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Saturday, January 17, 2015

My life of adventure and inspiration

For those that know me my decisions last night would not be a surprise. The night started out as any given Friday.

Then somethings were said that made me high tail it out the door and 4 plus miles home on foot on one of the coldest nights. I marked my small goals; the gas station, the next light, McDonalds, the next light. Walking for me is an old friend and I can walk for miles without working up a sweat. To me its thinking time.
I thought long and hard about all the times I've walked miles to get home, about all the injustices in my life, and about a friend who once told me what a resilient women I am. The crisp air and endorphins made me realize how right he was.

I started my journey thinking about everything throughout the night that had ticked me off and how heavy my Victoria's Secret bag was on my shoulder. This thinking escalated into I'm halfway home, how many times have I walked a similar path and ended with me knowing I'm far more resilient and stubborn than anyone gives me credit for, except my best friend who passed away. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I make what I want in life. Its not always easy but it is what it is. This got me thinking about my character Cleo. She is a fighter who forges her own path, not unlike me. By far she is my favorite character. We have spent a lot of time together and sometimes we are one.

As I walked, the the final bend in the road to take me home in sight, another 30 steps or so, and a car passes me. My hood was up to protect me head from the chilly night air. It was very dark. I didn't bother to turn my head. Low and behold a cop car pulls over in front of me and two cops pop out with flashlights blazing. I'm not stupid and am very well aware its not illegal to go for a walk.

They step out all business like and ask if I have weapons. Really? I tell them no and I'm asked to put my bag down then I'm asked for my license. One of the cops quickly searches my bag while the other runs my license. The whole time the only thing on my mind is my home is around the corner I just want to get there and out of the cold. Minutes pass and they deem me safe and thank goodness give me a ride home.Finally! I figure it was the least they could do after detaining me roadside for at least 5 minutes in the freezing weather.
It was my first time ever in the back of a cop car. I sized it up thinking this shit would be hard to get out of if I were a criminal. Thank goodness I'm not. I'm not an angel but I have never broke any laws either.

My adventure ended and I went straight to bed snuggled up and allowing the sand man to visit for the night.

You never know what a day may hold and what adventures awaits you.

But my adventure didn't stop there. I slept like a baby full on milk all night until my roommate woke me up about 9:30 A.M. saying, "A cop is at the door to see you." What? So I drowsily, my body screaming in pain got up from bed and padded to the living room. Each step more painful then the one before. 

The cop asks if I'm missing anything. Heck if I know. I had went straight to bed. She asks if I have specific items and where they were found. I say, "Yup, sounds like mine." Then I describe them in further detail and she calls the cop who found them and says she (cop who found them) will bring them to me.

One of the items was my driver's license. It wasn't my new license. I recently, well in the past year, moved. When I paid for my new car registration I also updated my license with my new address.I had thrown the envelop with my new license in my purse and swapped out the new for the old in my wallet. I put the old in my business card case and forgot about it. 

The third cop who has my stuff comes by the house and asks if the items were mine. I agreed they were. She had gone to my old address to deliver the items. I wasn't there. I'm sure if someone was home at my old address they were a bit surprised to have a cop early in the morning knocking at their door, Hopefully they didn't freak out and think something horrible had happened to a loved one. After finding I didn't live at my old address she ran my name through the system which of course popped up with my new address.

The cops were all pretty cool and I got to ride in the back of a cop car which may really come in handy in future stories.All of them (police) were curious why I was walking so far and at night. My roommate asked, "Why didn't you call. I would have given you a ride." I think my answer is a I like to walk when my mind is busy. It helps me sort through my thoughts and put life into perspective. It also gives me great stuff to use in my stories. I have done the walking thing all my life and all my experiences, stuff I've witnessed and been part of jumbled with my strange creativity has given me the ammunition to write my tales.

And now several hours later I have no idea why I had been upset. I think I just needed to walk. 

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