, Boy George and Prince. Banged your head to Metallica and AC/DC and actually watched videos on MTV.

You know you are Gen X if you remember getting all excited about the Atari 2600 even with its horrible graphics and upgraded to Nintendo playing Mario and Donkey Kong. Video arcades were everywhere and you probably played Pac Man and Galaga.

You know you are Gen X if you remember watching Top Gun, St. Elmo's Fire, Sixteen Candles and Cheech and Chong. You probably sunck out and watched Porky's, Risky Business and Nightmare on Elm St. too.

You know you are Gen X if you remember cruising and picking the change from your cars seats to give the bum on the corner money enough to buy you and your friends a 6 pack of beer which you gave the corner bum 1 can for his time.

You know you are Gen X if you walked to the corner store without any ID at fifteen and bought a pack of cigarettes for less than a dollar.

You know you are Gen X if you experimented with ecstacy, acid and smoked pot as regularly as possible when you were young. Maybe you still do but we'll keep that on the down low.

You know you are Gen X if you watched the space shuttles take off from inside the classroom on TV and remember the cold war and the fall of the Iron Curtain.

You are Gen X if your birthday falls between roughly 1965 to 1980. We are sometimes called latch key kids. We are independent, self-sufficient and street savvy.

I grew up as the middle of child of parents who aren't Baby Boomers but part of the Silent Generation in the San Francisico Bay Area. My opinions are my opinions based on my life and experiences.

I wasn't the "latch key" kid. My father worked and supported our family and my mother stayed home and took care of us and everything else. This wasn't completely uncommon where I lived, most of my friends grew up in similar environments but not all.

My generation was frowned on as young adults similar to today's Millenials. We didn't "understand". I'm pretty sure older generations think and feel that way about every young generation coming of age. You don't understand us and we quite possibly don't understand you.

It was my generation when cable TV, video games and computers became the thing. It was my generation that learned to use a computer in college and we did actually have them in public school. They were Texas Instruments and booted up in DOS. Windows didn't exist but we had them and were taught to use them. Keyboarding class consisted of learning to use a typewriter which I balked at. Once Windows hit and the availability of the internet even slow dial up I was there using it. I'm self-taught and proud of it. As my children grew (both Millenials) I taught them to use it, search the net and take advantage of what it had to offer. Most Gen X did.

Today we don't fear technology but embrace it. It makes our lives much easier and if we want to blame Millenials for being too dependent on technology we first need to look at ourselves. We are scanning social media daily and using it in almost every aspect of our lives. Yes, our children learned from us and their children are learning from them. I will do a piece on Gen Z in the future because they are a truly interesting group.

We had cell phones, although, huge bricks. Most people used pagers. Remember those? You punched in a number and it beeped that person to call you. They didn't last long before cell phones became stream lined and everybody had one. Even my children had their own by highschool.

In today's work force from my experience Gen X is running things. We are in positions of power and doing an excellent job. At my work there are few Boomers, mosty Gen X and Millenials. Through that we are making change and progress. We have taken over the workforce.

We aren't considered politcal people and generally aren't out spoken about it but we have ideas and opinions.  According to FactTank (read article here) 2016 saw the largest voting turnout from Gen X. It appears that Gen X and Millenials voted similarly and together we equal nearly the same amout of votes as Baby Boomers. Unfortunately there were those who didn't vote. Get out there and do it. We need you. 

What this says to me is that Gen X although small is not forgotten or silent. We are now adults with professional careers, children in college and have moved on and are ready for change. Change that we think needs to happen. Change that will bring this counrty into the global age.

According to Boomer or Bust, it appears Baby Boomers have ran this country for 28 years. Yet it seems or at least I hear this group do the most griping about politics. Get out of the White House! Go on Baby Boomers leave. Drop any thoughts about going for a political seat and back away. It's time for Gen X to rule the roost. 

In my opinion we need a Gen X president because we get today's world. Gay marriage; so what? Your transgender? good for you. You are in a bi-racial relationship? What do you mean? We're all the same species who cares what you look like. Those are silly examples but also very true. We don't see the differences our older counterparts do and neither do our children nor their children.

We are adults and wear our big boy and girl pants. We are survivors and activists, we don't quit and are hard workers running the majority of the work force. Mom? Dad? we can make decisions for the better of all people. We have compassion, understanding yet are lovable and fun-loving. Believe it or not we get it and we don't see party lines as divided as our previous generations. We understand it takes a little give and take, compromise. Yes, all the things we were taught, only we've made them ours. We own who we are.

One last tidbit concerning education. In the US teachers and students alike abhor standardized testing. Well, all I have to say is George Bush and No Child Left Behind. Yup, a Baby Boomer.

I leave you with this, a tidbit that humored me from the Washington Post, author Dana Milbank, "This deterioration on the boomers’ watch was no accident. They grew up selfish and unyielding and have governed that way, creating the polarization that has paralyzed our politics and left us unable to solve the nation’s problems."

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentines Giveaway!

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Enter everything and gain 18 entries right now. A few can be done more than once and others that can be completed only once have high entry values. 

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Horror Story Volume VI by G.M. Hague

My review doesn't do this book justice. The story is short but clever and entertaining. This book was excellent! A young adults wildest fantasy and a married couple's worst nightmare all rolled into one.

My Review:
I was impressed that the author also narrated the story and enjoyed his aussie accent and the sound effects he put in. Angla and Nathan are an ordinary young married couple until she buys an antique bed. Their lives do a 180.

The story is short but filled with plot twists, suspense and a bit of sex. I can't say much about the story line but it's very clever how the author tied everything together. I enjoyed wondering what was going to happen next.

A very enjoyable story!


Who is up for an excerpt from The Ghost Within?

That's right. The Ghost Within releases march 13th so why not an excerpt. In this one Vicky the Seer finds out what it feels like to be a Bloodseeker.
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A kick to her chins smarted and added to the ache in her head. “Get up, take your sword.”
She lifted her head. The woman’s long red hair lay in waves over her chest. A black shawl draped over her shoulders, beneath it a royal blue collar climbed up her neck, the collar just below her chin. A long skirt flared below her waist, stopping where it met her boots. She grabbed the sword and held it in front of the soldier. “If you defeat us you walk away.”
The soldier heard everything. Vicky’s thought melded with his but she had no free will. This was the past and she couldn’t change it. She didn’t think on her own. He didn’t trust them and knew he had no choice. He stood and grabbed the sword from her hand.
The man, a bandana laced around his head falling against his back. A dark braid fell over his shoulder. His tight pants tucked into his boots and a white blouse over his chest. A pirate?
He pulled a sword from his waist. The female moved away as the men circled each other. The soldier raised his sword and jabbed at the pirate who spun and came back with a swing that missed the soldier by a hair, only because he sucked in his gut, anticipating the move.
They pranced around the room, a swing for another, until the soldier pinned the pirate’s shirt to the wall. He leaned in, gritting his teeth. “What do you want, filth?”
The pirate chuckled, then stopped. His face solemn. “You. We want you.” He lunged forward, his shirt ripping. The soldier stepped back and yanked his sword out of the wall and struck the pirate across his abdomen. Dark blood, almost black, poured from his wound, coating what was left of his white shirt. To the soldier’s horror, the stream of blood lessened.
He swung at the pirate over and over, blade marks slashed across his chest, then he plunged his blade into the heart of the pirate. He staggered backwards, dark blood sputtering from his mouth and down his chin. Convinced he’d taken care of the pirate and ready for the woman, he kicked him against the wall and turned on his heel.
Needles exploded into his neck as the woman bit down on him, taking him off guard. He screamed in pain, another mouth sank their teeth into the other side of his neck, then he dropped to the ground. His head spun and everything turned black.
Warm, metallic liquid coated his throat, forcing him to swallow. The soldier’s eyes popped open. His head pushed back, the first thing he spotted was the wooden ceiling. He shifted his eyes. Red liquid poured from a metal chalice the female held above him. With each swallow of the liquid his own memories drifted away until he remembered nothing and only sought the taste of the metallic liquid -- blood.
Vicky stumbled backwards, her body fighting against the terror in her vision. Her hands dropped from the helmet.

“Vicky?” Adrian’s arm was wrapped around her. “We need to go.” Footsteps neared the room.

Get the entire series:
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Excerpt copyright Books by Elle, Inc./ Elle Klass 2018

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Hollow by Christopher Zaleski

A new author for me and a fantastic story!

My Review:
Carol gained incrdible intelligance about the time she started highschool but she's still a teen. The story begins with her preparing for college. Thee boy next door Matthew soon becomes her boyfriend and when she leaves for college in California she leaves him behind. Her entire family picks up and moves which I found a bit odd but after listening it was necessary for the story.

Along with her intelliigence comes something she calls The Hollow. It haunts her in a sense. The storry flows and has enough intrigue to keep me listening. I couldn't wait to hear what was coming next. The plot was unique. I read a lot of supernatural/paranormal and this was refreshingly different. The author has an easy to listen to and follow along with writing stylee and the narrator is perfect for the part. 

There's quite a few twists and turns. By no means is this a typical book but far more. I haven't heard of this author before but will be watching for more of his books in the future.