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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Computer Woes

As of a couple weeks ago I ordered a new computer- a laptop notebook.

I had no laptop and my desktop is still running windows XP. The support ran out nearly a year ago and its been going through some strange quirks. I have never bought a new computer and decided it was time especially since my lively hood depends on having a computer that works properly.I did my research and found exactly the computer I wanted that would be perfect for my needs.

Overjoyed I received my new computer Thursday. When I attempted to get online it wouldn't find the router. Needless to say I have been round and round with the company I bought the computer from and my internet provider.

The wireless card on the computer is bad. OK no big deal. That's what I thought. 4 days later I am sending it back to them and getting a new one. At this point the whole "Wow, new computer" excitement has wore off and I no longer care. I am perfectly happy to use the computer that works even though it has quirks instead of worrying about my new computer I was only days ago excited about.

All that being said when I'm really down I look at my book sales as a perk-me-up. I was perked to find that Eye of the Storm Eilida's Tragedy is #19 in literature and fiction/ horror/ ghosts sales in Australia. This number won't remain there but it was enough to make me smile and realize the whole computer debacle doesn't matter. Who cares. Thank you to all the readers of my books out there. You have no idea how many times you have made my day simply by buying one of my books or leaving a review. :-)

 Have a great weekend and remember not to let little things get you down!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Little Martians Learn to Count by Madi Preda

Goodreads event link for free book days. Click the link and check the yes box. 

"A parent's work is to create the person she or he will become"

Education starts from birth and never ending.Little Martians Learn to Count is a book created to appeal to the infinite curiosity of a child.Starting from the principle that every single kid is an individual learner, the author wrote this book aiming to help parents make math more lovable and children achieve theirs fullest intellectual potential.By giving the child independence within limits, educators and parents can create worksheets based on the book, plan theirs lessons and stimulate children's creativity.

Engage young children in Everyday Mathematics!
Amazon.com: Little Martians Learn to Count eBook: Madi Preda: Kindle Store 

Madi Preda was born in Romania, grew up there, under Dracula myth and communist regime. For many years she was working as an accountant in Galati and then moved to Greece, in 2007. After seven years she is back in Romania, and now lives and works in Brasov. Her first book, How To Promote and Market Your Book explores how Marketing and PR can differentiate an author from others in attracting and retaining more readers.

Recently she released a new book, a totally different genre.Little Martians Learn to Count by Madi Preda encompass the skills required for preschool and kindergarten.The book is focused at achieving the children development through eye catching images.This book was designed to help parents and teachers plan the lessons in a funny way so children will be more inclined to do extra-curricular work in class or at home.In addition worksheets can be created in concordance with what children should learn in preschool and kindergarten, in order to attract and make it easy for kids to learn and achieve certain objectives.

Where to Buy

Bite the Big Apple Release

Bite the Big Apple is finally here! The fourth installment of the Baby Girl series. Cleo was abandoned at 12 and left to fend for herself. Now grown and coming full circle in book 4 she finds answers to the questions that have haunted and plagued her existence.

Cleo, masquerading as Shanna, is hot on the trail of learning her identity. After spending a lifetime living lies she now finds her biological family, and learns the truth about her birth. Why she was kidnapped at the hands of Perdy and why Slug hunted her down; killing her one true love.

Excerpt 1:
“Did you know my son?” The voice startled me out of my thoughts of Einstein. I looked up from my solace to see who I assumed was his mother. Her hair was blond like Einstein’s only she had streaks of white. The skin around her gentle eyes bore webs in the creases. She too was tall and thin. He looked much like her.

“No, I didn’t know him, but have heard what happened. I think it… is heartbreaking… what happened. I had a friend who… I just wanted to visit and pay my respects.” I wanted to tell her ‘yes, I loved your son’ but couldn’t bring myself to. Instead, I made up yet another story.

“My son was a very special young man. He wanted to do incredible things.” He did do something incredible. He loved and took care of me, but I didn’t say that to her.

“Do you mind me asking…? Do you know why he ran?” The questions ran out of my mouth like water from a hose. I kicked myself mentally for being so insensitive.

“I don’t feel that is your business.” The pain in her eyes was evident, although she didn’t ask me to leave. Maybe she needed to talk about it, wanted to talk about it. I needed to talk about it and didn’t want her running off so I continued.

“I’m sorry. I had a friend who ran and I don’t know why. Why kids leave a good home. You seem like such a nice woman, a good mother. My friend also had a good family but still he ran.”

I breathed a silent sigh of relief when she continued. “It seems ridiculous now. I can’t seem to forgive myself. We didn’t always see eye to eye with Burke.” For a long time we just stood there, saying nothing, each of us deep in our own sorrow for this lost young man. 

Excerpt 2:
The following day, when I came back from lunch, a man was waiting in the office, reading a paper. As I came through the door, he turned towards me. A shockwave of terror went down my spine and I felt frozen in place. It was the creepy man from the plane the one who followed me in Paris and sent Halette’s body down the river, Mr. Dancy Eyes. He found me and now my time was up!

Living in New York, working for the people who wanted to kill me, I was in the pit of the lion’s den and preferred not to be their next meal, so I started carrying a knife. Clutching my purse housing my blade closely and replaying the self defense skills Sam had taught me in Paris through my mind, I felt relatively safe. They hadn’t failed me yet, although a six foot man would be much harder to take down than a five foot woman. I wasn’t going without a fight. I kept my purse close. Doing my best to hide my nervousness I asked, “Do you have an appointment sir?”

He placed his paper on the chair beside him and stood up. I braced myself. Then he spoke. “Yes, I’m Mitchel Strat I spoke with William this morning and he asked me to meet him here at one o’clock.” The left side of his lips turned up in a quirky sly smile giving away his recognition of me.

“He isn’t back from lunch yet. Please take a seat.” I offered and quickly took my own seat behind my desk. I dropped my purse into my desk drawer and slipped the knife out, placing it on top of my purse while leaving the drawer open slightly.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

18 Thoughts by Jamie Ayers Launch and Giveaway!

18 Thoughts cover 18 Thoughts Launch & Giveaway!

Greetings, fellow book nerds! I’m YA author Jamie Ayres, and I’m sooo excited to announce that 18 Thoughts, the final book in the My So-Called Afterlife trilogy, is finally available from Curiosity Quills Press

Toss the virtual confetti, because it’s been three years in the making (and virtual confetti is a lot less messier). If you haven't heard of this series yet, here's the cliffnotes summary of each book: 18 Things: Olga Gay Worontzoff struggles to live again after a lightning strike kills the best friend she was secretly in love with. Her therapist suggests she write a life list of eighteen things to complete the year of her eighteenth birthday, sending her and her friends, including the new hottie in town, on an unexpected journey they’ll never forget. But there’s more to Olga’s quests than meets the eye and when her therapist reveals a terrifying secret, her world is shaken. 

18 Truths: With the lessons the 18 Things life list taught her engraved on her heart, Olga spends her summer in the Underworld and embarks on a new adventure as a spirit guide, but nothing prepares her for the chilling truths she’s learning along the way. 

18 Thoughts: Olga Gay Worontzoff left the Underworld anxious to return to normal, but fate had other plans; now she’s caught in a world that’s a mix of familiar and supernatural, torn between past and present. 

Book Trailer: 

 What do others have to say about the series? "A surprising paranormal tale that explores deep questions concerning love, faith, and friendship that will absolutely resonate with teens." ~Amy Christine Parker, Critically Acclaimed Author of Gated and Astray

"A haunting tale that had me smiling one moment and on the brink of tears the next." ~ Heather Burch, Critically Acclaimed Author of the Halflings Series and One Lavender Ribbon 

 "A touching story that will make you cherish each day and the ones you love." ~Jaime Rush, New York Times bestselling author of the Hidden series 

 "Warning: These characters will move right into your heart, rearrange all the furniture, and never, ever leave. 18 Thoughts will become a part of you--prepare to be changed." ~Teshelle Combs, Amazon Best-Selling Author of the Core Series 

 "A twisty conclusion to a spiritually charged trilogy that will grip you from book one." ~Eliza Tilton, YA Author of the Daath Chronicles 

"An emotional journey readers won't soon forget--will have readers making their own bucket lists." ~Marisa Cleveland, Author of the South Beach Series, Pushed, and The Valentine Challenge 

 "An achingly beautiful story of life, loss and hope... a triumph." ~J. Keller Ford, Author of Dragon Flight and The Amulet of Ormisez 

Purchase 18 Thoughts (Book 3) on Amazon Purchase 

18 Things (Book 1) on Amazon (Free from Jan. 25-27th!)

Purchase 18 Truths (Book 2) on Amazon (Special $2.99 price through Jan. 27th!) 

 To celebrate the book birthday, I’m offering one lucky winner a huge swag bag valued at $115! Just enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway Yes, it's open to all people of the world, not just Americans :-) Best of luck, and happy reading!

Jamie Author Pic 

Amazon bestselling author Jamie Ayres writes young adult love stories by night and teaches young adults as an English teacher by day. When not at home on her laptop or at school, she can often be found at a local book store grabbing random children and reading to them. So far, she has not been arrested for this. She has been praised for featuring strong, appealing heroines and plot twists readers never saw coming. Visit jamieayres.com for more information or to simply share your thoughts with her.    

One of my all time favorite movies!

On occasion there is a movie that releases that I fall in love with. A couple years ago Pitch Perfect released and I have watched it about 20 times since. I love the movie. It's a feel good movie, with great music and awesome talent.

Short Trailer
So what is about this movie that is so amazing?

The talent first of all. Most of the actors/actresses I hadn't seen in anything previously. They are fresh, young, and overflowing with natural talent. I'm also a music lover. I was blown away but their ability to make such perfect music using their mouths, no music, Acapella style. All the beats and rhythm are them.

I can't give away the movie but can say the movie was left in a spot that welcomed a sequel and I have been waiting impatiently for it. 

Official Trailer

In my opinion Pitch Perfect was the best movie of the decade!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Poetry Is...??? by Jeniann Bowers Blog Tour

Poet's Bio

Jeniann is the owner at Poetry is...which is a blogging business of her own personal poetry and also a blog to help spread the word of poetry and teach the world that poetry is an excellent choice to write and read. Jeniann is a firm advocate for poetry publishing and writing poetry.

Jeniann is also a five time self-published poetess. Her books have been in the top ten best selling list on Amazon in the past and her current ratings stand at 4.5. She has published the following books: Expressions on Life Book One, Expressions and Letters, Phraseology and Letters, Collection of 25 Days of Christmas Poetry, and her recently re-release of Poems, Dreams & More. She is currently working on her next book of poetry collections.

Jeniann is a past student at Capella University. She has made both the President's and Dean's list for outstanding academic achievements and she currently holds a 4.0 GPA in her studies. She is hoping to graduate with a Bachelor in Science in Business with a specialized degree in Finance.

Jeniann was born in Whitefish, Montana in 1972. She was raised in Eureka, Montana most of her younger years. She was the youngest of four children and the only surviving girl. Jeniann attended Rexford Elementary school her kindergarten year and the following year she transferred to Eureka Elementary School where she graduated from the eighth grade in 1987. She the attended Lincoln County High School until her junior year when she moved from Eureka to Medford, Oregon with her mother and stepfather.

Poetry Book Blurb and Spotlight:

Poetry is...a book of self-expression through poems about life, love, forbidden love, desires, and nature. This book also includes quotes written by the poet and short articles. Poems featured are: "The Disease," "Clouds of Gray,"  "inkstand," "Mountain Spring," and "Dreams vs. Reality."

The Disease

I was the disease that you never wanted,
I played games with your heart,
Whenever you looked into my eyes,
You couldn't handle the rush of emotions,
The feeling of falling,
Not knowing if I would be there to pick you up,
You played the role of gun and bullet,
Out to kill the disease that was aching at your heart,
Knowing that the disease is what you wanted,
But the pride is the bigger enemy to love,
Love would mean letting go,
Twirling out of control,
The shivers and shakes,
The withdrawals,
The heart breaking when you weren't with me,
Was all but the disease eating at you,
And you turned your back,
Walked away and killed the disease
With the bullet with words of lies,
Because I was the disease you wanted all a long.

My Review
I’ve always been someone who loved and admired poetry but was never a huge reader of poetry. Jeniann changed that for me. When I hear she has a new book coming out I get excited and can’t wait to open it up and start reading. Her poetry is heartfelt and filled with naked honesty. Her unique style of writing plays across the tongue and lingers in the soul.

In Poetry Is there is a tone of encouragement and happiness. Each poem is a small journey from darkness to light. There is a sweet simplicity in each poem celebrating the tiniest details most of us take for granted. She celebrates love and life in a way that I rarely see. 

A poet who will leaves an impression that won’t soon be forgotten.

Playlist for “Poetry Is...???”

1. Bad Company – If You Need Somebody
2. Bon Jovi – Born to Be My Baby
3. Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day
4. Bon Jovi – It's My Life
5. Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer
6. Def Leppard – Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
7. Def Leppard – When Love & Hate Collide
8. Def Leppard – Miss You In A Heartbeat
9. Def Leppard – Love Bites
10. Def Leppard - Hysteria
11. Cheap Trick – The Flame
12. Journey – Faithfully
13. Journey – Separate Ways
14. Journey – Open Arms
15. Kiss – Forever
16. Motley Crue – Without You
17. Poison – Fallen Angel
18. Poison - Cry Tough
19. REO Speedwagon – Can't Fight This Feeling
20. April Wine – Rock Myself to Sleep
21. Foreigner - I Want to Know What Love Is
22. ZZ Top – Rough Boy
23. Mr. Mister -  Broken Wings -
24. Godsmack – Voodoo

“Why These Songs & Poems”

Def Leppard – When Love & Hate Collide “Why You”
        As a poet who lives and breathes from feelings and emotions around me, I am deeply passionate about what a song says when I listen to it. And, I listen to a lot of music! And most would laugh if they knew how much I loved the rock scene of the 70's & 80's and the ones that continued on past the grunge area.. But these artists of this time period along with great poets is why I write.
        Such as Def Leppard, a huge fan and a lover of their lyrics. This song, even though released in 1996 and was a new released song on their album Vault, it is still one of my favorites and it inspired the poem “Why You.”  
         The poem, “Why You” was written from the point of when a friendship may lead to something a little more serious and only one wants it. Most of us has encountered this at one time or another with a close friend who we start having feelings for and wanting more from the relationship. But then those awful words are said “Friendship Only” but you feel it to be lie or a cover up of fear because the other person has shown that they feel the same.
         I wrote this because I know exactly how it feels, your mind starts to play games and dreams interfere with your concentration during the day and you know that when that special someone said those words “Friendship Only” that is, when love and hate collide. “When Love & Hate Collide,” plays on my phone, I cannot but relate to how love and hate collides in our everyday relationships and how love has to be stronger than hate or hate wins and the love looses and then we find ourselves lost and broken.

Def Leppard – Have Your Ever Needed Someone So Bad  – “The Disease”
       Again, being a huge fan and a lover of Def Leppard's lyrics. This song, even though released in 1992 and a classic song by on their album Adrenalize , it is still one of my favorites and it inspired the poem “The Disease”
       The poem, “The Disease” is about needing someone so bad and knowing that you toil with their heart and emotions to the point where they cannot handle the rush. But pride and fear are bigger and they turn and run but wanting you along.
       We have all felt love before or wanted love. Love is our biggest desire, need and want. There are times in our life that we will feel the need to have someone close and special to us, but sometimes that is rejected even when it is wanted. The poem, “The Disease “ was written for the ones who are searching or wanting that kind of love in their life but being rejected at the same time just makes the need of wanting that person even more so.

Def Leppard – Miss You In A Heartbeat - “My Love For You”
       Yes, Def Leppard rules my phone a little too much! This song was released in 1992 and a classic song on their album Retro Active, it is still one of my favorites and it inspired the poem “My Love For You.”  
    And, yes, another love poem and wishing, wanting, hoping and never having the love. But love does not always mean that you have to be together in a full relationship to love someone forever. I have loved and still love many people that have come and gone from my life through the years. However, sometimes we go to our grave before we really hear someone confess their love for us.

The next three poems and songs I hold very close to my heart. Here is why, when I was young, wild, crazy teenage girl, my first love committed suicide when he was only 16. These next three songs and poems stem from that time period when we thought nothing bad would ever tear us apart and we loved to hard.

April Wine – Rock Myself to Sleep  –“May Not Have You”
      This song was the song he played all night on our first date. I still get the shivers when I think about him, that night and listen to this song. For many years after his death, I did just what this song title says, I rocked myself to sleep by listening to all of our favorite songs. And even after I was married I found myself at times hidden away from everyone listening and crying over the loss of him.
         The poem “ May Not Have You” was inspired from our relationship. We dated off and on for two years and then on tragic night it happened and after that I never felt completely whole ever again. And even though it has been 28 years since then, every now and then he pops in and out of my dreams and I wake up feeling young all over again.

Foreigner - I Want to Know What Love Is  - “Unknown to Me”
      This song was the last song we ever listened to before he died. We had spent the day together hanging out, talking, laughing and even some tears fell that day...ten days later he was gone. When I think back to those days and him, I know he was my soul mate and that we were meant for each other. We had so much in common and our families were had a crazy story behind it too. Just so you know his dad was my mother's first love as well.
       But the poem, “Unknown to Me” is about finding your soul mate in life. Back then we were young, wild and crazy and didn't know this. But as I live my life now, I live for him as well. Even if I find love again which I know I will, he will still be apart of me me because it was all unknown to us and especially me that I would be living life for both of us, while he watches over me from heaven.

Mr. Mister – Broken Wings - “Morning Glory”
       This song has no real connection to him, it was a song I would play over and over again after he died. I would lock myself away and listen to it in my room for hours, because I felt that this song had a message to me from him. And, that message was, him telling me that we both had broken wings but we had to learn how to fly again. He did when he received his wings and I am still here trying to learn how to fly and free from the pain, and hurt I have had to go through in life from so much loss and hatred.  
       The poem, “Morning Glory” was a poem I wrote to him, when I finally felt like I could say my goodbyes and but I will continue to cherish him in my heart and dreams. “Morning Glory” is my way of closing a chapter of my life that took 28 years to do, but one I know I can reopen with love at anytime and know he is here with me.

The next two songs and poems have to do with my life and my dreams of rebuilding who I am today.
Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day - “Struggles”
       Besides being a huge Def Leppard fan, I am a huge fan of Bon Jovi. And life gets me down and out at times and I just have to back up and play this song and move forward. My life, just like everyone else, is not easy. My kids, music and writing is what keeps me going. Take that away and I would seriously have to hurt someone..lol! I live a life of chronic physical pain, anxiety and  neuropathy and being a single mom who struggles to just make ends meet with no help from anyone can make life overwhelming, stressful and tough. The poem, “Struggles” is about my daily life and how hard it is sometimes to make it through the day and into the night.  And when life hits me hard, I play this song, smile say “Have A Nice Day” and Kiss My A** to the world around me and dive into writing, my kids and my music.

Poison – Cry Tough - “inkstand”
   This song, “Cry Tough” has always been a awesome song and one that I always held close when I felt things were fallen apart. A year ago, I threw my hands up and walked away from every dream I ever had. I allowed myself to fall into a deep dark depression and loneliness. Then, two months ago after friends and my kids convinced me into coming back to writing and publishing, I started to listen to this song again for inspirational purpose and because I loved and still love Poison.  Sometimes we do have to fight harder than others have to for our dreams to come true and make things work so they can become a reality instead of a dream up there in the stars hanging over us waiting for us to catch them. My dream is just to write  great poems and work hard to help others achieve theirs.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Letty's Story by Leticia

Every so often a remarkable nonfiction book comes my way. Letty's story is one of those books. There is only so many ways to say, Wow!

My Review:

I’m not a huge nonfiction reader but every so often a nonfiction book comes my way. Letty’s Story is one woman’s amazing journey of courage. She was born in the Phillippines during WW2. Awakened with a start as bombs blew her home to pieces. Soon the Japanese take over and she finds herself, at a very young age, bartering and trading in order to take of herself. As the war ensues her family falls apart and she is subjected to various forms of abuse. Somehow she manages to overcome the odds.

I found this book very difficult to put down and read every waking moment until I turned the last page. The story is heartbreaking and encouraging. There were some gaps and cryptic memories that left me curious but I assume they are memories better left forgotten or unimportant to the story. Either way Letty’s Story is a fascinating read.

An empowering novel that will leave an impression in the mind and on the soul. 

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Amazon- Letty's Story
Barnes and Noble


Saturday, January 17, 2015

My life of adventure and inspiration

For those that know me my decisions last night would not be a surprise. The night started out as any given Friday.

Then somethings were said that made me high tail it out the door and 4 plus miles home on foot on one of the coldest nights. I marked my small goals; the gas station, the next light, McDonalds, the next light. Walking for me is an old friend and I can walk for miles without working up a sweat. To me its thinking time.
I thought long and hard about all the times I've walked miles to get home, about all the injustices in my life, and about a friend who once told me what a resilient women I am. The crisp air and endorphins made me realize how right he was.

I started my journey thinking about everything throughout the night that had ticked me off and how heavy my Victoria's Secret bag was on my shoulder. This thinking escalated into I'm halfway home, how many times have I walked a similar path and ended with me knowing I'm far more resilient and stubborn than anyone gives me credit for, except my best friend who passed away. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I make what I want in life. Its not always easy but it is what it is. This got me thinking about my character Cleo. She is a fighter who forges her own path, not unlike me. By far she is my favorite character. We have spent a lot of time together and sometimes we are one.

As I walked, the the final bend in the road to take me home in sight, another 30 steps or so, and a car passes me. My hood was up to protect me head from the chilly night air. It was very dark. I didn't bother to turn my head. Low and behold a cop car pulls over in front of me and two cops pop out with flashlights blazing. I'm not stupid and am very well aware its not illegal to go for a walk.

They step out all business like and ask if I have weapons. Really? I tell them no and I'm asked to put my bag down then I'm asked for my license. One of the cops quickly searches my bag while the other runs my license. The whole time the only thing on my mind is my home is around the corner I just want to get there and out of the cold. Minutes pass and they deem me safe and thank goodness give me a ride home.Finally! I figure it was the least they could do after detaining me roadside for at least 5 minutes in the freezing weather.
It was my first time ever in the back of a cop car. I sized it up thinking this shit would be hard to get out of if I were a criminal. Thank goodness I'm not. I'm not an angel but I have never broke any laws either.

My adventure ended and I went straight to bed snuggled up and allowing the sand man to visit for the night.

You never know what a day may hold and what adventures awaits you.

But my adventure didn't stop there. I slept like a baby full on milk all night until my roommate woke me up about 9:30 A.M. saying, "A cop is at the door to see you." What? So I drowsily, my body screaming in pain got up from bed and padded to the living room. Each step more painful then the one before. 

The cop asks if I'm missing anything. Heck if I know. I had went straight to bed. She asks if I have specific items and where they were found. I say, "Yup, sounds like mine." Then I describe them in further detail and she calls the cop who found them and says she (cop who found them) will bring them to me.

One of the items was my driver's license. It wasn't my new license. I recently, well in the past year, moved. When I paid for my new car registration I also updated my license with my new address.I had thrown the envelop with my new license in my purse and swapped out the new for the old in my wallet. I put the old in my business card case and forgot about it. 

The third cop who has my stuff comes by the house and asks if the items were mine. I agreed they were. She had gone to my old address to deliver the items. I wasn't there. I'm sure if someone was home at my old address they were a bit surprised to have a cop early in the morning knocking at their door, Hopefully they didn't freak out and think something horrible had happened to a loved one. After finding I didn't live at my old address she ran my name through the system which of course popped up with my new address.

The cops were all pretty cool and I got to ride in the back of a cop car which may really come in handy in future stories.All of them (police) were curious why I was walking so far and at night. My roommate asked, "Why didn't you call. I would have given you a ride." I think my answer is a I like to walk when my mind is busy. It helps me sort through my thoughts and put life into perspective. It also gives me great stuff to use in my stories. I have done the walking thing all my life and all my experiences, stuff I've witnessed and been part of jumbled with my strange creativity has given me the ammunition to write my tales.

And now several hours later I have no idea why I had been upset. I think I just needed to walk. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Samson by Danie Adendorff

GENRE: Young adult / Romance

 Buy @ Amazon


Samson Zondi is just 15 when his carefree teen-life becomes a nightmare. His parents die of Aids, and he becomes the sole support and provider for his three younger brothers.
He has to face a hostile community determined to ostracize them, and discover the murderer of several members of his Church. His only ally is a girl he hates: Nelly, the daughter of his Father’s betrayer, and the ultimate cause of his family’s tragedy…
Samson will have to use all the cunning and courage of his ancestors - Tshaka's fabled warriors - to defeat a hidden enemy, and make common cause with the lovely but irritating Nelly to unravel a mystery, and uncover the truth.
Set in the lovely hills of Zululand, “SAMSON” is a revelation and a hymn to the lyrical Zulu Culture; a cry for help for the millions of Aids orphans in Africa, and above all a great read for the young and mature reader alike.


  Author Danie Adendorff was born and raised in the stunning landscape of the ancient Zulu Kingdom in current day KwaZulu-Natal, and he walked the very land of the Bambatha Rebellion (Samson’s famous ancestor).
Danie Adendorff was a witness and a participant in a watershed moment of South African History, and has synthesized that experience and his love and respect for the Zulu Culture into a fierce, heart-rending epic called SAMSON.
Danie. adendorff@wdapublishing.com


The humid air is sluggish; hazy with heat. In the distance the Masinga Mountains are veiled with mist, their blue outlines blurred to dirty grey and sinister pall overlays the region.

Inside the kraal - the family’s compound- the huts look like ant hills visited by a marauding Aardvark: shattered, weatherworn, derelict.

His father’s and mother’s hut stands empty. Already the east side of the roof has caved in, and only the section that overhangs the door still stands. There, two pairs of bull’s horns hang. Blowflies buzz and glut on the blood clotted at the base of the horns. They are still gory, still fresh—only two days old.
His youngest grief is only two days old, though he cannot remember its beginning, nor foresee its end.
These are the horns from the bull slaughtered for his mother’s funeral.
These huts were once the mirror of his family’s pride: neat, with whitewashed walls. One hut had been for his parents, one hut for the children, and one for storage; one for guests, and one for the kitchen.
In the last days of his mother’s life she had slept in the guest hut. Samson had wanted to repair her hut, but she had refused.
“Samson, we are guests in this world, and I am soon to journey to my Maker, I need no hut.” She had known she hadn’t long to live.
Samson stares blindly at the rubbish dumped at the door of the hut. His father had become too weak to clear it, then his mother; and as the rubbish dump had grown in height, so had their troubles.
He watches two empty plastic bottles roll down the putrid hill to clank to a stop against a rusted tin.
The cattle kraal is empty too, the goat enclosure vacant. His very soul is empty.
He looks at the graves. The only full things in this place are graves. Two forlorn heaps, two unmarked heaps of dust, all which is left of his former life.
Two chickens cluck past him, pecking idiotically at the dry soil. Loud wailing and curses suddenly fill the air, and the startled chickens squawk and flutter away in alarm. It sounds again: like the fearful wailing of a duiker-fawn caught in the clutches of a caracal, it is a horrible, hopeless cry for help.
“Why Bhaba? Why? Why? Mama why? Why? Why God? Why?” he screams.
It is his own scream, this sound. His.
Cries of hopeless pain tear at his throat, and he cries until there is nothing left; no tears. His grief leaves him dry, dry and barren; like the land without rain, he is left without tears or breath. Desperately he gasps for air. Trails of tears meander down his dust-covered skin. Bone-tired, worn out by a burden of grief beyond his young strength, he slumps down on to the ground and falls asleep.
It is the second day after his mother’s funeral.
It is the second day of the death of his heart, his pride. It is the second day of his birth into a new life.
Every Zulu child is given two names at birth: a Zulu name and a Bible name. His father had baptised him Samson Ndlovu - meaning Elephant - Zondi: the strong, the great. His father had been very proud of his first born son. He, that was Samson, had carried his name with great pride.
“Samson Ndlovu Zondi, you are the oldest son of Petrus Zeblon Zondi, fourth generation and a descendent of Bambatha Zondi; the country’s first freedom fighter. There has been a freedom fighter in this family in every generation after him, and you must follow in their footsteps.” His dad had told him this, again and again during his childhood, and again in his grief clouded dream, he hear these words.
He must fight. It his Fate, it is written in his name, and it flows in his blood.