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Monday, January 5, 2015

Anna Burke A Dead Husband/ A Dead Sister Tour

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AUTHOR BIO: Anna Celeste Burke

Life is an extravaganza! Figuring out how to hang tough and make the most of the wild ride is the challenge. On my way to Oahu to join the rock musician and high school drop-out I had married in Tijuana, I was nabbed as a runaway. Eventually the police let me
go, but the rock band broke up. Our next stop: Disney World, where we trained to be chefs. More education landed us in academia at The Ohio State University. For decades I researched, wrote, and spoke about a number of gloriously nerdy topics. Retired now, I’m still married to the same sweet guy and live with him near Palm Springs, California. I write the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery series set here in the Sonoran Desert, a spectacular place to ponder life’s mysteries while relishing the delights of the desert resort cities.  Book 1, A DEAD HUSBAND, was released December, 2013. Book 2, A DEAD SISTER, released April, 2014. Book 3, A DEAD DAUGHTER, out late 2014. 


"My first day as a sleuth was more Stephanie Plum than Miss Marple." Jessica Huntington, amateur sleuth with a shopping jones and a black AMEX card, finds out money can’t buy happiness or save your neck. Her well-planned life in shambles, she’s hiding out near Palm Springs. When her best friend’s husband is murdered, Jessica and her friends are soon stalked by scoundrels in pantyhose, stilettos, Bruno Maglis, and Armani suits. Roger Stone had something that got him killed. What was it and what will they do to get it back? 

Even in a desert paradise life is full of surprises, like A DEAD HUSBAND.

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“The worst kind of truth is better than the best lie, Jessica.” Jessica Huntington’s back, trying to find out the truth about the death of a friend. Who killed Kelly Fontana? The auburn-haired beauty, with the voice of an angel and a streak of wild, was found dead in a Palm Springs hotel parking lot. The victim of a hit-and-run, the case soon grew cold. Fourteen years later a lowlife meth addict swears “It weren’t no accident. It was on purpose!” Things soon heat up, not just the cold case, but the relationship between Jessica and Kelly’s brother Frank. She was only 19 years old, how could she have had any enemies? 

Even in a desert paradise life is full of surprises, like A DEAD SISTER 

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Amazon- A Dead Sister (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book 2)
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