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Sunday, January 25, 2015

One of my all time favorite movies!

On occasion there is a movie that releases that I fall in love with. A couple years ago Pitch Perfect released and I have watched it about 20 times since. I love the movie. It's a feel good movie, with great music and awesome talent.

Short Trailer
So what is about this movie that is so amazing?

The talent first of all. Most of the actors/actresses I hadn't seen in anything previously. They are fresh, young, and overflowing with natural talent. I'm also a music lover. I was blown away but their ability to make such perfect music using their mouths, no music, Acapella style. All the beats and rhythm are them.

I can't give away the movie but can say the movie was left in a spot that welcomed a sequel and I have been waiting impatiently for it. 

Official Trailer

In my opinion Pitch Perfect was the best movie of the decade!

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