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Friday, October 31, 2014

Getting the setting right in your book

As an author for little over a year I'm not an expert. This is an area I'm still perfecting along with a few others. In Eye of The Storm I chose Virginia even though the area is fictional and never points directly as to where the book takes place in my mind it was Virginia. After all, where else can someone tumble down a mountain, hit her head, and survive? Certainly not the Rockies.

Setting is difficult to get right. All readers vary in how much or how little and which senses they want tantalized which makes getting the right amount of detail difficult for the author.
For example:

A scowl washed across Jim's face as he slammed his mug onto the table. Coffee sloshed over the side leaving small droplets on the desk.

As opposed to:
Jim twisted his lips into a scowl. His nostrils flared and wild hairs tickled the bridge with the gust of heated air that blew through his nose. He slammed down his mug with such force the desk shook. Coffee spilled over the side leaving droplets that bubbled around the mug slowly moving toward the edge of the desk, teasing to roll off and hit the floor. The dark mahogany desk contrasted sharply with the gray walls while the flourescent lights flickered causing Jim's bald head to glow.

Either of those could be thought of as good descriptions or not depending on the reader. Too much description too much of the time can throw off the reader. I've read those books that were so inundated with setting the setting that my mind was distracted from the actual plot. I have also read books that left me screaming for setting details.

As A writer trying to balance them is difficult. In As Snow Falls the prologue begins with a colorful, detailed description of the cabin and mountain top. I have had many readers who loved the way I opened the novel and felt it really set the stage for the book. Other reads have said I should have had less description.

In Baby Girl I've had readers that said they loved the visual descriptions but yearned for more sensory details such as sounds and scents. Other readers said I had the perfect balance.

Each author has their own style and each book is different. In my opinion the readers are the experts and I and every other author will never find the perfect balance to meet all their needs but I do take their comments seriously and use them as I work through a rough draft and set the scene for the book and I have grown as an author.

I think the best advice is to use enough sensory detail to set the scene and tickle as many senses as possible without overstimulating the reader so they forget the plot. I would also highly suggest getting some beta readers who you know will be honest with you.  With Eye of The Storm I enlisted several beta readers who all had something different to say about the book. I used their critiques to further edit the book and can only think they helped me to make the book stronger.

Dead Girl Blog Tour

Welcome to the Dead Girl by B.C. Johnson Blog Tour courtesy of Curiosity Quills.

Dead is such a strong word …

Lucy Day, 15 years old, is murdered on her very first date. Not one to take that kind of thing lying down, she awakens a day later with a seemingly human body and more than a little confusion. Lucy tries to return to her normal life, but the afterlife keeps getting in the way.

Zack, her crush-maybe-boyfriend, isn’t exactly excited that she ditched him on their first date. Oh, and Abraham, Lucy’s personal Grim Reaper, begins hunting her, dead-set on righting the error that dropped her back into the spongy flesh of a living girl. Lucy must put her mangled life back together, escape re-death, and learn to control her burgeoning powers while staying one step ahead of Abraham.

But when she learns the devastating price of coming back from the dead, Lucy is forced to make the hardest decision of her re-life — can she really sacrifice her loved ones to stay out of the grave?

About the B.C. Johnson

Born in Southern California, B.C. Johnson has been writing since he realized it was one of the few socially acceptable ways to tell
people a bunch of stuff you just made up off the top of your head. He attended Savanna High School in Anaheim, and an undisclosed amount of college before deciding that weird odd jobs were a far greater career path.

This lead him to such exciting professions as: aluminum recovery machinist, lighting designer, construction demo, sound mixer, receptionist, theater stage hand, wedding security, high school custodian, museum events manager, webmaster, IT guy, copywriter, and one memorable night as the bouncer at a nightclub. He is trying very hard to add “vampire hunter” and “spaceship captain” to that list.

He currently lives in Garden Grove with his supernal wife Gina, his half-corgi, half-muppet dog Luna, and his new half-grayhound, half-living-tornado-of-destruction Kaylee. He also spends time with his two brothers, his parents, and his close friends, whose primary pursuit are usually healthy debates about movie minutiea. When he’s not working or writing, he’s been to known to pursue all conceivable geeky avenues of interest including but not limited to video games, the sort of TV shows/movies Benedict Cumberbatch might star in, graphic novels, podcasts, funny gifs, the whole thing.
He’s also been known to apply his special brand of hyperbole and mania to pop-culture humor essays for various websites that can be found on his homepage, bc-johnson.com. B.C. also has a high school noir short story called “The Lancer” available on Kindle.
Deadgirl is his first novel. 

Where to find B.C. Johnson

Tricks, Treats, and temptations Blog Hop

I have been invited to another blog tour via Candi Silk, Michael Smart, Robyn Roze, and Jerry Byrum. So check out their spooky posts if you dare...
Picture via Autism Live

1. Eilida in Eye of The Storm observes a scene that scares the wits out of her, " As she reached the final step, she melted along the wall until her head became flush against the door frame. Taking a deep and silent breath; her guts inside wrenching and twisting, she peered inside the cracked door, gasping at the scene before her eyes. Eilida tore down the steps at warp speed, descending the tree stuffed mountain, while tears cascaded violently down her cheeks. "

2. In Eye of The Storm after undergoing major personality changes and stranges unexplainable happenings Sunshine takes visits a hypnotist and a Dr. Of parapsychology and metaphysics 
"I hadn’t expected that. In contrast, they looked like a werewolf with his vampire bride. Did vampires and werewolves even like each other? A question I didn’t really want to know, especially at my expense."

3. Sunshine finally meets her ghost, "Quiet words escaped from the small creases of her lips, “Remember.” Her face I knew from long ago, from a time of innocence before night terrors controlled my dreams." Eye of The Storm

4. How would you feel if a stalker was watching your every move? Would you feel his fearful eyes watching, waiting? From Eye of The Storm, "The man had been following them, although he was only interested in Sunshine, had been watching her every move, studying her."

5. Cleo in Baby Girl Book 1 may be young but she's full of self-preservation and spunk, "I had found a couple of pillows and a huge puffy blanket that I used to make myself a bed. It had been difficult sneaking them back and I didn’t go unnoticed. A bum had spotted me from his box, and he grabbed hold of a corner of the blanket said, “Where you going with that little girl? I think I’d like to keep it.” I kicked his face as hard as I could and made contact with his nose which jetted out from his sunken cheeks, and ran."

6. A little older Cleo or rather Justine, is still not one to put up with crap such as blackmail. She schemes a plan after breaking and entering her nemesis apartment in Baby Girl Book 2. "on a spontaneous notion I grabbed her blond wig and a ghostly crepe dress, stuffed them into my bag and used her lipstick to scribble over her letters, “It’s you who doesn’t belong.” A feeling of satisfaction welled up inside me as I marched out of her apartment wearing her blond wig. I hadn’t decided yet what to do with the wig and dress; however, the refreshing walk home, and the familiar sight of street vagabonds allowed an idea to form inside my head, and a smile crept across my lips."

7. Cleo most recently Shanna heads out to bust a case with La Tige in Baby Girl Book 3 but gets more than she bargained for, "A dim light shone from under a doorway. I grew closer and closer to the light as I eased towards it. From behind, a strong male hand wrapped around my mouth and forced me into him. Not a smart thing to do. I was always getting caught from behind so my fight or flight sense kicked in and I elbowed his ribcage hard."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cover Reveal Dark War Chronicles Book 4 Past Demons

Cover Reveal For 
The Dark War Chronicles Book 4 
Past Demons 

With her freedom stolen from her by the Father, Tegan had never lived a life of her own. Whisked away to be a bound human to Lucius, she never knew what it was like to have a mate to love and cherish her. Now after losing three hundred years of memories, Tegan needs to rediscover everything she’s worked for and learn every lesson again, but this time something is different. Kaden claims that he is her fated mate.

The reason for Kaden’s exile from the Demon world is no secret: he beheaded his own king. The one thing that makes his exile bearable is being close to Tegan. When Tegan returns he knows he finally has his chance to make her his, but two people stand in his way: Lucius and Tegan’s brother, Zaaren.

The war rages on. With the rumor that someone has raised the Father and the Originals showing signs of waking, the bloodshed will only get worse.

A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance and steampunk author

residing in Colorado Springs. Since she was a teenager

she's loved weaving stories and spinning tales. When she's not at

the beck-and-call of the Lord and Lady of the House, two

black cats by the names of Jynx and Sophie, training a

playful puppy named Zelda, playing with her daughter, or killing

creepers and mining all the things with her husband of 4

years, she's either reading, participating in NaNoWriMo, or

writing in her Blog Writing Rambles.

Past Demons will be released on February 16th 2015 you can add to your Goodreads list now on your to be read list!  

In the Light of the Moon (FREE in ebook)

Audiobook: http://
A shifter with no control...

As a panther shifter stripped of her control Kassity has no choice but to be a killer for Lucius. Obeying the vampire was simply her way of life. Until Jaxon comes to town, bring trouble with him. When she recognizes Jaxon as her fated mate, Kassity must deal with betrayal, secrets and Lucius in order to be with him.

A war rages on...

Jaxon must decide who he is fighting for and against. What started as a simple job turns into a complicated game of hearts when he meets Kassity, the woman he thought he was rescuing.

But not everything is as it seems in Lucius' territory...

Dance In the Moonlight

Audiobook: bit.ly/danceaudio

Blurb: Renee’s life had been normal until the shadows reappeared and the legendary stone was sent to her. As the arrival drags her further into the paranormal world, the last thing Renee expects is to be swept off her feet by a brooding werewolf.

Yet Coran captures her heart and attention. Small problem—he doesn't want a mate. Coran still suffers from the loss of his first mate, but when Renee is attacked by shifters he is forced to protect her at all costs. Things heat up when he realizes fate has wickedly granted him a second chance at love. With the war causing the body count to rise, now is not the ideal time to find a mate.

The Circle is becoming desperate and something has Lucius worried which means trouble for his followers. It's a dance between danger and fate in this second installment of the Dark War Chronicles.

On Torn Wings


Blurb: A Hunter

Danielle is on a mission to take down a killer, when all signs point to vampire she recruits Orion to help. Bribing him with information on the Fae Queen who stole his crown takes her further into the supernatural world than she wanted. Working side by side, they start to realize there is more there than a forced work relationship, but Orion is still pining over the disappearance of Tegan.

A missing human

Tegan’s kidnapping is taking a toll on the whole territory, Lucius is losing his sanity and the war has taken a turn for the worst. Fed up with the chaos Orion seeks to escape the territory, but other than death there’s only one other option —taking back his crown. After centuries of working under the vampire Danielle offers him the chance and ability to take his rightful place.

Social Media Links:
Author Profile:
Author Like Page:
Series Like Page:

In the Light of the Moon:
Dance in the Moonlight:
On Torn Wings:



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Monday, October 27, 2014

Kat Green Strings

It wasn't long ago I assisted in Kat's blog tour. I have been itching to read her book since. Saturday I opened up the book and finished the next day. Yup, it was that good!

My Review:

Ever wonder what the life of a rock star might be like? Kat Green nails it in Strings! From the young kids writing and creating their own music; begging for gigs to the record deal and making it big. Strings isn’t just about the band, the Black Eagles, it’s a romance about Luke and Melissa as well as a suspense. Luke is the front man and writes the songs for the Black Eagles. He and Melissa meet at a gig before they make it big. The two are instantly attracted to one another and fall deeply in love. It is Melissa who notices a flyer that is the beginning of the Black Eagles rise to fame. They are not the only love fated couple in this book and bonds form while new friendships are made. Lurking on the outside is Amber who feels stabbed in the heart by Luke and Melissa.

The novel opens with Melissa lying in a hospital bed and Luke has disappeared. Slowly the threads reveal themselves and the suspense deepens. A hooded stalker with a knife, sleazy pictures of Luke with another woman, Melissa stuck in the middle of her own “affair”. What is real and who are their true friends? Emotionally Strings is a roller coaster ride as the couples relationship evolves throughout these events. I didn’t put the book down except to read for two days!

A captivating, suspenseful journey!

Where to find Kat:

Where to Buy Strings

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Light Who Shines by Lilo Abernathy

I met Lilo this past summer when we both took part in a Facebook event. As a huge vampire fan I was intrigued by her book as so often happens to me after meeting authors. I finally had the chance to sit down and read The Light Who Shines and its every bit as good as I hoped it would be.

My Review:

The Light Who shines by Lilo Abernathy is an urban fantasy novel.
The setting is year 2022 and protagonist Blue Kildare is a gifted human who works for the Supernatural Investigative Unit. Her boss jack is a daylight vampire meaning e hasn’t succumbed to the desire for human blood. Once a vampire drinks human blood they become a dark vampire and turn evil. 

In the beginning of the novel Blue is assigned a case involving the death of a young supernatural human who has an amulet in his possession. The amulet is somehow important for the future of gifted humans as I’m sure readers will discover within the course of the series. Throughout the book little clues are dropped about Blue’s background, such as her parent’s dying by the hands or fangs of dark vampires when she was a baby and the church taking her in. He knows more than he leads on to Blue about her past. Jack is also very attracted to Blue and a slight romance blossoms between the two.

There is plenty of action and intrigue throughout the novel, making this a fantastic first in the series. She leaves the reader begging for more and curious what mysteries will come out in the sequel. Blue is a lovable, although somewhat naive gifted human. She feels peoples emotions and has a white glowing aura about her.She’s not perfect which makes her truly lovable. 

A unique and fun supernatural read!

Where to find Lilo and The Light Who Shines
Lilo Illuminates
The Light Who Shines (Bluebell Kildare Series Book 1) Amazon

Bella's Choice by Lynelle Clark a debut novel you don't want to miss

I was pleasantly surprised when I read Bella's Choice. Lynelle Clark brought me into the book and I found myself loving and loathing the characters within.

Bella's Choice by Lynelle Clark is a heartwarming compassionate
story that pulls at the reader's heartstrings. Annabella is a young woman born into a family with an alternative lifestyle that Bella realized at a young age wasn't her. She grew up embarrassed of her family and resorted to spending as much time away from home as possible. Her best friend's home became Bella's home away from home and she immersed herself into sports namely swimming. At 18 she met Aldrich, a much older man who had gone through his own heartbreak. He falls deeply in love with her; being mindful of their age difference. He is gentle, calm, and respectful. Bella in turn falls in love with him.

The conflict in the story arises as the reader is introduced more and more to Bella's family's strange lifestyle and the plans they have for her never once considering how their choices may affect her. Through her use of colorful words Clark drew me into Bella's life and I found myself rooting for her choices and seething in anger with her parents' selfish choices. I loathed her parents.

One of the best debut novels I have ever read!

About the Author:

Lynelle Clark lives in Gauteng, South Africa. Her writing career began in 2010. Lynelle has always loved to read books, in which she discovers new worlds. Meeting new people and travelling is one of her passions. So far, the writing journey has been exciting,
but it helps that she loves the whole process from beginning to end.


Two roads. One choice.

Anabella Anthony found she was alone in the world at eighteen. Early on, she made a choice; to live an ordinary life away from the lifestyle her parents preferred. However, they had plans for her; they wanted her to become a part of their choices.

All she wanted was a regular household, with normal day to day issues like her peers, parents she could respect, and who above anything else would accept her for the person she is. Torn between dreams that filled her mind with alluring effects and uncomfortable events which tried to sway her, she had to come to a resolution―find peace and stay true to her convictions.

Through it all, she excelled in her sport; a dedicated student who falls in love with a much older man. Will she give in to her body's desires, or will she remain steadfast in her own choices? Can she find the courage to stand amidst the turmoil wanting to drag her down? And most importantly, will she ever forgive those who meant to harm her?

Aldrich Hagin―a lawyer―is ready to settle down. After a tragic loss he experienced right after university he is now, more than ever, ready to move on and start a family. And then he meets a young, energetic, lively woman who turns his life and heart around. Will he be willing to sacrifice his own desires and wait?  Can he help her and be the anchor she so desperately needs? Confronted with his own decisions, the choice is his as to whether hell stay or leave. What will he decide?

A love story filled with decisions both have to make; to stand against all odds and remain true to oneself.  

Where to find Lynelle and Bella's Choice

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Halloween Horror Giveaway!

In honor of Eye of The Storm's release I have decided to offer a giveaway.

I love giveaways and decided it would be a lot of fun to run a giveaway while the ebook for Eye of The storm is still priced at .99. Here is the giveaway...

Eye of The Storm releases on October 24th! The ebook is available for .99 for a limited time. Buy a copy now and post your order number to the event to be entered into a giveaway for a $10 Amazon giftcard. Winner chosen randomly and contacted Nov. 1st. 

Author is responsible for this giveaway.

Here is the link on goodreads.

The cast of Eye of The Storm is filled with some captivating characters. Today I'm gonna focus on the boyfriends. I found some pics (not mine, borrowed from google images)of guys similar in my mind to the characters in my book but of course not a perfect match.

For starters there's Jerry, Sunshine's fiance.

Average in height with light ginger hair, mixed with sun kissed blond, not a strand out of place, and dimples riding each side of his mouth; Jerry was an attractive man. They went to lunch daily, he brought her fresh cut flowers once a week, which she placed meticulously around her desk.

Yeah, he's a bit of a suck up but still he's not quite "normal".

“I punch numbers and guide my client’s finances.” His sarcasm pushed a dagger through me.

I examined the place with my wifey eyes. The house was cold and impersonal, devoid of anything that might say, “I’m Jerry and this is my humble home”. His walls were near bare with the exception of his forty inch plasma hanging from the living room wall. It is commonly known that your home is a reflection of who you are. At this juncture, I asked myself who is Jerry? A one dimensional man. Is this the man I am getting ready to marry? 

There is Jay, Eilida's uhh... hunky nerd, not quite boyfriend.

“E, wait up,” called a voice. Me? I was the only person out here. I turned my head to see a young man jogging towards me. His chocolate hair flapped behind him in jumbled waves. He must be mistaken. I continued on. His footsteps quickening at my heels, I wasn’t sure whether to run or wait for him. Maybe he knew her? Alongside me now, “E what’s up with the hair?” He was tall and thin but not gangly. With his left hand, he brushed a large flap of waves out of his eyes. He was more than vaguely familiar and I knew him.

Jay stepped into the room wearing nothing but a towel that hung below his waist and threatened to fall off baring the beauty underneath. His abs were chiseled which I hadn’t noticed the other night. I bounded towards him and jumped, curling my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Still the towel lingered. He returned my affection with a kiss and put me down grabbing my arm as he pulled me towards the bedroom. Unable to control myself I pulled the towel off and it dropped to the floor.

With a beguiling look of surprise, he hoisted me over his shoulder like a gunny sack and said, “That’s it! Look what you’ve done,” and closed the door behind us.

In the story Sunshine discovers she and Eilida look almost identical except for their hair so I found some pics that are an excellent likeness to my vision of the two girls. Imagine them with their counterparts.

Many thanks to all of you, where ever you live. I hope you will check out Eye of The Storm and share with others. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ultimate Book Tag

Thank you KayCee K. from Wonder Struck for tagging me.

I tag Marcha Fox and Susanne Leist
Here we go!

1. Do you get sick while reading in the car?
Nope, in fact I used to read during family road trips as a child. Now I spend more time flying and bring my tablet on the plane with me or anywhere else I go. Gotta have my books!

2. Which author's writing style is completely unique to you and why?
I'm gonna say Clarissa Lee Moon. She has a way of telling a few seconds worth of action in several pages that keep me on the edge of my seat.

3. Harry Potter or Twilight Series? Give 3 points to support your answer.
This is a difficult one for me but I'm gonna go with Twilight.
1. I love vampires and the series is unique.
2. I actually own all the books (from my junior high teaching days)
3. I can't imagine the challenge as an author in keeping a vampire series PG-13. Mine would be R!

4. Do you carry a book bag? If so what's in it besides books...
No, I don't carry a book bag instead I have a large purse that contains my tablet, 2 flashdrives, lipgloss, keys, and wallet.

5. Do you smell your books?
When they are fresh and new, yes. There is nothing like the untarnished pages of a brand new book.

6. Books with or without illustrations?
I like illustrations in my mind and if the author is talented enough the story unfolds as a movie inside my head. An illustration in the beginning such as the map of middle Earth in the Hobit can be helpful but that's about it.

7. What book did you love reading and later realized it wasn't quality writing?
I can't remember the name because it has been so many years ago but I read a teen romance novel about a chunky girl who loses weight, moves to the beach and suddenly has a hunky boyfriend. At 12 I thought it was amazing! I never read the next book in the series because I discovered V.C. Andrews and it paled in comparison to My Sweet Audrina.

8. Do you have any funny stories involving books from your childhood? Please share.
When I was really small I loved Dr. Suess. I still do! My younger sister, 6 years my junior, loved Green Eggs and Ham which we all read to her over and over and over. My mom blames me and my older sis for having the Green Eggs and Ham obsession but it wasn't us but I still had fun reading the book!

9.What is the thinnest book on your shelf?
I have two that have about the same amount of thinness. Where the Wild Things are and The House that Drac built. Love that story to this day!

10. What is the thickest book on your shelf?
An Alfred Hitchcock book of shorts. It has a variety of authors and is great fun to take off the shelf and read a story or two before bed.

11. Do you write as well as read? Do you see yourself in the future as being an author?
Yes, I write and have published two of my stories into novels, As Snow Falls and Eye of The Storm Eilida's Tragedy and one of my stories I have released as shorts the Baby Girl series. I love writing as much or more than reading; creating my own sense of reality inside the pages of a book.

12. When did you get into reading?
I can't really remember. I was small. My mom always read to us and when my older sis started reading I would bring her books to read to me. After awhile I started reading myself and haven't stopped.

13. What is your favorite classic book?
I would have to say Huck Finn. I loved the element of mystery I felt reading it. It has been a couple decades since I read it but I couldn't put it down and spent a few days with it attached to my hands- my eyes glued to the pages.

14. In school was your favorite subject language arts/ English?
No, I hated all the formalities of written language and the physical act of writing. I still do but I can type a mean story! I spent 12 years teaching junior high science!

15. If you were given a book as a present that you had read before and hated... what would you do?
I would thank the person for the gift; its the thought that counts then I would give it to a friend who was interested or to a used book store. Something like that happened to me. It was an unread book by an author I didn't know. A chapter in I couldn't stand it so I gave it to goodwill.

16. What is a lesser known series that you know is similar to Harry Potter and Hunger Games?
I would say Order of the Seers. It is an excellent read involving a group of youngsters who have special abilities. They use their abilities to fight the good fight and take down the Guild. Fantastic read!

17. What is a bad habit you always do besides rambling while blogging?
Besides rambling? Posting too frequently or not frequently enough. I also think I post too much about my own books. I get excited when someone leaves a good review or blog post about one of my books, or one of my books hits the top 100. I have to share! It's an addiction. See I'm doing it again! Next question.

18. What is your favorite word?
My favorite word is exsanguinate. I learned it while reading a book and discovered it meant to drain of blood. Love the way the word rolls off my tongue.

19. Are you a nerd, dork, or dweeb or all of the above?
I'd have to say all of the above. I graduated Summa cum laude I think that puts me in the nerd category. I'm a klutz and make strange jokes nobody gets so I think that puts me in the dweeb and dork categories.

20. Vampire or Fairies, why?
I love vamps but I'm going to abandon them here. I think of a fairy as the ultimate bad guy that humans see as beautiful. In reality they have jagged teeth dripping in drool, bad dead flesh breath, and fingernails so long they curl.

21. Shapeshifters or angels, why?
Shapeshifters because they can change into another form and fool others.

22. Spirits or werewolves, why?
Spirits because they do exist.What's creepier than doors slamming on their own, your items in the house always disappearing and turning up somewhere you didn't leave them and hearing voices in another room when you live alone. Spooky!

23. Zombies or vampires, why?
I'm going with vamps here. I love zombies but vamps are sexy. Damon- Vampire Diaries, need I say more?

24. Love triangle or forbidden love?
I'm a hopeless romantic so I'm gonna say forbidden love. I had a taste of it once. It was awesome but sucked too... Heck, that's why its forbidden.

25. And finally: Romance books or action packed with a few loves scenes mixed in?
Action packed with scattered love scenes mixed in. Too much romance and I'm lost as a reader. I like action, intrigue, mystery but I also enjoy scattered love scenes or heat I can feel between two characters who never actually get it on. The tease. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A huge thank you to all these wonderful people!

Today is a thank you blog to everybody out there who has helped me out the past few weeks. This is not a brag session but a huge thank you. As a blogger I share a lot of authors work and have had other authors ask to link back to my blog. It's important to give credit where it's due so that is what today is about. Check out their blogs :-)

Candi Silk wrote two fabulous reviews. I'm so glad she's enjoying Cleo's story. Below is the first line and link.

"Baby Girl – In The Beginning, is the first in a series, and the author, Elle Klass wastes no time thrusting the reader into the spellbinding story." 

Candi Silk Author

"Elle Klass doesn’t waste any time creating challenges for her characters, and surrounding her readers with suspense. "

Candi Silk Author 

Marcha Fox review of Eye of The Storm

"A deranged serial killer, a violent thunderstorm, a neighbor inadvertently witnessing the gruesome scene."

Marcha Fox Author

Small House Blend with Double Decker

John Reinhard Dizon review of Eye of The Storm and analysis of my journey as a writer.

"Which finally brings us to Storm, where Elle introduces us to Eilida Riley, a mysterious woman pursued by Ms. Klass’ latest quirky protagonist."

John Reinhard Dizon Author

I was thrilled when Dawn Lewis spotlighted me on her blog as well. 

Thank you!

Greatest Poet Alive

It's my pleasure to bring you a poet with a unique message Greatest Poet Alive Revenge of the Orgasm. You have to check him out for yourself!

As you are driving, your body involuntarily jumps. Sweat begins on your forehead and appears on your body, even though it is the middle of Winter. Inside of your left thigh, there is a tapping that is not harmful but noticeable. And you begin to wonder if sanity has departed or control of your motor skills is no longer your own. Then, the epiphany becomes clear. This is Revenge of the Orgasm.

Click to watch the video

Buy Link:
Revenge of the Orgasm (Soaking Wet Edition) (Lust Series Book 2)

Social Media:
Instagram- unsubgpa
Twitter-  @gr8estpoetalive

A Fantastic Editor is Priceless

Being an author isn't all about the author. There are many people who go into the production of a book such as the cover artist, book designer, beta readers, and editor. Today's post is about an editor whom I met on goodreads. We didn't meet on an editor/ author basis. It happened as we started talking.  Eye of The Storm needed a thorough proofread and that's when I learned she was an editor/proofreader. I was thrilled with the quality of her work and her eye for detail. It's my great honor to introduce to you Dawn Lewis an awesome editor!

Elle: How long have you been in the profession?

Dawn: Officially, since June of this year (2014). I was sent my first manuscript (one chapter of a novel) in February, after pointing out to an author several major errors that his previous 2 editors had missed. He asked me if I would help… I said “OK”… and off we went!

Unofficially, I’ve been proofing and editing since I first learned to read! Some mistakes just jump right off the page at me without me looking for them.

Elle: Can you give any examples of works you have edited or proof read?

Dawn: I’ve only been an “active” editor for a short time, so it’s pretty easy to list everything! My first job was “Io Deceneus: Journal of a Time Traveler” by Florian Armas. I went on to work on “Origins: Season One” by Nathaniel Dean James, then 2 novels by Jonathan Dunne (“Balloon Animals” and “Living Dead Lovers”), then came “Salvation” by A.M.C. My latest job was “The Eye of the Storm: Eilida’s Tragedy” by Elle Klass. I’ve loved working on all of these books – your readers really should check them out!

Elle: What is your favorite type of music and do you listen while working?

Dawn: I don’t listen to music very often at all! When I do, I’ll choose either country, big band or 80s pop.
I never listen to anything while I’m working. If I hear song lyrics, or even someone speaking, I tend to end up typing what I’m hearing so I don’t take that risk!

Elle: If you were a box of cereal what would it be and why?

Dawn: I would have to be Crunchy Nut Cornflakes! I’m a bit crunchy (especially in the morning!) but can be softened with milk (of kindness, of course!), I’m also a bit “nutty” and I can be sweet!

Elle: What is your favorite and least favorite part of your job?

Dawn: My favourite (I’m English, so I use the “u”!) part is actually doing the work. My brain clicks into a different gear, I get tunnel vision, and nothing exists but the words on the screen. Knowing you’re advising authors is a big responsibility – like looking after someone else’s child!

My least favourite part is finishing. Once the manuscript is sent back, there’s a sense of loss, a “what do I do now?” feeling. There’s usually a couple of sleepless nights afterwards too – hoping the author has followed your advice, that you’ve made it clear why certain changes should be made. In the end though, it’s not my book, and the choices come down to the author.

Elle: What services do you offer and do you have a website? 

Dawn: My website is just a blog for now. You can find it here: http://bookmarksediting.blogspot.co.uk/
I offer a full proof read and edit in one. It involves checking spelling, syntax, grammar, plot development, readability – basically, everything you would expect from a proof reader and editor you can get from me for one basic price.

Charging by the word makes it easier for the author to know how much they can expect to pay – meaning there are never any hidden costs. I’ve heard of some companies charging separately for proofing and editing – and even charging authors whose first language isn’t English more than the standard rate!

Elle: Do you have any specific genres you edit?

Dawn: I will pretty much edit any kind of fiction. It all depends on the book itself. If I don’t feel I can do justice to the book, then I’ll advise the author on an alternative. That hasn’t happened yet though, as I very rarely find a book that I can’t get on with. 

Elle: Do you have any hobbies?

Dawn: Reading is a big part of my life. I love to go book hunting in second hand stores – the older and more tattered the book, the happier I am!

I also enjoy crafting – mostly knitting and crochet – although I’m trying to learn to sew too!

Elle: Do you have a favorite book or author?

Dawn: Whatever I’m working on is usually my favourite book at the time! It becomes so much a part of my life that it’s always on my mind.
I love to read Robin Hobb, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jeffery Deaver, Alex Kava… the list goes on and on!
Thanks to having a Kindle, I’ve been able to read more by new and indie authors, so my list is growing all the time – I’d have to say that you (Elle Klass) rank up there in the top of those, along with Florian Armas, Nathaniel Dean James, Jonathan Dunne and A.M.C.

I really could talk about books and authors forever!

Elle: If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?

Dawn: Oh, that’s a hard one… Do I have electricity? If so, my first item would be my Kindle! If not, I’d have to take along my “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy (it’s in one book, so counts as one item, right?!). My second item would be my crafting bag. Third would have to be a big, squishy pillow.

And a yes, the Lord of The Rings trilogy all combined into one book counts as a single item :-).

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Can you smell the fear?

October is here and for me that means horror movies! I want to feel and smell the fear and yell at people for their ridiculous actions.

Horror movies have made us squirm for generations now from Dracula to Psycho to Wrong Turn. We watch them with our eyes covered waiting for the next horrible event to occur.

One of the first horror movies I ever watched was The Pit and the Pendulum first created by Edgar Ellen Poe. He was a suspense- horror master. I was young, probably under 10 and my uncle was watching the movie. Most likely I wasn't supposed to be in the room or he thought I was busy playing and wouldn't be paying attention. I was watching and became engrossed in parts of the story. My eyes were probably as wide as saucers. I fell in love with Edgar Ellen Poe that day and have been a lover of his writing ever since.

It was years later before I got to watch another horror movie but again it was a classic, Psycho. I didn't jump during the shower scene because I knew it was coming but I kept thinking, What are you doing? Get out of the shower?  It was the ending that surprised me. It takes a special kind of master to weave a story like that and Hitchcock was a master. I went on a Hitchcock movie binge after that.

Jump another couple years into the future and I went to the movies with a group of friends to see Pet Sematary. Like most teenagers my parents had no clue that we were going to see that movie. For the next few months I jumped into my bed to avoid Gage cutting my ankles. The scariest part of that movie for me wasn't the dead boy they brought back to life it was the ghost, and he was good. I think it was his creepy looks that freaked me out. I read some of Stephen King's books after that and fell in love with his morbid, tangled plots heavily laden with suspense.

Many years, decades later I have watched more horror movies than I can count or even name. One that stands out as especially morbid and bloody even I haven't seen it twice is Hostel. The closeup of her eye dangling from her socket just before she is smashed by the train stands out in my memory. I think it is tasteless horror. 

A few good ones that I love are Sunshine. It is a sci-fi movie. The sun is dying and a team of astronauts/ scientists have to save the Earth. 28 Days Later, it's a zombie movie. Everyone gets sick with a virus that kills them and a few stragglers seek to survive by escaping the city.Since I mentioned zombies, another all time favorite of mine is Dawn of the Dead the remake. My favorite scene is where they are standing on their roofs popping off zombies. The last movie I'm going to mention I can't remember the name. In the movie the house changes and shifts as its occupants attempt to vacate it. If anyone can remember it please, please post it below in the comments.

There are many great horror flicks I haven't mentioned. If you have a favorite post it below I would love to know and if I haven't seen it yet I will put it on my must watch list.

Monday, October 13, 2014

How important is plot?

I completed a post on character building the other day. Characters are important. Readers want to connect with them in some way whether it be empathy, hate or love. Another important aspect is plot. Have you ever read a book without one and been left saying, "That's it?" I have.

To me there is nothing worse than reading a book and waiting for the plot to show up, sometimes it never does. I feel empty inside when I can't find the purpose to the book I'm reading. I like books with plot twists and turns that guide me as a reader into the creative mind of the author. I also tend to like horror, suspense, and paranormal reads. 

As an author I've been told that I have a talent in building plot and wrapping up all the loose ends. That could be because I'm meticulous about it. I often start a story with an ending in mind. Not that the book ends the way I plan it. Sometimes, I write the ending first which drives the entire story. I envision it as a triangle with the climax as the top point of the triangle and the bottom broad area as the beginning of the novel. The rest of the triangle fills in as the story moves forward, more and more loose ends being tied up as I move upward in the triangle. 

Every author has their own way of progressing through a story so there is no right or wrong way of doing it. A few stories I've read over the years that have strong twisty plots are 
THE REGULATORS by Richard Bachman (A.K.A. Stephen King), 
Reliquary (Special Agent Pendergast Book 2)by Douglas Preston and a new author who has impressed me  The Dead Game by Susanne Leist. I can't leave out my all time favorite author who was my first real leap into a morbid world filled with plot twists My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews.I'm not sure that my books compare to theirs or that my writing skills are even in the same category but most of these books along with a collection of others are what has trained my writing and imagination. 

My donation into the world of twisted plots and horror is Eye of The Storm: Eilida's Tragedy (Ruthless Storm Book 1). I can only hope that one day it will be ranked with the above novels.

Since I'm talking about horror under the scope of plot. This video has a an awesome plot and is still my favorite video made of all time.