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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Computer Woes

As of a couple weeks ago I ordered a new computer- a laptop notebook.

I had no laptop and my desktop is still running windows XP. The support ran out nearly a year ago and its been going through some strange quirks. I have never bought a new computer and decided it was time especially since my lively hood depends on having a computer that works properly.I did my research and found exactly the computer I wanted that would be perfect for my needs.

Overjoyed I received my new computer Thursday. When I attempted to get online it wouldn't find the router. Needless to say I have been round and round with the company I bought the computer from and my internet provider.

The wireless card on the computer is bad. OK no big deal. That's what I thought. 4 days later I am sending it back to them and getting a new one. At this point the whole "Wow, new computer" excitement has wore off and I no longer care. I am perfectly happy to use the computer that works even though it has quirks instead of worrying about my new computer I was only days ago excited about.

All that being said when I'm really down I look at my book sales as a perk-me-up. I was perked to find that Eye of the Storm Eilida's Tragedy is #19 in literature and fiction/ horror/ ghosts sales in Australia. This number won't remain there but it was enough to make me smile and realize the whole computer debacle doesn't matter. Who cares. Thank you to all the readers of my books out there. You have no idea how many times you have made my day simply by buying one of my books or leaving a review. :-)

 Have a great weekend and remember not to let little things get you down!


  1. Well deserved. Loved Eye of the Storm. Great read ☺

  2. Well deserved. Loved Eye of the Storm. Great read ☺

  3. Thanks Brigitte! I enjoy your opinion :-)