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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Way of All Flesh by Corey Furman

What an interesting, intriguing read. I was most amazed by the authors ability to make me truly hate a couple of the characters. At times I really wanted to tell them off! I also felt deep sympathy for other characters. 

My Review:

The Way of all Flesh by Corey Furman is a sci-fi futuristic read. humans are no longer locked to living on Earth and have ventured out to other planets and space stations. Joss Breylin a college man on Earth meets the love of his life Riss, short for Larissa. Little do they know at the time but their road ahead will be cluttered with potholes. Immediately after college he is sent to serve in the colonial Marines and is sent to Zarmina - a world with one side locked to it's sun. The sun never rises or sinks and half the planet facing away from the sun is cold an unliveable. Constant storms and rain grace the surface of this planet. However Zarmina becomes his home and Riss joins him there.In this futuristic world humans have created simulants. They look human and are born with a twin and come in varying models. Joss and Riss take in their own pair of simulants.The story gets wild from this pint on

This novel engaged me from the start with his colorful writing that painted the future world these characters live in. The characters are all so vivid and I found myself loathing a couple of them and cheering for the underdogs whom always seemed to get the short end of the stick. I despised the way the simulants were treated at times because they weren't "human" although by only by the narrowist margin is the difference between a human and simulant. Each simulant has a twin or chroma and are extremely close and bound to one another in a way that humans don't seem to completely understand.

The Way of All Flesh is a journey of love, tragedy, and humanity that is sure to keep the reader plastered to the book and the pages turning!

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