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Monday, January 5, 2015

Jimi Akanbi

I have now reviewed a few of Jimi Akanbi's books. He is an excellent author. Recently, I was given the opportunity to review his autobiography and it was so amazing and encouraging I wanted to share it here. In life we all go through hardships depending on who we are and our own inner strength defines the outcome of our struggles. Jimi Akanbi's life went through the wringer so to speak but today he has found his path which he shares with others.

My review:

Almost Lost Hope: From Struggles to Triumph is a phenomenal memoir of Jimi Akanbi’s journey through life. His book is the naked truth about his life. He tells of childhood stories which are much like many of our stories. He outlines his struggles in life from malaria, to unemployment, even temporarily losing his wife and child. He never gave up on God and allowed him to lead his life and career. Today he is an author and writes and shares the word of God through his books.

I have read a few of his other books and really enjoyed this memoir as it enlightened me to how he came into the literary world and who he is as a person. It seems his struggles in life not only strengthened him but have enlightened him in his writing. His path is one that displays how discouraging and cruel life can be;  it also shows how we can overcome challenges presented to us. Now that he found his niche in life, everything else has fallen into place. 

An amazing, uplifting read.

Here are his other books that I have read and reviewed. 


Understanding the benefits of mankind by Jim Akanbi is a guide to living a happy, fulfilled life, and receiving God’s blessings for us. He uses a variety of bible verses to support his interpretations. The book is organized into seven important aspects money, marriage, time, sex, power, materials and life. These areas are paramount in all our lives and part of the human condition. So how can we manage them successfully in today’s world? Jim answers that question within this book.

The book is written in a relatable, easy to understand tone.  He uses not only biblical scripture but other examples in society and history to support his thought.  His gentle words encourage the reader to continue reading. I found the book to be supportive of living a right, whole and moral life according to the bible and it’s never too late to start living that life.

Jim Akanbi’s conversational, down to earth tone makes this book an enjoyable read that is respectful and filled with love. For the reader looking for direction and guidance in life this is definitely the book you.


Living a Fullfilled life by Jimi Akanbi is a positive spiritual ride into understanding humanity and God’s place in our lives. He discusses having a meek heart, the choices of our words and the power behind what we say and what God says, God’s grace, gifts and our gifts from him. Through the strong words of this author the reader can get acquainted with ideas we know but have forgotten or don’t practice and think about as much as we should. It often happens, we have the best intentions, then life throws us a curve ball and we forget. Reading this book can renew our path and set our intentions on the right path again.

The author's choice of words and scriptures are strong and purposeful, giving not condemning. He uses plain, simple language any reader can understand to get the message across. It seems his intent is simply to give us strength and enlighten our thoughts. To lead us in a better direction through God’s strength and love for us. There is a subtle message that I found within the pages of this book; God is and always will be and he is a gracious and loving God. I have now read two books by this author and my perception of him is that he is a humble, caring soul. 

An uplifting read in this sometimes crazy world.

Where to find his books:
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